Using refworks


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Using refworks

  2. 2. What is RefWorks? RefWorks is a Bibliographic Management System which allows you to create a quick, stand-alone bibliography Allows you to create your own personal citation database by importing references from online databases You can use these references in writing papers and automatically format bibliographies in seconds
  3. 3. Why Use RefWorks?Fast, free and effectiveEasy to use, web based and available from various platforms including Windows, Mac and UnixEfficient way of formatting and saving citations found during the literature search processFast way of creating a Bibliography
  4. 4. Accessing RefworksMy UniHub>My Study>My Library
  5. 5. Databases-RefWorks
  6. 6. Logging InFirst Time Users Click on Sign Up for a New Account to create log in and password. Refworks will then email you the username and password you created. Your Account has now been activated. DO NOT worry about a Group Code.
  7. 7. Create a Folder You can create as many folders as you want Click on the New Folder at the top of the page Name your folder Your folder will now appear when you mouse over the folder icon
  8. 8. Exporting References From a Database You can EXPORT references and save them in a designated folder RefWorks does not work with every database Middlesex subscribes to but when you see the word EXPORT and click on it if the word RefWorks appears you can export and save
  9. 9. Exporting From Business Source CompleteWe have 6 results fora search onEMPLOYMENTTRIBUNALS andJUDICIALMEDIATIONWe’ll export theones we want toa Folder with thisname alreadycreated inRefWorks
  10. 10. Click on the PDF
  11. 11. Click on EXPORT Click on EXPORT to export this Citation to your RefWorks Folder
  12. 12. Choose Direct Export to RefWorks From This List
  13. 13. Citation Imported
  14. 14. My RefWorks Details The Citation you just exported will now be in the Last Imported folder in the right sidebar. Click on it
  15. 15. Adding Last Imported Citation to a FolderTo add this Citationto your Foldernamed EmploymentTribunals andJudicial Mediationclick on therectangularbox, mouse overthe arrow , andclick on it and thenthe Named Folder
  16. 16. Choose Formatted Style Oscola(law)
  17. 17. Employment Tribunals Folder There is now 1 citation in this folderAdd more citationsto this folder andthen create abibliography
  18. 18. Employment Tribunals FolderThis folder nowhas 4 citations init to create aBibliography
  19. 19. Creating a Bibliography Click on the Create a Bibliography tab Select the Style , Formatting and Folder you want to use
  20. 20. Formatted Bibliography
  21. 21. Finally Any questions please contact me at Make an appointment At