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From Analytics to Intelligence


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From Analytics to Intelligence

  1. 1. THE MOBILE FRONTIER: From Analytics to Intelligence M o n t h l y W e b i n a r S e r i e s #KTwebinar
  2. 2. From analytics to intelligence This time, we’re hyper-focused on the metrics DISRUPTIVE TIMES CALL FOR DISRUPTIVE TECHNOLOGY Web 1.0 (90s) Pages Impressions, banner ads CPM Web 2.0 (00s) Actions Clicks, actions search advertising CPC, CPA Web 3.0 (10s) Users Users, User ads, couponing CAC, LTV, ROI #KTwebinar
  3. 3. PLATFORM PROCESS PEOPLE Metrics are only valuable with the right context PURPOSE From analytics to intelligence #KTwebinar
  4. 4. Shazam Mint NYT Google Maps Fidelity Spotify United USAA OpenTable Weight Watchers Uber Gilt Groupe Contract Killer Zombie Three basic types of apps: What’s your PURPOSE? Tip #1 #KTwebinar
  5. 5. Tip #2 Define your mobile LIFECYCLE … and how do you plan to measure success? STAGE 3 Customer Profitability - Acquisition costs vs lifetime value - App efficiency STAGE 2 Customer Monetization - Revenue - Lifetime value STAGE 1 Customer Engagement - User experience - Retention - Loyalty Metrics for Success: Cost/Install, Profit/Install, Revenue/Customer, LTV/Customer Metrics for Success: Revenue, Revenue/Customer, Lifetime Value Metrics for Success: Retention, Stickiness, Funnel Conversions, Event Timeline Flows #KTwebinar
  6. 6. Find the right PEOPLE to help you win in mobile Do you have? • Data scientists • Mobile domain experts • Direct marketing pros • Agile product developers Your mobile-first competitors do! Tip #3 #KTwebinar
  7. 7. Use a PLATFORM that acts like a CRM, not ‘Web analytics’ Tip #4 #KTwebinar
  8. 8. Use a PLATFORM that acts like a CRM, not ‘Web analytics’ Tip #4 #KTwebinar
  9. 9. Get a PROCESS that enables data collaboration Tip #5 #KTwebinar “Our technical capacity to analyze data is growing faster than our social capability to understand it.”
  10. 10. Cross-channel convergence Multiscreen opportunity: walk before you run Multi-platform (Web + app) Multi-device Native mobile apps Tip #6 #KTwebinar
  11. 11. • Direct marketing took weeks • Survey data was the norm • Only the largest firms were data-driven Tip #7 The evolution: The days of direct marketing #KTwebinar
  12. 12. The evolution: The dot-com era • What took weeks, now days • Roles changed • New business models were created • Big data  segmentation and targeting • More conversions Tip #7 #KTwebinar
  13. 13. The evolution: The mobile explosion In-app user behaviors? • Highly personal experiences • New business roles and responsibilities created • New challenges, e.g., multichannel and multiple devices • Consumers are always on and hyper-local Tip #7 #KTwebinar
  14. 14. The evolution: it’s the wild West (flashback to 1997!) DISRUPTIVE PRODUCTS ARE LEADERS… BUT THEY UNEARTH MARKET VULNERABILITIES 1990s – 2000s 2010s Tip #7 #KTwebinar
  15. 15. Remember these 7 tips ① Purpose: Why are you in mobile? ② Lifecycle: What stage are you in? What metrics impact that? ③ People: Partner with those who have relevant domain expertise. ④ Platform: Find a best-in-breed solution that’s built for mobile. ⑤ Process: It should promote cross-functional collaboration. ⑥ Multiscreen: Walk before you run. ⑦ Evolve: Learn from history. Recap #KTwebinar
  16. 16. Questions? @Kontagent #KTwebinar