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Introtolibraryfor mkt

  1. 1. Introduction to Library Resources Catherine Funnell Liaison Librarian(Law and Marketing&Enterprise)
  2. 2. Welcome to Middlesex!Hello-My name is Catherine Funnell and I am your Liaison(Subject Support )Librarian for this academic yearThis is my email address and if you would like further help please contact me-
  3. 3. Getting Started-UniHub Portal
  4. 4. First Place to Start-General Help
  5. 5. Logging into My UniHub
  6. 6. My Study
  7. 7. My Study
  8. 8. Access-Databases, Ebooks,Ejournals,Catalogueand much more! The Key Point to remember here is that you MUST log in to MY UNIHUB to access the subscription resources available to you-if you do not you won’t be able to get to them If you have trouble logging in to My UniHub or accessing these resources contact the Web Help Desk at.......................
  9. 9. Let’s Look at the Library CatalogueFirst
  10. 10. Using the Library Catalogue
  11. 11. Results-Choose#3
  12. 12. Details and Copies Available
  13. 13. Where,What and When
  14. 14. Placing a Request
  15. 15. Click on Request
  16. 16. Click on Logout
  17. 17. Your Library Details
  18. 18. Library Subject Guides
  19. 19. Middlesex Subject GuidesClick on Marketing
  20. 20. Marketing Subject Guide
  21. 21. My Study forDatabases
  22. 22. DefinitionsDatabases-Large collections of many journals containing many more articles-Different databases cover different subjects-They all work slightly differently but all will have a search box
  23. 23. Primary Databases Because.... Business Source Complete-journal articles,trade magazines,some market research information, even business/marketing videos Key Note-commercial market research database, extremely useful for coursework, investigating companies, market sectors, products
  24. 24. DatabasesKey Note
  25. 25. Key Note-One of your PrimaryDatabases
  26. 26. Key Note!!-Start Searching
  27. 27. Business Source Complete
  28. 28. Start Searching
  29. 29. DefinitionsJournals-Contain articles that discuss current research in very specific areas. Articles have abstracts-descriptions to tell you what is in them-Short, academic “magazines” that come out regularly-Organised by date, volume and issue number, even when the journal is online.-You will use the databases to locate the journal articles on a particular subject
  30. 30. Reference/Citation Here is an example of a typical reference you would fine in one of the databasesSengupta ,J. & Chan. 2010, “Insincere Flattery Actually Works: A Dual Attitudes Perspective”, Journal of Marketing Research,vol.47, no.1, pp.122-133
  31. 31. Library Catalogue/Journal TitleSearchTIPUse the Library Catalogue to do a “Journal Keyword” search for a particular Journal Title eg International Journal of Market Research
  32. 32. Web Help Desk
  33. 33. Logging in to the Web Help Desk
  34. 34. FAQ’s-More Help
  35. 35. Finally.................Don’t hesitate to contact me if you need help with anything to do with the