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Hanging out the Google way


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Hanging out the Google way

  1. 1. Hanging out the way Google+ Hangout is a video chat service. You can either chat one- on-one or in a small group. Google Hangouts are free and easy to use They offer another wayJunita Lyon for us to communicateKatt Mathews with each another.Keith Harvey
  2. 2. Google Apps
  3. 3. NetiquetteRule 1: Remember the Human Rule 6: Share expert knowledgeRule 2: Adhere to the samestandards of behaviour online that Rule 7: Help keep flame wars underyou follow in real life controlRule 3: Know where you are incyberspace Rule 8: Respect other peoples privacyRule 4: Respect other peoples time Rule 9: Dont abuse your powerand bandwidthRule 5: Make yourself look good Rule 10: Be forgiving of other peoplesonline mistakes
  4. 4. System Requirements Supported Browsers:Prepare to use Hangouts Google Chrome Microsoft Internet Explorer Mozilla Firefox Safari • Computer/Laptop Supported Operating • Mobile Device systems: Mac OS • Internet Windows 8 Windows 7 • Webcam Windows Vista with SP1 or • Head Set later Windows XP • Google Account Chrome Ubuntu and other Debian based Linux distributions
  5. 5. Why use Google Hangouts?• Use a Hangout to connect with your groups in real time• Create video interviews as content for your blog and membership sites• Provide valuable online coaching sessions• Hold meetings• Provide support to others• Tell the world about your organisation interview a client• Chat to family and friends and share the chat other members of family• Save your family history by getting a member to chat about events and family stories
  6. 6. K Gmail Google + APPS on Mobile DeviceOpens Google Hangout
  7. 7. J
  8. 8. JA Hangout on air allows your hangout to YouTube • To add to your blog • To save and share link • For archiving • To share with family and friends • To use as a training Video
  9. 9. MoreAPPSd
  10. 10. • Join a Hangout with us every second Sunday with us at e-capability• Set up your own Hangout and invite your friends and family• Introduce a Hangout too your favourite groups