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  1. 1. LLM 4160 LLM Session 2 E Resources Cases, Journal Articles,Current Awareness
  2. 2. Recap• Last week we looked at UniHub, My UniHub• Library catalogue• My Subject Guide• My Calendar• SCONUL• Interlibrary Loan
  3. 3. This week Electronic Format• Cases(Law Reports)• Journal Articles• Databases• Current Awareness
  4. 4. Google• If you must use Google at least use Google Scholar or Advanced• Allows for a much more structured search• More options than basic Google
  5. 5. Remember-use My UniHub!! For Logging in
  6. 6. Legal Citation-Journals [2002] 61 CLJ 684 Year article was written Journal in which article appears Volume of the Journal Page in the journal where article appears(The article appears in the Cambridge Law Journal 2002,Volume 61 page 684)
  7. 7. Title Abbreviations? Use this website to quickly find the full title of an abbreviated journal or law report title
  8. 8. Find This[2010] 37 Journal of Law and Society 387-411 What is the titleof the article? Hint! Use the Ebsco Link
  9. 9. Electronic Journals• Have citation/title?-use the catalogue or databases• Subject searching- Use databases
  10. 10. Databases-Quick FactsHeinonline• -Used to locate journal articles• Does not provide cases(Modern) or legislation• English Reports(pre 1865 cases)Westlaw and Lexis Library• Access to legislation case law, journal articles• Also current awareness(status updates legislation and cases)• EU legislation,cases,journal articles
  11. 11. Databases/Cases• Law Reports• Hundreds of law report series• Law library has many in print(in house use)• Electronic access-must log in to My UniHub
  12. 12. Westlaw/CasesBROWSE Feature-if you know the Law Series Search Feature- Subject, Citation,Free Text
  13. 13. Legal Citation-Cases Party Names• Party Names-Fisher v Bell [1960] 3 WLR 919 Date-Year case was reported Law Report Series where it was reported Volume of Law Report Series Page in Law Report Volume
  14. 14. Cases/Citation Search• Case Analysis useful for Summary/Update• Used as an Alerter to ensure you are using ‘good’ up to date law(Coloured Icons)
  15. 15. Try Finding TheseFind:Theodor Meron,”The Meaning and Reach of the International Convention on the Elimination of all Forms of Racist Discrimination”,79 American Journal of International Law(1985),p283Name the Parties involved in the following Case[1914] 3 KB 259[2005] Crim LR 901What is the article title at the following Citation?What is the author’s name?
  16. 16. Cases/Subject Search• Can do general searches-BROAD Results• Specific Searches-Narrow Search terms• Synonyms-Need to think of them“fundamental rights”X The fundamental aim was to discuss her rights√ Her fundamental rights had not been upheld
  17. 17. Terms and Connectors Boolean Logic• Most databases use terms and connectors• They help you to search more efficiently• Some of the most useful are :/p find in same paragraph/s find in same sentenceUse “ Quote marks” around a phrase BUT NOT Lexis!!Truncation employ*(employee, employer,employment)Spelling-organi?ation-organization,organisation
  18. 18. Broad Search Use a proximity connector to narrow the searchFar too many results! So........
  19. 19. Proximity Searching/Results
  20. 20. Your Turn• Using the phrase European Union construct a search• Use a terms and connectors to narrow the results making it more specific or focused
  21. 21. International Journals
  22. 22. International JournalsSteps to searching for journals from othercountries/jurisdictions
  23. 23. Phrase and Single Word
  24. 24. Results
  25. 25. Lexis Journals/Subject SearchingClick on Sources
  26. 26. Find Sources Page• Click on Keyword• Filter By• -Publication Type• -Topic• Choose Journals by title
  27. 27. HeinonlineLaw Journal Library Choose Advanced Search Phrase in Quote Marks
  28. 28. Subject Searching NarrowBroad
  29. 29. Results Scroll through Results Use Matching Text Pages To see how Phrase has been used
  30. 30. Article/Full Text
  31. 31. Current Awareness• On Westlaw and Lexis Library• Useful for keeping you up to date• Tracking bills etc• Case developments
  32. 32. Problems?Appointment!