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  1. 1. Slavery
  2. 2. DefinitionSlavery is when oneperson has absolutepower over another andcontrols his life andfortune.A slave is usually forcedinto hard work and labouragainst their will and hasrestricted freedom.
  3. 3. When did it start?EuropeIn Russia, slaveryremained a majorinstitution until 1723.In the Second World War(1939-1945), NaziGermany enslaved aroundAmerica12 million people. shippedSlaves began beingfrom Africa to North America inthe 1600s.
  4. 4. When did it start?AfricaThere is some evidence, likeprehistoric graves, thatsuggest slavery began around8000BC in lower Egypt.In Senegambia around onethird of the population wereenslaved between 1300 and1900In Sierra Leone about half ofthe population were enslaved
  5. 5. How and why did it start?In Africa, slavery beganbecause different tribes wouldfight each other and thewinning tribe would choosewhether to kill the other tribeor have them as their slaves.Slavery in America was insome ways similar to slaveryin Africa, but the only
  6. 6. What conditions were slaves kept in?Slaves barely had any foodcompared to the amount ofwork they had to do.They only had a couple ofpieces of clothing to last awhole working season.For sleeping, they would haveto sleep on the floor with justa blanket.The dirt on the floor would
  7. 7. Facts•Many owners stole slavesfrom each other so they usedto brand their slaves with aniron on their arm or chest sothey could identify them astheir property.•Slaves who died in the ‘MiddlePassage’ (crossing the Atlanticfrom Africa) on ships were justthrown off the ship withoutany ceremony or last rites.•To stop slaves from initiating
  8. 8. Facts•Some slaves would kill theirown children so that theywouldn’t have to experiencethe horrors of slavery.•One slave, Moses Roper, wascaught trying to escape. Aspunishment he had tar pouredonto his face and then his facewas set on fire. The followingSunday, he was forced to carry50 pound weights around with
  9. 9. When did it end?In America, slavery supposedlyended in 1863 when theEmancipation Proclamation wassigned by Abraham Lincoln duringthe American Civil War. Thisordered the armed forces to freeall that were still enslaved in 10states that were still in rebellion,applying to 3.1 out of 4 millionslaves. For the rest, the army tookcontrol of their regions andemancipated them instead ofreturning them to their masters.