Calls to action assignment


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Calls to action assignment

  1. 1. Adverbial Clauses – How To Use Indirect Suggestion Patterns To Creat... HOME ABOUT DAVID MARKETING TOOLS WANT TO WORK WITH DAVID? COACHING TESTIMONIALS CONTACT 15 1 Please create an account to get started. StumbleUpon 1 Article by David Wood David Wood is a bit of a wild man, who started building his online empire out of the mid-section of a green 1996 Dodge Caravan (that he lived in) on the North Shore of Oahu, Hawaii - since then, hes become the #1 all time producer in four separate network marketing companies, co-founded the fastest growing affiliate empire in the history of online marketing, and paid out $20.4 million in commissions... just in the last 13 months. Fill in the form on the right, to learn how ==========> DAVID HAS WRITTEN 231 AWESOME ARTICLES FOR US AT DAVID WOODS MLM MARKETING PROSPERITY BLOG | Facebook Enter Your First Name NO VEM B ER 12, 2012 • 63 CO M M ENT S in AB U NDANCE, I NDI RECT SU GGEST I O N, NLP, PERSU ASI O N Enter Your Email While you get ready to master the principles of influence, you’ll discover that there are several ways of getting people to make a decision. Here are two different ways you’ll find useful as you get others to take the action you want: We respect your privacy! Direct Suggestion – Using Direct Commands: Find us on Facebook A direct command is the most commonly used kind of call to action. In my opinion, you probably don’t use them enough in your marketing, and if you did, you would immediately get David Wood better results. Now, here are some examples: Like As you’re reading this blog post, you’ll notice on the right side of the page – a 39,124 people like David Wood. convenient place to put your name and email address. Go ahead and put your name and email in the form, hit the button that says ‘Get Instant Access’ and watch the video that appears on the next page. As you do, make a mental note of how many times I command you to join, and how it creates the desire to buy now. Go ahead, and put your name and email in the form on the right side of this blog post. After you do that, hit the button – the blue one, that says ‘Get Instant Access’ – you’ll immediately get instant access to a video that has done nearly $20 million in product sales in the last 12 months. That video will unlock the secret to creating the money that you want. Go ahead, and put your name and email in the form – and hit the button now. Here is a video that contains a massive amount of direct suggestions – watch it now, make notes Facebook social plugin of how many direct commands I make, and tell me in the comments below this post. Here’s the video:1 of 11 3/1/2013 9:42 AM
  2. 2. Adverbial Clauses – How To Use Indirect Suggestion Patterns To Creat... Dont Be A Wussy, Just Get In. Recent Activity You need to be logged into Facebook to Login see your friends recent activity. Top 10 Network Marketing Companies Right Now 17 people recommended this. How To Promote Your Blog In 4 Simple Steps 13 people recommended this. 1 How To Write Faster Blog Posts 18 people recommended this. How To Sponsor 10-20 People A Month Into Any MLM Company 24 people recommended this. 5 Email Marketing Tips For Boosting Email Opt-in Rates 2 people recommended this. After you watch the video, you’ll find yourself having the desire to put your name and email in the The Affect Effect: The Art Of Creating form below this blog post, and you may even want to pull out a pen, and a piece of paper, and Self Fulfilling Prophecies take notes on what you’re about to learn. You may even find yourself having the desire to buy, 12 people recommended this. and that’s ok – you can do that now, at the end of the video. Indirect Suggestion Patterns – How To Use An Adverbial Clause Call To Action. Facebook social plugin Google There are about 1,000 techniques that I’ve learned, and come up with to use indirect suggestion in my marketing. The difference between direct, and indirect suggestion is that people don’t always accept direct calls to action. The two kinds of people that are the best at creating mass influence through indirect suggestion are politicians, and religious leaders. Most of them aren’t consciously aware of what they’re doing, pequinn commented on How to and that’s ok. You can do these things unconsciously, and it will still help you get the results that avoid burnout and conquer the no you want. money objection for GOOD! (1 minutes ago) Organic SEO Services commented on David Wood Recommends (10 hours ago) Josh Cohen commented on How To Manage Your Energy When You Have To Work All Day... (1 days ago) 1800numbers commented on Testimonials (1 days ago) jackflaming commented on The Best SEO Strategy For 2013 (2 days ago) Advanced High Page Rank Domain Strategies (Part Two) Advanced High Page Rank Domain Strategies The Best SEO Strategy For 2013 5 Sales Copy Mistakes That Kill Your Conversions Lol. 5 Easy To Avoid Capture Page Mistakes An Adverbial Clause is one indirect call to action pattern. Basically, you create a strong assumption through your words that whatever follows an event is going to happen. You do it, however, in a way that doesn’t appear to be a direct command.2 of 11 3/1/2013 9:42 AM
