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Blank book presentation1


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Blank book presentation1

  2. 2. Purpose of Session Accessing and searching the library resources/databases effectively Evaluating information Current awareness Using the Internet strategically
  3. 3. Effective WritingLet‟s start by looking at some useful titles we have in the library for writing your marketing proposals and assignments“How to Write a Marketing Plan”-Westwood“Fundamentals of Writing for Marketing and Public Relations”-Mizrahi(E Book on the library catalogue)
  4. 4. Library Catalogue-Try using BusinessWriting as Your Keywords Date Sort
  5. 5. Accessing E Books on LibraryCatalogue Click here Click Here
  6. 6. Book Also Available via the Internet
  7. 7. Planning!!!!!!!! It helps to make a plan first as it may take much longer to do your literature search than you anticipated You will want to use a variety of databases to make sure you cover your research area
  8. 8. The Plan It may seem silly to plan the stages of your search by resorting to a flowchart but a visual image may help to get you organised,prioritising the stages involved in the research and reminding you what there is left to do
  9. 9. The Internet The Internet may seem like the most logical place to start your research but...... The library has purchased a number of resources with access to high quality scholarly material that provide you with full text and........ Give you greater options refine and maximise the results you get
  10. 10. Google or Advanced Search Google? Compare Basic and Advanced Google Advanced allows for numerous refinementsBeware of theshortcomings of abasic Google Search
  11. 11. Search Keywords Before you start randomly searching the databases you should be thinking of subject keywords you will want to use Think of synonyms for words- alternate words that mean the same thing but might give you more results eg
  12. 12. More Phrase SynonymsFor Market Research you might also try........Market AnalysisConsumer ResearchProduct ResearchAs the Subject Keywords you use
  13. 13. Visual Thesaurus for the Word Research
  14. 14. Right Information Source to do the Job!
  15. 15. Evaluating InformationIt is crucial to evaluate your search results for both quality and relevanceYou should consider the following criteria
  16. 16. Tips for Evaluating Websites Authority-Who is responsible for the site? Is it a reliable organisation or a subject expert? Can you trust them? Accuracy and Reliability-Is the information correct? Grammar and Spelling correct?One point of view or bias?Information fact or opinion?
  17. 17. Evaluating WebsitesCurrency-Can you tell how current it is?You shouldn‟t be quoting out of date informationAudience-Is the information at the right level to be quoted in your work?
  18. 18. Websites Feel -Is the site well structured and easy to navigate? Are the links from the page up to date and valid? If it is well designed and maintained then you can feel more confident about the information it provides
  19. 19. Starting Your Research-Emerald Website-Link on the Marketing Subject Guide Really useful information- especially for 1st years!!-Revising, taking notes, writing essays etc
  20. 20. Phrase Searching To maximise the results when you use a phrase, such as Market Research place them in inverted commas, “Market Research” This tells the database to search for these 2 words side by side or together in the text of an article
  21. 21. Mood Boards To get some inspiration regarding Mood Boards and how to create one you might wish to have a look at some of the books/journals that the fashion design students use Here are some suggested titles“Fashion Design Drawing Course”- Tatham, 741.672 TAT“Fashion Illustrator”-Morris, 741.672 MORJournals-View-Textile View Magazine(Basement of Library)
  22. 22. Product Design-Search the Catalogue forbooks on this SubjectYes this is aMarketingcourse butyou need tothink Laterally!
  23. 23. Database SearchingFinding Market Research ReportsLet‟s take „ mobile phones‟ as our fictional productWe‟ll look at the following databasesBusiness Source CompleteKeynotePassport GMID
  24. 24. Business Source CompleteMy Unihub>My Study>My Library>Databases
  25. 25. Tips For Online Access-Off CampusAlways Log in to My Unihub
  26. 26. My Unihub>My Study>My LibraryAccess Resources via the My Library Box
  27. 27. Athens Log In Link It may be necessary to look for an Athens Log In link if My Unihub doesn’t automatically log you in to the resource
  28. 28. Click on Middlesex Log In Page
  29. 29. Scroll Down Until You Find the WordUniversities
  30. 30. Universities
  31. 31. Select Middlesex
  32. 32. Type in Your Network UnihubUsername and Password
  33. 33. Choose Business Source Complete
  34. 34. Basic or Advanced Search ?ChooseAdvancedSearch formorefunctionality
  35. 35. Business Source Complete-IndustryProfile Search Terms Select ‘Industry profile’ as publication type
  36. 36. Results-a lot!!
  37. 37. Results-Narrow the Search Can refine bychoosing Great Britain from Geography
  38. 38. Great Britain Only-12 Results
  39. 39. Choose 1-View Images Available
  40. 40. Search and Add Limiters Limit by specifying dates,Full Text, Peer-Reviewed
  41. 41. Results
  42. 42. Find Articles on “ Market Research” Limit by date(2005 Jan 1st-31st Dec 2011) Choose Full text Choose Peer-Reviewed articles How many results did you get? Find 1 article and look at the full text-PDF
  43. 43. Keynote-Focus of this Database isMarket/Company Information
  44. 44. Description of Database
  45. 45. Keynote-Homepage
  46. 46. Mobile Phones Type mobile phones in the SEARCH Box
  47. 47. From List Click on the 1st Item
  48. 48. Click on PDF for Entire Report
  49. 49. Company Information
  50. 50. Type in Company Name Click Submit Search
  51. 51. Select 1st Item From the ListLook at the Information Available
  52. 52. Click on PDF-View Entire Record
  53. 53. Passport GMID
  54. 54. What‟s AvailableGlobal database providing extremely wide range of market informationNeed to register first time you use it
  55. 55. Type Mobile Phones in Search Box
  56. 56. Results
  57. 57. Market Size- Converting Data
  58. 58. Filter Results-eg Geography,Company(Nokia)
  59. 59. United Kingdom
  60. 60. Finally-For More HelpPlease contact me !