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Week 1 | Introduction


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Published in: Spiritual, Technology
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Week 1 | Introduction

  2. 2. INTRODUCTION & SYLLABUS Professor Catherine Lewis Syllabus : All details about the class are found here and on the blog. Blog : WEEK 1: CLASS INTRO
  3. 3. APPLE INTERFACE Desktop Finder Folders/Files Applications Heirarchy Multiple ways of viewing Temporary File in Documents Do not work directly off of Flash Drives. Keyboard Shortcut : Spacebar to view file WEEK 1: CLASS INTRO
  4. 4. PHOTOSHOP Toolbar Move Tool Brush Tool Color Selection Selection Tools Marquee Eraser Tool WEEK 1: CLASS INTRO
  5. 5. ASSIGNMENT Project One - Image manipulation (still life): Each student will take and/or import a series of photographs of objects, places, or people they feel connected to in some way. These images will be manipulated and collaged into a still life image that reflects its author’s state of mind or mood. Consideration of content, message, over-all composition and aesthetic will be important. Due October 6 : Present your Final Image to the class. See Blog for Inspiration Images. WEEK 1: CLASS INTRO
  6. 6. HOMEWORK Due Thursday 9/24 1 Paragraph describing your concept At least 3 sketches of your idea Reading No reading this week See you Thursday WEEK 1: CLASS INTRO