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Bb world poster


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Bb world poster

  1. 1. Regaining Faculty Confidence after a Difficult UpgradeCatherine Dutton, PhD & Jean Mankoff, MS10/091/103/106/108/1010/101/117/09Begin 7.3 to 9.0 upgrade planningCampus announcement via e-mailVisit all department meetingsUpgrade awareness campaign9.0 server setup and comprehensive testingCourse migration beginsFaculty & staff training offeredSessions for each department9.0 live!Few minor bugsRecommendation from MH to look at 9.1Install 9.1 on staging for testingUpgrade to 9.1Fall semester begins 1 week laterBegin testing Service Packs 2, 3, 4Faculty meetingsFaculty ask to return to 7.3Informal faculty interviews regarding issues/satisfaction333 Faculty attended training!!Regularly scheduled downtimeUpgrade testing process establishedFocus on odd service packsPatches allowed during semester after testingOpen list of bugs and fixes on websiteFaculty advisory committeeConsistent training for helpdeskDocument, document, document!More focus on in the moment informationHow-to guides- added context for using toolsTips of the weekDelievered via e-mailAddressed pressure pointsBlackboard Bytes videosWeekly drop-in open labsOffice walk-throughs provided a face for Blackboard42 Major User Bugs1,257 user support cases ESCALATED8/11Successful upgrade to SP5Introduce new issues or stick with what we know?Upgrade to SP3 or SP4 cancelled56 User Support Cases Escalated8 Minor User BugsThey were prepared!