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How questions can enable you to take action and stay positive

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  1. 1. Author Cat Payen & The Question IS... /business/-the-question-is Oct 19, 2016 Niche: Business Home and Family Reference and Education What question? When I started this journey of marketing and creating my own company, I was really far from knowing anything about questions and their importance. It is too important not to be noticed and for me to tell you about them, questions are not just questions and questions need to be addressed with the utmost respect. When to ask the question? For me to answer this I'll have to share a story with you first. Not so long a go I was very much a victim, a moaning, blaming and shaming victim! And I started down the path of the self awareness road to find that there were so many obstacles facing me, and was I really equippt to deal with them? FIRST QUESTION ;) And right out the gate this is not the right question, better to ask what can I do to improve myself so as to be out of victim zone fast! 1/3
  2. 2. A common one that came to me was the road rager that I was ;) Tooting, shouting and being a general pain in the butt to all! So the first time I got to ask myself a question of the right nature ;) I was stuck in a 'coming out of a rugby match' in a smallish village and I was fascinated by the shear number of people coming out of the stadium in this 'town'. Thus I was calm, moving along slowly I heard this question...'What is the lesson I am supposed to learn here?' This was the start of a long loving relationship with myself of at least asking the question as opposed to shouting at the poor person in front of me! A first step into understanding questions. What question to ask? This is the next chapter in the questions book. Again a lot of effort into making this a habit for only the other day I found myself reading someone's article or watching their videos to think: 'Oh God, I 'll never be that fluent/coherent...' or here is a famous one 'Why can't I just....' How come I ain't there yet? Why does this always happen to me..... How in the world can this be happening to me? As you can see these tend to push you down and not do very much for anyone concerned! The habit does eventually kick in and so I found myself saying 'Wait just a minute! I am not asking the right question here!! :) How to find the right question to ask? Well guys, you have to find a way to phrase it so that it lifts you up, for example: What could I do that would make me more proficient in x/y/z? How can I improve my skills so as not to have this happen again? What is the next step? What is the lesson to learn here? If this happened to me before, then what is the point I am missing? What am I missing to propel me forwards? So you get my drift? These questions in no way bring me down and instead in fact they push me into action so as to be delivered of this weight. This does take time to wade through the face of your own demons and all self awareness 2/3
  3. 3. material to help you here is required, be it books, seminars, audios, workshops... Do whatever it takes and recall that you will in the end find the right question for you, I know it! I love reading your comments and can't wait for you to leave some examples of your own questions that you ask of yourself :) & the question is? Now do find your own :) 3/3

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How questions can enable you to take action and stay positive


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