  3. 3. Adverbial Clauses – How To Use Indirect Suggestion Patterns To Creat... Let me give you several examples of an adverbial clause you can use now, to get more money. After you read this, you’ll immediately feel more confident in your ability to get others to take action… After you put your name and email in the form, you’ll see a video that will immediately give you power to get money like politicians do… During the video that you’ll see when you hit the button that says “Get Instant Access” you’ll notice that you are drawn in to my words… 1 As your bank account starts filling up with direct, 100% commissions, you’ll laugh at how easy it really was… Before you decide to join, you’ll notice that you always get a certain kind of feeling, and maybe you’re even feeling it now… Those are just a few examples of adverbial clauses you can use in your marketing, spread out naturally, you’ll find that you become more powerful, persuasive, and that instantly, people like you start to join, automatically. You may even do that now, by clicking here – if you have the desire. Assignment to get better at adverbial clauses: 1. Go ahead, and put your name and email in the form on the right side of this blog post. 2. Watch the video that you’ll see after you hit the button that says “Get Instant Access” 3. Make a note of how many times I use an adverbial clause in the video. 4. Buy this $25 blog, and write a blog post about what you learned. After you follow those four steps, you’ll feel yourself having more confidence and power, and you’ll immediately start to become more persuasive and powerful… automatically. -David Wood “I punch wussies in the face” P.S. Leave me your thoughts below, and tell me how many times I use an adverbial clause in the video, that you’re about to see… when you fill in the form now. Mouse here f or Related Links You may also like - The Ultimate Website How To Use Solo Ads To 5 Steps To Dramatically The Secret Science Of Marketing Checklist Build An Email List And Speed Up Wordpress Getting People To Do Explode Your Business Stuff You may also like: The Entrepreneur Mindset- Do You Have3 of 11 3/1/2013 9:42 AM
  4. 4. Adverbial Clauses – How To Use Indirect Suggestion Patterns To Creat... What It Takes? "What is the "entrepreneurs mindset" and how important is it in building a business?" The answer to this question is one that I learned from one of the most successful entrepreneurs that exists online today. So sit back and enjoy todays post :) I think your mindset IS your business. It denotes where you will go and how quickly you will... read this » 1 The 4 Step Formula For Unstoppable Success Our entire lives, we search for ways to have more success in every aspect of life. Our jobs, businesses, relationships, everything. Back when I started Network Marketing, I struggled. I went from one road-block to the next. Barrier to barrier. After working tirelessly for 18 months I managed to make the most money Id ever earned in my life; about $4000 a... read this » This Kid Retired Early at the Extremely Young Age of 19 y/o! This is a great story about 19 year old Dakota who went from sleeping in his car at the San Diego event to retiring extremely early in Thailand! Believe it or not it only took this kid 60 days to reach his dream of retiring early! Dakotas story all started with this unique system that offers 100% commissions and 100% mobility. Check out the... read this » Tags: adverbial clause, adverbial clause call, adverbial clauses, adverbial clauses 8211 how to use indirect suggestion patterns to create more influence and sales8230, blog post, direct command, indirect suggestion, indirect suggestion patterns, nlp, suggestion Enter Your First Name Enter Your Email We respect your privacy! 63 comments 36 people listening Sign in + Follow conversation4 of 11 3/1/2013 9:42 AM
  5. 5. Adverbial Clauses – How To Use Indirect Suggestion Patterns To Creat... Sort: Newest | Oldest josediazonline Dave, youre awesome man. Im gonna apply these tips in my marketing.... PeterThankgod 1 Beautiful New Year outbreak stuff....on the run.... ChadJaso Love the weather that is going on in the background there man... Makes me want to be there. Good stuff love your work. Elizabeth A Outstanding! PeterThankgod What a great superb leader.... Adriana Pezzuto You never cease to amaze me! You my dear have a gift Empire Team Adriana Pezzuto You might be right...i believe that it is a skills that he developped throught the application of the law of concentration. I did the same thing with juggling...I got very good but it wasnt a very good skill to make money ;P Angela Maynard Awesome post David! Empire Team Angela Maynard I agree p2power Great post David, similar to the power of autosuggestion. BryanWestra When people decide to take the time to learn and master direct and indirect conversational hypnosis techniques like the adverbial clauses that you mention on this blog post and in your video, upon others, then these people will themselves become masters of marketing and communicating like politicians and religious leaders. I have to applaud your ability. I love your hybrid system where you use both direct commands and indirect (permissive) suggestions to get people to buy your products (which are definitely worth their value, might I add!).5 of 11 3/1/2013 9:42 AM
