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  1. 1. MKT1130 Introduction to the Library Marketing Students Using the Library Accessing Resources
  2. 2. Sheppard Library Services we provide Resources we offer We’re here to help YOU! Specialist Desk- 1st floor IT help Librarians
  3. 3. Our Opening Hours Check hours of opening before you come in!
  4. 4. Getting Started
  5. 5. Library Catalogue Reading Lists Library Account Placing Request Accessing E Books
  6. 6. Reading ListEssentialBest,J,(2001),Damned Lies and Statistics, Berkeley,CA:University of California Press• Bowell,T and Kemp,G, (2005),Critical Thinking:A Concise Guide,2nd ed, Abingdon:Routledge• Cottrell,S,(2005), Critical Thinking Skills:Developing Effective Analysis and Argument,Basingstoke:Palgrave MacMillanRecommendedBegg,D, (2006), Foundations of Economics,3rd ed., McGraw-Hill
  7. 7. Title Search
  8. 8. Understanding the Catalogue LocationClassmarkLoan Type StatusDue Date
  9. 9. Placing a Request
  10. 10. Requests Borrower=Student # PIN=Date of Birth
  11. 11. Library Account
  12. 12. Marketing Subject Guide Choose library Subject Guides
  13. 13. Journals and Databases• Large collections of many journals containing many articles• Different databases cover different subjects• They all work slightly differently but all have a Search Box• Financial information, industry reports, ccountry data• Trade journals,newspaper articles
  14. 14. Planning!• Have an idea of what you want to find• Write down lots of subject keywords to help you find it• Include synonyms-words with similar meanings or different spellings of the same word (eg organization/organisation)
  15. 15. Phrase Searching• When searching by phrase you might want to try different phrases that have a similar meaning• Some of the results may be the same but you may also get some new and significant resultsEg.For Market Research try:Market Analysis,Consumer Research,Product Research
  16. 16. Journals• Contain articles that discuss current research in very specific areas• Short academic, ‘magazines’ that are published regularly• Organised by date, volume and issue number, even when online• You will use the databases to locate the journal articles using search strategies
  17. 17. Journal Citation• Here is an example of a typical reference you would find in a database.• Sengupta,J & Chan.(2010),”Insincere Flattery Actually Works:A Dual Attitudes Perspective”,Journal of Marketing Research,Vol.47,no 1,pp.122-133
  18. 18. Journal Search/Catalogue
  19. 19. Choose Your Date
  20. 20. PDF
  21. 21. My Study Primary Marketing Databases Keynotes Business Source Complete Passport to GMID
  22. 22. Databases/Keynote• Access to overr 3000 UK and European Market Intelligence Reports• New titles added or updated every month• Access to Business Ratio Reports which compare,contrast and analyse the financial performance of the leading companies in each sector
  23. 23. Keynote Market Research Reports Company Profiles Market Sectors Products
  24. 24. Market Research Reports Choose Toiletries
  25. 25. What do we Want? PDFExecutivesummary
  26. 26. Keynote/SidebarCompetitor Analysis
  27. 27. Competitors/Brand Strategy Brand StrategyMajor Competitors Avon Estee Lauder
  28. 28. Keynote/Company Information Carphone Warehouse
  29. 29. Carphone Warehouse Carphone Warehouse UK
  30. 30. Business Sources Complete Primary Business Database Articles SWOT analyses VideosCompany information
  31. 31. Business Source Complete Choose Advanced Search
  32. 32. Search “Mobile Phones” Publication Type=Industry ProfilePlace “mobile phones “in Quote Marks
  33. 33. Results 374-Too Many? Limit By Full Text GeographyFull Text-No Abstracts 12 results
  34. 34. Full Text/PDF
  35. 35. Company Profiles Virgin Atlantic Airways
  36. 36. 2012 Company Profile
  37. 37. Passport GMID Excellent for Global information Register first time
  38. 38. Mobile Phones Limit by Country UK
  39. 39. August 2011 Report Articles
  40. 40. Finally! E mail me at From My StudyLibrary Subject Guides