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Geotech and pavement design information

  1. 1. Geotechnical Information for FM78 and Lakeview1 boring made at 15 feet below surface Approximate ConsitencyDescription Depth of Material Encountered /Density Stratum (feet) 1 1/2 inches of Asphalt over 4 inches of - 0 to 1/2 - Crushed Limestone Base Material Fill - LEAN CLAY (CL); dark brown and brown Stratum I 1/2 to 1 Stiff mottledStratum II 1 to 7 CLAY (CH); dark brown Stiff to Very Stiff CLAY (CH); yellowish brown and gray withStratum III 7 to 15 Stiff to Very Stiff gypsum crystalsApproximately 3 feet of clay should be removed and replaced with select fillThese conditions will satisfy a Condition C Foundation*Note: Sample was taken less than 1000 feet away. This is the reason for the initial layer of asphalt in the boring sample. Subsurface Information Existing Lean Clay Clay Volumetric Changes moderate high Plasticity Index (PI) 26% 35% to 54% In-situ moisture content 3% 1% to 7% 11 blows for 12" 10 to 25 blows for SPT "N" Values penetration 12" penetration
  2. 2. Foundation ConsiderationsShallow Strip Footings Item Description Bearing Stratum Select fill Minimum embedment below final grade 24 inches below final grade Bearing pressures Net allowable total load - 2,000 psf Approximate total settlement 1 inch Estimated approximate differential settlement 1/2 to 3/4 inch Allowable passive resistance 1,000 psf per foot of depth Coefficient of sliding friction 0.4 Uplift Resistance Foundation Weight (150 pcf) & Soil Weight (120 pcf)Pavement Design InformationFlexible Pavement System Material Thickness (inches) Component Parking Area Driveway Asphalt (Type D HMAC) 1.5 2 Crushed limestone base 9 10Moisture conditioned subgrade 6 6 Parameter Asphalt Reliability (%) 70 Standard Deviation 0.45 Initial Serviceability Index 4.2 Terminal Serviceability Index 2Design life of 10 years2,000 ESAL per year in driveway areas1,000 ESAL per year in parking areas
  3. 3. Porous Paver InformationPurchased from Belgard Company, Aqua-Roc Porous Paver will be used. Material Component Thickness (in.) Vehicular Paver 3.15 #8 Aggregate 2 #57 Aggregate 6#2 Subbase Aggregate 6To be used in parking stalls, as well as parking lot walkways for foot trafic.This material will support the stormwater runoff design.Stormwater runoff will flow under the parking lot to a system of pipes, which will direct the water to a nearbysewer easement.This material will also give benefit to our LEED certification goals, and also meets ADA requirements
  4. 4. Parking Lot PricingAsphalt Paving for Roadways, Assembly CostsOn-site roadway, with 10" thick aggregate base, 2" thick asphalt binder course, rubberizedasphalt interlayer, and 2" thick wear course. Craft@Hrs Unit Material Labor Equipment TotalFine grading and compact existing subbase P5@.066 SY 0.01 2.89 2.69 5.59 Stone aggregate base, Class 2, 10" thick P5@.02 SY 8.35 2.2 2.05 12.6 Binder course 2" thick (9 SY per ton) P5@.039 SY 11.3 1.71 1.59 14.6 Rubberized asphalt interlayer P5@.005 SY 1.28 0.22 0.2 1.7Wear course 2" thick (9 SY per ton) P5@.039 SY 11.8 1.71 1.59 15.1 Tar emulsion protective seal coat P5@.034 SY 3.51 1.49 1.39 6.39Total estimated cost for typical 10 wide roadway, 4" paving over 4" aggregate base Cost per SY of roadway P5@.203 SY 31.24 8.9 8.28 55.98Asphalt Paving for Parking Areas, Assembly CostsA vehicular porous paver will be purchased from manufacturer Belgard and used in the parking stall areas, as well as foot traffic walkways. For our required dimensions, a purchase price estimate including base aggregates and labor was given to be roughly $7 per square foot.CostDriveway Parking Lot 3076 SY 24937 SF 55.98 Cost/SY 7 Cost/SF172194 Cost 174559 Cost Total Cost 346753.5
  5. 5. All black areas will be made up of asphalt pavement as designed in the previous pages. The greysections, including the parking stalls and the walkways, will be made up of the aforementioned porouspaver.