Reflections of a virtual experience


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Class Presentation, 2008

Published in: Technology, Spiritual
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Reflections of a virtual experience

  1. 1. Theme 1- Getting Acquaintedwith the technologyTheme 2- InteractionsTheme 3- Class connectionsTheme 4- Identity of AvatarTheme 5- Second Life Vs….RL and other Technologies
  2. 2. “I wasnt sure if we should strike up a conversation because achat box kept popping up. I hope I wasnt being rude. I am notexactly sure of the rights and wrongs yet…”“I fell a few times and had to get right back up. I spent most of mytime trying to get out of the "coffee cup".”So what fears should I have? And are they justified? Couldn’t Ijust create a new “me” whenever I get into trouble?When I walk on SL, sometimes I think that I act "drunk" because Icannot walk straight and either overshoot or undershoot mydirection.“you know you can just stand on stuff and press teleport fromway far away and just jump from spot to spot. had no idea. ieven flew. i am gettting better at flying.”
  3. 3. “…for the first time today, I hear the chimes and I feel relaxed. Sorelaxed.....Im relaxing on the beach - just for a few minutes.Maybe I dont have to buy my own beach house right away afterall....”“…while in SL talking to my group mates, I really felt like I wasvisiting with my peers - almost face to face…”“Someone put a go kart in my inventory and I rode it into theocean and turned it upside down and it was very difficult to get outof the bottom, I tried to slow down but it just kept going faster andfaster, so for fun I sent one to Seven Berkmans because I wantedher to ride it and see what she thought! hee hee.”I know when experienced Second Lifers see me coming theyknow that I am an outsider trying to become an insider.I never would have thought that I would have talked with peopleoutside of our class in SL.
  4. 4. “I can’t get the cow out of my mind. It’s all about the cow in thisworld, isn’t it? Really, it is…”I wonder what symbols would represent a childs perspective?“We may never know the childs perspective”My book talk selection by Gee has been very relevant to myexperiences in SL. He talks about the affinity group and howoutsiders can be recognized.The revolving disks in the sky reminded of how technology isforever changing and constantly advancing.
  5. 5. The avatars are closer to the real thing, I guess. Or, perhaps, it ismore so to my brain and my brain likes it better than a chatsession because it feels realistic - feels face to face, sounds andvisuals add to the authenticity, etc., ....She was wearing a pair of pointed high heels which I could neverwear in RL, but in SL you can wear anything you want and lookanyway you want.For someone who does not like shopping, I seem to beaccumulating a rather large inventory of clothesCreating my avatar was frustrating at first. I kept changing things,but could not get it look like meso i bought new hair and some tattoos!! i look hott!I find it interesting how they refer to their avatar and I find itfascinating to see how the avatars will evolve or not.
  6. 6. “Ill take Real Life over Virtual Life any day”“I wondered if I had seen any restaurants or McDonalds in Sl, Idont remember seeing any.”“I have to ask myself the question, what really is the separationbetween the real world and the world of SL. We are able to dothe same things in both worlds. There are benefits of bothexperiences. I have the need for both worlds”Spring Break is over and I chose not to be on Second Life at allduring that time……. The parks would be a very stimulatingsensorial experience and I think I prefer that to the experienceson Second Life.
  7. 7.’s like Second Life have the potential to provide rich, authenticlearning experiences. Educators should be aware of the learningcurve for new environments and provide support and guidance toensure positive learning outcomes.There are several areas for future exploration and research including:•Identity•Class Content•RL/SL Divide