  6. 6. Adverbial Clauses – How To Use Indirect Suggestion Patterns To Creat... Some people are fast speakers, especially a lot of sales professionals (being visual primarily in how they quickly take in information), and some people speak much slower using conversational hypnosis. Your system actually allows people to speak fast, really fast in fact like how you speak, and utilize both approaches quite effectively. I have put together the best sales hypnosis cards [direct and indirect language patterns which include the full Milton Model, and instructions, plus more!] on the market which can be picked up at and I recently published a book titled "Indirect Knowledge" which can also be picked up at or else on amazon. 1 You are definitely a master and I love your skill and listening to you teach this knowledge. Very best! Bryan Westra MichalKidzinski Awesome post Dave. The way You do Your videos and write Your post is amazing because even if I know about what are You talking about and even if I already joined EN, I still want to watch and hear You :-D Best,Michael (Poland) Empire Team MichalKidzinski You can do it too anthonyaa Even though unconsciously I may have been sucked in many times by Adverbial Clauses, I never knew about it but now. I think I now understand how I can draw people in talking or writing about what will happen AFTER an event. "As you read this comment, you too can feel that you want to buy even though I am not selling you anything as yet, but if you want to buy now you can, but if you read this to its entirety, you are going to learn what 99% of marketers know nothing about... and thats a bonus for you... StacyEaglin Soaking up another great blog post David Wood. You inspire the hell out of me. #EmpowerNetwork meanymouse Last night I had a dream that I met Dave Wood and he was just about to sit down with me and teach me all his ways. I woke up. Haha pretty hilarious. Looks like its time to join... Empire Team meanymouse hilarious! 2minds Absolutely awesome!6 of 11 3/1/2013 9:42 AM
  7. 7. Adverbial Clauses – How To Use Indirect Suggestion Patterns To Creat... Elizabeth A @elizabethredd Outstanding information Dave. I will be taking your advice. millsw Ingenious, Dave....Simply ingenious! 1 AngeloGianni I just wrote a bad a$$ blog back linking to this blog post about what I learned from this.. Check it out guys! GenevieveHorrall I love assignments there is always something else to learn. I believe that there were 12, but I have to say it was getting hard to keep track. There were also quite a few direct suggestions in there as well. I just love that I always learn something new every time I review the trainings, videos and materials. The thing that I like best is that all the trainings tie into one another and while you can use them independently or together collectively and as a whole. I had a real aha moment during this one. First the language sets you up to tell a story and that has been shown to really help other readers and you can use this as a way to create hope, foster desire, and build belief. I love it. Definitely off to write my blog post about it. Israel Garcia Hi David. Ive been following you time and every time I read or see a video of you feel a tingle in my heart.Is that good or bad? jajajaj, David youre a Crack. Greetings. JanelleRowe23 haha. wonderful post David. You are brilliant. DaveStrayer Great post, David! I love knowing how to use embedded commands and playing with the use of adverbial clauses both as commands and when I want to create effective presuppositions. I use both sometimes simply to have fun with language patters and sometimes to create increased compliance in my prospects. Of course, not everyone has to agree with me unless you see no reason not to. Best, Dave ManussanunPtpt ั ิ ู ่ ในขณะทีคุณ ๆและฉั นยังต ้องปฏิบตตามผู ้นํ าดาวิดไม ้กรูรเครือข่ายอํานาจของการสร ้างความฝั น สูความสํา ่ ร็จได ้นั น ต ้องพัฒนาตนเองเพือเรียนรู ้อยูตลอดเวลา และคุณทุกคนก็สามารถนํ าความสําเร็จมาสูครอบครัว ่7 of 11 3/1/2013 9:42 AM
  8. 8. Adverbial Clauses – How To Use Indirect Suggestion Patterns To Creat... ได ้เช่นกัน florish Excellent post! Will follow your posts faithfully, I feel more confident in my ability to get others to take action... cause I have taken action by incorporating the adverbial clauses in the sales copy I just finished writing 10 minutes ago. Thanks Dave, you rock! 1 RosanneLanuto Wow- Dave - Awesome Video-I am so proud to have a great leader operating our company. See you in Austin! CarrieMedford Great Training as always! Thanks so much. AngeloGianni As you and I continue to follow David Woods leadership and trainings, we will all create automatic success and results unconsciously because you are who you surround yourself with, and become who you hang around the most. After you made the best decision in your life joining our Empower Network movement, you will realize later all the value you have gave unconsciously (without you even knowing) and increasing your own following because every blog post is golden, every Facebook status is value, and every person that meets you start to see you have value. Then you look back like wow, I have been giving value to people building relationships of trust and credibility as an expert and I am just an average human being just like them, and they see me as a King Or Queen. bikestream Thanks for the training. Hope to meet you in Austin. WillPena1 Awesome Training Dave!! See you in Austin!! jopoint7 Hey dave I Got 10 Empire Team jopoint7 Congratulation! PJ Zafra Dang! Badass video David! :-) RonOrr Friends with advanced poker, PUA experts and having been in online marketing since maybe 95, this is genius thank you .8 of 11 3/1/2013 9:42 AM
