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Wk 4 Follow policies...Our policies and procedures final


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Wk 4 Follow policies...Our policies and procedures final

  1. 1. LILLYPILLY CHILDREN’S CENTRE PHILOSOPHY POLICIES AND PROCEDURES Week 3 1/8/2013, Week 4 8/8/2013 Week 5 15/8/2013
  2. 2. OUR PHILOSOPHY At the Lillypilly Children’s Centre, we provide a safe and caring environment for children from birth to preschool. We are committed to providing ‘best practice’ in relation to our cultural and educational experiences. Our belief is that our programs operate within a fun and relaxed setting. The service promotes inclusive practices for children, families, staff and the community. We are committed to giving everyone a voice, with rights and respects for all. Living in the area of Northern Rivers, we believe in encouraging the children to experience nature through their play. Hence, our programs encourage a sense of belonging, being and becoming in a natural environment.
  3. 3. Child Safety Policy Evacuations All children who come to Lillypilly Children’s Centre have a right to feel and be safe. The safety of all children at Lillypilly’s is our first priority. Our organisation ensures safety to all children who are participating in our activities and programs, by providing a fun and educational environment. We continuously monitor the safety of our children, hence we are committed to practising an evacuation every three months. Geonel, Kayla, Larissa, Abby,,Amanda
  4. 4. Child Safety – Evacuation Procedure and Guidelines REFER PRINTOUT Geonel, Kayla, Larissa, Abby, Amanda
  5. 5. Staff Teamwork Policy The aim of our staff is to work together effectively in a team environment that supports: building strong relationships through respect; sharing and collaboration of ideas and tasks; support ongoing learning through on the job training. We believe in inclusive practices that involve not only staff input, but that of families and children as well. We are committed to best possible practice from working together. Jasmin, Joanne, Zelinda.
  6. 6. Staff Teamwork Procedure REFER PRINTOUT Jasmin, Joanne, Zelinda.
  7. 7. Child Health – Administering of Medication Policy Children’s health and safety is of the utmost importance to our centre. We follow strict procedures with the administering of medication. No medication will be administered without parental agreement. We are committed to working with staff and parents to ensure clear communication and correct procedures when issuing appropriate medication. Courtney, Ashlea, Nisa
  8. 8. Child Health – Administering of Medication Procedure REFER PRINTOUT Courtney, Ashlea, Nisa