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Work with others week 2 intro section 1 roles and response 1 4


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Work with others week 2 intro section 1 roles and response 1 4

  1. 1. Working with others
  2. 2. Planning your own workload What is your role in the workplace? Everyone within the workplace has a role An effective team member must have a good understanding of their role and will be aware of their co-workers role. Your roles and responsibilities will be defined in your job description
  3. 3. Roles and responsibilities • Basically the word role refers to the overall focus of the job and the word responsibility refers to the things that the worker must do to carry out the role • It is important that you understand the roles and responsibilities of your job description
  4. 4. Asking for assistance and direction • Your supervisor should be available to give you assistance and direction when you feel unsure about what to do. • It is your role to read through your job description and other relevant information that you are given on commencement of employment and discuss and clarify with your supervisor the information you have been given