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Follow policies and procedures week 2 slides 1 8


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Follow policies and procedures week 2 slides 1 8

  2. 2. FOLLOW ORGANISATION GUIDELINES  During this element we will learn; To follow workplace instructions and policies  How to support organisation programs and procedures within the job role  How best to use organisation resources for the purpose intended  Why and when to seek and obtain clarification when necessary 
  3. 3. WHAT ARE POLICIES AND PROCEDURES? Today, as a result of legislation, regulations, funding requirements and best practice standards, most community service organisations have some form of written or spoken guidelines.  These guidelines are generally called policies, procedures, protocols or programs.  Policies reflect the philosophy of the service or organisation and usually outline a set of general guidelines or rules that tell us what the management of the organisation expects will be done in particular situations. 
  4. 4. CONT’D They may also include a philosophy statement as well as step-by-step procedures or protocols that relate to how things should be done in practice.  For example;  At the workplace where you are there are rules for you to follow and information for you so you will know what to do in a particular situation.  Some things would include what to do if you are arrive late for work or what type of behaviour is expected of you as a professional 
  5. 5. CONT’D Policies are usually specific to and developed by individual organisations, are informed by legal obligations and ethical considerations, and are monitored and enforced through service management procedures.  This means that an organisation writes policies that will abide by all laws that govern them and it is the management who will make sure that they are being followed 
  6. 6. CONT’D For example;  People with disabilities who are receiving personal care in their own homes what to be sure they are treated with respect.  Parents want to be sure that their child will be safe and cared for in an appropriate manner in a children’s service  Workers in community or children’s services want to be able to work in a safe and healthy environment 
  7. 7. CONT’D  Community Service organisations will have policies and procedures relating to all ares of their operation. Often these policies are compulsory because we must follow occupational health and safety. This means we must keep our staff and clients safe and healthy in the workplace.
  8. 8. CONT’D  These include; Clients or service users eg. confidentiality, behaviour guidance  Staff eg. workplace agreements, job descriptions/responsibilities  Community eg. access to the service, antidiscrimination  Management eg employment, staff complaint and grievance  Health and safety eg immunisation, administering medication, illness, accident 