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  • Run through Session focus Your task! First 2 screens of ‘What’s a voicethread?’
  • It’s a place where you can upload images, powerpoints or video and comment on them through audio, text or video and invite others to also contribute (if you want) Here students are studying cartoons/animation – Marissa has videoed a comment, using her webcam, on Coyote Road runner and if we click on anyone on the side would hear/see their comment.
  • You can use audio to make a comment – There are lovely comments giving feedback on this very special painting 
  • You can type a comment on a voicethread… so each person on the side of the screen has made some comment on this image… They choose how to do their comment – whether text, voice, or video. You can always delete your own comment. In this slide we can see it from the voicethread owner’s perspective… they can hide (using the curtains) or remove altogether with the bin. You can doodle on the screen – talk about many and varied topics. History perhaps
  • You can stop and start a voicethread using the play button under the Comment You can manouvre through Voicethreads via the left and right arrows or select the collection of 4 images to see all the slides to comment on.
  • When you write a comment you can always delete your own comment.
  • You can click and drag – the slide you are focused on is surrounded by yellow and you can add titles/links or even replace
  • https://voicethread.com/share/2129282/
  • History project – slide 3 Gamilaraay Language AFLF Project
  • What potential ideas can you see for using voicethreads for your work, creations, reports and enjoyment Field trip reflection Book reviews History building Reflecting on art Technical steps Poetry Language ESL Sharing their countries
  • History project – slide 3 Gamilaraay Language AFLF Project
  • Once you have joined and signed in you can simply select Help and then Tutorials for terrific voicethreads explaining how things work 
  • I am engaged in an Aboriginal Language course where I am the technical support. We use Voicethread to hear correct pronunciation by the Aboriginal language teacher and then students record responses. The teacher records all the words and sample sentence on an MP3 recorder... I then edit (using Audacity) and then upload the sound files using my Voicethread log in and using the teacher's identity.
  • You receive alerts when postings are made... When you log into Voicethread you see alerts on those voicethreads which have been added to. Individual voicethreads enable you to see which posts you haven’t seen.
  • You can manage programs – who can see it? Public or private Whether others can comment or not Whether you moderate the comment. When someone has posted you can choose to have the comment appear to others or not.
  • To comment on another voicethread – no cost You can build 3 voicethreads for free I purchased a pro account There are a variety of package deals
  • Voicethread

    1. 1. Introduction to Voice Threadhttp://voicethread.com/By Vivian EvansOptional Challenge:•Open website voicethread.com (no www in front)•Register to join the Voicethread websiteDuring today’s presentation I will be encouraging you to engage inactivities on Voicethread & you will need to have joined toparticipate.This is not compulsory – if you don’t feel comfortable you can justwatch, listen and join in the chat Grab Pen &Paper
    2. 2. There are resources onVoicethreads in our BFS Wikispacehttp://bfsv.wikispaces.com/Voicethread
    3. 3. Our Session• What’s a Voicethread???• How to join Voicethread• Challenge to join in one• Examples of uses...• Resources to help you• Creating a Voice thread• Controlling input & Display• Switching identity• Imagine the Potential• Exporting & CostsYour Task...Note ideas of uses forVoicethreads with yourBFS participants or foryourself to share later inthe session.Your Task...Note ideas of uses forVoicethreads with yourBFS participants or foryourself to share later inthe session.
    4. 4. What is a Voicethread?
    5. 5. 3 Minute Challenge1.Go tohttp://bfsv.wikispaces.com/Voicethread2.Find the first Voicethread on the pagethat looks like this one3.Select the Arrow on the screen to play it4.Play it for 3 minutes… Stop it when I callyou back or you reach the baby in thehighchair ( Sorry we can’t watch it all now)5.When you are back Tick in the poll6.Share your thoughts / questions in thetextDuring this activity wewill be quiet so thatparticipants can listen tothe Voicethread.If you have any Qs orcomments type in thetext chat.
    6. 6. What is a Voicethread?It is embedded at the top of our BFSV wikispaceVoicethreads pagehttp://bfsv.wikispaces.com/VoicethreadAn introduction to ‘What is aVoicethread?’Can be found in Tutorials once youjoin VoicethreadsAn introduction to ‘What is aVoicethread?’Can be found in Tutorials once youjoin Voicethreads
    7. 7. How to Join Voicethread
    8. 8. www.voicethread.com
    9. 9. When you first sign in - Tutorials
    10. 10. Challenge to join in aVoicethread
    11. 11. What games did you play in yourchildhood?A Collaborative storytelling projectwith Broadband for SeniorsAn invitation for you to participate
    12. 12. How to participate• Go tohttps://voicethread.com/share/4485428/• Move bottom arrowsthrough the slides• You must be signed into contribute• Add one comment toany one of the slides
    13. 13. How to Create a Voicethread
    14. 14. For 1 minute tutorial and longer see http://bfsv.wikispaces.com/VoicethreadWarning!The Sitehaschanged somay not beexact
    15. 15. There are 3 tabs when you aresigned in. Select the ‘Create’ tab
    16. 16. Start by Uploading your visualsJust like adding anattachment to anemailJust like adding anattachment to anemail
    17. 17. Change order and titlesYou can upload Power Points,photos and videosYou can change their order atany time
    18. 18. Now the fun bit.. Commenting 
    19. 19. Time to share
    20. 20. How it will Play
    21. 21. Writing and reading poetryLink to hear and play Beryl’s poem about her childhood family homehttps://voicethread.com/share/2129282/
    22. 22. A town history project on the mainstreet – Shared photos andcomments
    23. 23. Imagine the Potential
    24. 24. Voicethread – What ideas can yousee for BFS Users or yourself?
    25. 25. Tutorials & Helphttp://voicethread.com/help/faq/
    26. 26. How to switch IdentitiesSwitching Identities
    27. 27. MonitoringInput
    28. 28. Control input & display!
    29. 29. Limited Use for Free to createI think you can create 3 Voicethreads for free with one email account
    30. 30. Cost & Membershiphttps://voicethread.com/products/https://voicethread.com/products/
    31. 31. For more Info on VoicethreadCheckout http://bfsv.wikispaces.com/VoicethreadVivian Evans – BFS NSW NetworkerPh 0429 424 335v.evans@ala.asn.au