In the Second Life of Avatars- SPE Presentation


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In the Second Life of Avatars- SPE Presentation

  1. 1. In the Second Life of Avatarsand Photographic EducationArthur FieldsCatherine Dutton, Ph.D.Susan kae GrantPaul Berger
  2. 2. “My best moments in Second Life have beenwhere I see my students teaching eachother.We had an instance where a couple students fromanother university came in to view our class. Theywere showing what they were doing and they werecomparing.I stood out of the way and I could see that theconcepts we had taught were being applied.”
  3. 3. Student Creative Arts & ResearchSymposiumStudents Present Research to an International Audience
  4. 4. Impromptu Diversity ActivityMaster’s students drink cocoa after wheelchair races
  5. 5. “What I find most useful in teaching in SecondLife is the immediacy, much like what we’reexperiencing here. That we can have aconversation and we are able to bounce ideasof each other so much richer format than weever could in a flat 1-D text format.”
  6. 6. MIT Sociable Mediainteractive scale- charts responses real-time on the web
  7. 7. “At some point your students are going towant to know why they need to do this. Youhave to have an answer.You have to actually have something youare doing here that could not be doneeasier in RL.”
  8. 8. No Lab in RMB Citystark, surreal vision of post-Katrina New Orleans
  9. 9. Empyreal Dreamsvisualize famous poems and literature using Second Life as acanvas
  10. 10. Primtings Museuminteractive exploration of famous works of art brought to virtuallife via 3D prims and other techniques
  11. 11. Advice…“Obtain tenure first.Learning SL is time consuming and nottaken into university workload.”