  9. 9. Adverbial Clauses – How To Use Indirect Suggestion Patterns To Creat... RhysGifford Truer words were never there anything that doesnt come out of your mouth David that isnt pure gold? LandonStewart What a ninja-gangster blog post......and as youre sitting at your computer, reading this 1 comment, youre starting to feel that this Landon Stewart guy is a super badass......and youre right :). David Wood LandonStewart Can I buy, landon? Right now? Ive just made the decision, and Im getting in... ...automatically. LandonStewart David Wood Well, Dave Ill tell ya... right after you click the button and buy, youll instantly feel more confident and powerful... because youll finally know the secrets ;). RonOrr LandonStewart David Wood Landon right about now that feeling you feel inside, yeah that inner knowing, that you just made the right decision, youll know it, thats your peace of mind. That voice in your head that says you cant do it, that voice is a liar. Empire Team LandonStewart David Wood What can I buy? Where?! :P ShalondaGordon (As I bow down before the Ok..Dave this blog post ROCKS.. I just learned quite a bit. See in the past I was afraid.. yes afraid to use direct or indirect suggestion.. due to being told dont do this in my network marketing career.. I love EN.. Im being given permission to do the things I really want to do.. getting ready to read this again.. and implement into my videos for today as well as my blog post.. Thanks so much.. for sharing that info with us... that so many tried to keep hidden.. Love ya too.. and the Mrs.. keep smiling David Wood ShalondaGordon after you complete the assignment, I think youll feel a bit of the break through... however, you wont notice all of the powerful change that happened, until someone decideds to join you instantly, which may happen, at any time. Empire Team ShalondaGordon Congratulation on getting rid of the fear of critisism. You will9 of 11 3/1/2013 9:42 AM
  10. 10. Adverbial Clauses – How To Use Indirect Suggestion Patterns To Creat... go far. Shane Butts awesome David am going to put this to use. Remember the name Shane butts. See you on the stage..this stuff is just pure gold 1 ShanikaJourney This is a great way for anyone to exercise how to write call-to-actions online. Learned how to do it in NLP, and its pretty cool. Great job how you simplified it for people. Alot of dont know how to teach or explain it in a simple format. Bravo. David Wood ShanikaJourney Its simple, and fun. As people complete the excercise, and watch the video, theyll immediately find themselves becoming better at indirect suggestion, unconsciously, without even being aware of the change... kyleriegle Ha...Love the comment by JerryChen... Great post. Ive personally been using this in my videos and conversions are going up. Thanks for the value and knowledge DW. coachalden 97% of people that read this post will probably join empower. Ha! Two birds one stone. Show 13 More P R E VIO U S P O S T : How To Construct The Perfect Solo Ad Funnel NEXT P O ST: The Affect Effect: The Art Of Creating Self Fulfilling Prophecies10 of 11 3/1/2013 9:42 AM
  11. 11. Adverbial Clauses – How To Use Indirect Suggestion Patterns To Creat... Recent Posts Tags Recent Comments Advanced High Page Rank Domain Strategies (Part "mlm sponsoring" Article Marketing blog pequinn on How to avoid burnout and conquer the no Two) blogging blog post blog posts blog traffic money objection for GOOD! Advanced High Page Rank Domain Strategies business cool blogging tips david Organic SEO Services on David Wood Recommends The Best SEO Strategy For 2013 wood david wood p.s. leave email list email Josh Cohen on How To Manage Your Energy When marketing empower network facebook high page rank You Have To Work All Day… 5 Sales Copy Mistakes That Kill Your Conversions internet marketing link building 1800numbers on Testimonials 1 5 Easy To Avoid Capture Page Mistakes marketing marketing industry marketing strategy jackflaming on The Best SEO Strategy For 2013 The Importance Of Google Authorship SEO mlm mlm business mlm company mlm marketing The Entrepreneur Mindset- Do You Have What It mlm recruiting mlm success mlm training Takes? Network Marketing 5 Common Habits Of Happy People network marketing business network marketing company network marketing industry 6 Habits Of Highly Successful People network marketing tips numis Numis Network online 4 Disastrous Habits Of Unhappy People marketing prosperity search engine optimization search engine rankings SEO social media sponsoring success traffic generation video Disclaimer | Privacy Policy | Terms & Conditions | Average Earnings | Copyright © 2012 David Wood. Custom WordPress Theme by FlyNewMedia and This is the personal blog of David Wood, and the opinions, or expressions on this site are not the official opinion or stance of Empower Network, LLC or any other corporate entity. Reading these posts, and watching these videos doesnt guarantee that youll make lots, and lots of money - you might not get rich by following this advice. In addition, you can pretty much guarantee that David Wood will earn a commission if you buy anything off of this site. Get excited about that, because buying stuff is fun.11 of 11 3/1/2013 9:42 AM