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I101 group

  1. 1. PROBLEM Texting and driving is affecting everyone on the roads today and is responsible for 23% of automobile collisions. Our team hopes that the solution we have created will change the negative statistics related to texting and driving. In America alone, 82% of the population over the age of 16 owns a cell phone. This can put into perspective of how many people on the roads, experienced driver or not, creating distraction from controlling a vehicle.
  2. 2. PREVENTION In the United States, 39 states and D.C., have laws in effect to prohibit texting and driving while operating a vehicle. Anti-texting awareness has been put into affect and all around the globe people have been downloading apps that disable a phone while driving, driving monitors and even a simple pledge to avoid texting while driving.
  3. 3. OUR SOLUTION Our teams job was to generate a solution in order to prevent the problem of global texting and driving. Rather than changing the phone or adjusting its software we decided to adjust software within a car. This will only pertain to newer models of cars however we predict that within a decade this problem will solve itself. The new software within the car will disable all social media applications while in the car and while the car is moving.
  4. 4. SCENARIO A mother and her son are in a car and stopped at a red light. Across the intersection a young teenage boy waits in his car to turn left in front of the mother and son’s car. The mother reaches for her phone after receiving a text and all focus goes to the device. The son continues talking to his mother even though she isn't listening, and he adds to the chaos by turning up the radio and flipping through channels. The stoplight for the turn lane next to their car turns green and the mother begins to press her foot on accelerator. Meanwhile the teenage boy who has begun turning is T-boned by the mother driving her car while texting. This scenario presents a real-world representation of how texting and driving can be a hazard. We hear about basic accidents of this type in the news all the time, but many have been more serious causing deadly accidents.
  5. 5. RESEARCH
  6. 6. TEXTING & DRIVING VS. DRINKING & DRIVING http://youtu.be/4LmbgtJa4Eg
  7. 7. DESIGN SOLUTION Our solution is not in the phone itself but the car you would be driving. All new cars will have a system within them that will connect to cellphones in the car and disable different applications on the phone. Text messaging, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and many more social media applications will be unable to open. However emergency calling is still enabled but by disabling all social applications many fatalities and accidents caused by texting and driving will be prevented. The software within the car will work somewhat like a Bluetooth that connects to your phone and can be set by the owner of the vehicle to disable applications. Not only will the phone be disabled in this way but can also be found using GPS by an individual at home.