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  1. 1. LAW 1999 LAW FOR COMPUTING Catherine Funnell Liaison Librarian(Law and Marketing)
  2. 2. In this workshop we will look at: •Finding books in the library •Using your reading lists •Finding Legislation •Finding Cases •Finding Journal Articles
  3. 3. Law Subject Guide
  4. 4. UniHub/My UniHub
  5. 5. Access to Resources
  6. 6. Reading List• McLeod,Ian, Legal Method, Basingstoke:Palgrave Macmillan,8th ed.,2009• MacIntyre,Business Law,Pearson Longman,5th ed.,2010• Elliott&Quinn,English Legal System,11th ed.,Pearson Longman, 2010• Spencer&Spencer, Nutshells on Human Rights,Sweet&Maxwell,3rd ed.,2007
  7. 7. What Does it All Mean?Mcleod,Ian, Legal Method,Basingstoke:Palgrave Macmillan,8th ed., 2011Author of BookTitle of BookPlace of publicationPublisherEditionDate of Book
  8. 8. Understanding the Catalogue
  9. 9. Finding it in the Library
  10. 10. Your Turn!• How many copies of the title Legal Method by McLeod (8th ed)does the Hendon Campus own?• What is the Classmark for English Legal System(13th ed) by Elliott&Quinn?• What is the Loan Period for Spencer’s Human Rights Law in a Nutshell(3rd ed)?
  11. 11. Electronic Format• Cases(law reports)• Journal articles• Databases• Current awareness
  12. 12. Legal Citation-Journals [2002] 61 CLJ 684Year article was writtenJournal in which the article appearsVolume of the JournalPage in the journal where article appears (We’ll do this one together !)
  13. 13. Title Abbreviations? Use this website tofind the full title of anabbreviated journal or law report
  14. 14. Electronic Journals• Have journal citation?-use the catalogue or databases• Subject searching-use databases
  15. 15. Legal Citation-Cases• Party Names-Fisher v Bell[1960] 3 WLR 919Date-Year the case was reportedWLR-Law Report Series where it was reported3-Volume of the Law Report SeriesPage-In the Law Report
  16. 16. Westlaw/ Case Citation Search
  17. 17. Understanding the Details Court=Queen’s BenchCitation=[1964] 2 QB 7Party Names=Adler and George Read through to find Judgements Facts of the case
  18. 18. Case Analysis• Used as an Alerter to ensure you are using ‘good’ law-up to date law• Useful for Summary of the case
  19. 19. Your Turn!• Find Fisher v Bell(Hint-Offensive Weapons)• In which court was the case heard?• What is the Citation for the case?• Who are the parties of the case?• What was the decision/judgement of the court?
  20. 20. Databases-Quick FactsHeinonline• -Used to locate journal articles• -Does not provide cases(Modern)or Legislation• -English Reports(pre 1865)Westlaw and Lexis Library• -Access to legislation,case law,journal articles• -Also current awareness(status updates ;egislation and cases)• -EU case, Legislation, journal articles
  21. 21. Journals/Subject SearchingPlanning!!• General Searches-BROAD results• Specific Searches-NARROWER results• Synonyms-need to think of them“fundamental rights”X The fundamental aim was to discuss her rights√ Her fundamental rights had not been upheld
  22. 22. Terms and Connectors Boolean Logic• Most databases use terms and connectors• They help you search more efficiently• Some of the most useful are:/p find in same paragraph/s find in same sentenceUse “ Quote Marks” around a phraseTruncation employ*(employee,employer, employment)Spelling-organi?ation-organization
  23. 23. Try This Search!
  24. 24. Narrow the SearchAdd Another Keyword
  25. 25. Your Turn• Using the phrase European Union construct a search• Use terms and connectors to narrow the results making it more specific or focused
  26. 26. Lexis Library Legislation
  27. 27. Finally!
  28. 28. Library Calendarc.funnell@mdx.