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Legal method.pptx2011


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Legal method.pptx2011

  1. 1. LEGAL METHOD Electronic Resources LAW1104 Catherine FunnellLiaison Librarian(Law and Marketing) Sheppard Library
  2. 2. Session Objectives We‟ll look at the legal databases available and selecting appropriate subject keywords when searching them Finding EJournals How best to approach your research questions Freely available websites on the Internet and evaluating them
  3. 3. End of SessionBe equipped to use search techniques to search the electronic resources effectivelyHave some understanding of how to critically assess information available on the Internet
  4. 4. Databases-Primary for LawHeinonlineLexis LibraryWestlaw
  5. 5. Start with My UniHub Log in to My UniHub with the same username and password you used to log in to the network
  6. 6. My Study-Click on ThisWe‟ll Look at Ejournals First
  7. 7. New Law Journal-Our Example You can either type the title in the box or choose from the alphabetical list
  8. 8. ResultsClick on the Lexis Link Provided This tells us that this title is available in Lexis from 1987 to the present.
  9. 9. Terms of Use-Click on Accept
  10. 10. New Law Journal in LexisSearch by Search Keyword
  11. 11. ResultsSelect#10 From the List Here we have the TITLE of the article, the DATE and the SOURCE
  12. 12. Full Text You can also see from this example that you might have used the PHRASE Assisted Suicide rather than Euthanasia
  13. 13. EJournals From the CatalogueClick on Library Catalogue
  14. 14. Choose Journal KeywordType in the Journal Title
  15. 15. Select #20 from the List
  16. 16. Library Record If you click on the Lexis Link here it will take you straight in to Lexis to start searching from the Journals page
  17. 17. Legislation-Searching the DatabasesMy UniHub>My Study>Databases
  18. 18. Click on Letter W
  19. 19. Select Westlaw From the List
  20. 20. Logging In
  21. 21. Username and PasswordSame Combination as the Network Log In
  22. 22. Westlaw-Main Search Page You can search either using the Tabs acrossYou can use Westlaw to find the top of the page orActs,Cases, Current Awareness and the Boxes/Text belowJournal Articles
  23. 23. Westlaw-Content Provides full text of UK amended legislation Full text of EU legislation and case law UK court decisions from 1220 from The Law Reports series published by the ICLR(Incorporated Council of Law Reporting for England and Wales) Other law report series such as Weekly Law Reports Selected High Court and Tribunal judgments back to 1999
  24. 24. Westlaw cont‟d-ContentContains Legal Journals Index providing full text journal articles for many titles such as Criminal Law Review, European Human Rights Law Review
  25. 25. Search Legislation by TitleConsumer Protection Act-example
  26. 26. Look at Arrangement of Act and Choose aSection/Provision
  27. 27. Section 10Repealed
  28. 28. Section 10 Repealed October 2005
  29. 29. PDF FormatView entire act and referto Table of Contents inthe Sidebar to getupdates regardingprovisions Repealedand In Force
  30. 30. Cases You can search either using the BROWSE feature which is useful if you know the name of the Law Report series you wish to search or the SEARCH Window Above
  31. 31. Citation Search
  32. 32. Result-Click on Weekly Law ReportsThis case reportedin several LawReport series. FullText available forthose listed underDocuments
  33. 33. Full Text You can also use Case Analysis in the Sidebar if you want to look at specific items, such as a brief’Digest’ of the case
  34. 34. Case Analysis-AbstractQuick Reference
  35. 35. Search by Party Names
  36. 36. Result
  37. 37. Westlaw-Subject Searching CasesDifferent ways of searching for cases on a specific subjectWe‟ll do a General Search first and then narrow our search by making it more specific
  38. 38. Cases-Free Text SearchTIP-Type a Phrase in “Quote Marks” We’ll use the PHRASE “Defence of Necessity” as our search keywords
  39. 39. Results-137 Cases
  40. 40. Look at Result#4 From this List Search keywords are highlighted for you to see context/usefulness in the paragraph
  41. 41. Proximity SearchingNarrowing the Search /p= paragraph Here we are asking the database to search for the PHRASE within the Same paragraph as the word TRIDENT
  42. 42. Results-Narrowed to Just 1Click on Show Terms in Context
  43. 43. Terms in Context-Usefulness
  44. 44. Journal ArticlesFull Text and Abstracts If you want to see what JOURNALS are available in FULL TEXT you can search using this option
  45. 45. Journals-Subject SearchPhrase Search-In Quote Marks
  46. 46. ResultsToo Large!-Narrow Search
  47. 47. Use a Proximity Operator to Narrow theSearch We’ve added another keyword anaesthetic and asked the database to search for it in the same paragraph as the phrase
  48. 48. Results-Much FewerMore Specific
  49. 49. Terms in ContextSubject Search
  50. 50. Click on Show Terms in Context
  51. 51. Aid to Check Usefulness of Each Result
  52. 52. Lexis Library-Journals
  53. 53. See Journal Titles Available Click on More Sources to see what titles are available
  54. 54. Legal JournalsClick on That
  55. 55. Let‟s Look at New Law Journal Click on the BROWSE Link
  56. 56. Choose the Date You Need
  57. 57. Full Text
  58. 58. Journal Search-Using Subject Keywords“Unfair Dismissal”
  59. 59. Results-A Lot!-1394 Title of article, Date and Source-Journal Title is displayed here
  60. 60. Narrow the SearchSearch Two Phrases in Same Paragraph Note!!-To search two phrases in the same paragraph use the format w/p
  61. 61. Results-FewerSearching More Specifically
  62. 62. CasesCresswell v Inland Revenue-Example
  63. 63. Results Party Names and Legal Citation, Co urt in which case was heard, Date Judgment handed down and Source- wher case was
  64. 64. Full TextRelated Cases, Journal Articles
  65. 65. Journal Articles
  66. 66. Heinonline-Access from My LibraryChoose Law Journal Library
  67. 67. Subject SearchingClick on Advanced Search
  68. 68. LimitersSubject Keyword, Date and Articles Only
  69. 69. ResultsView Matching Text Pages-Context
  70. 70. Full Text
  71. 71. Tips for Evaluating Websites1.AuthorityWho is responsible for the site?Is it a reliable organisation or a subject expert?Can you trust them?
  72. 72. Evaluating Websites(Cont‟d)2. ACCURACY AND RELIABILITY Is the information correct? Are the grammar and spelling correct? Is it complete or are they just giving one point of view? Bias? Do they have their own agenda? Is the information fact or opinion?
  73. 73. Websites(Cont‟d)3.CURRENCY Can you tell how up to date it is? Is it regularly updated? You shouldn‟t be quoting out of date information4. AUDIENCE Is the information at the right level to be quoted in your work?
  74. 74. Websites(Cont‟d)5.FEEL Is the site well structured and easy to navigate? Are the links from the page up to date and valid? If it is well designed and maintained then you can feel more confident about the information it provides
  75. 75. Citation Style For law the „Gold card‟ for style manuals is the OSCOLA (Oxford) website. If you wish to access it I have a link on my Law and Legal Research Subject page.............see next slide
  76. 76. OSCOLASubtab Under Information Skills
  77. 77. Citing the LawReferencing and Citations
  78. 78. This Presentation Can be FoundOn My Subject Guide-Slideshare!