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Cathal Mac Reamoinn games powerpoint


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Cathal Mac Reamoinn games powerpoint

  1. 1. To get the teabag in the cup
  2. 2. • Stand 5 feet away from the cup • Try to throw the tea bag into the cup • Number of players 1+
  3. 3. Avoid stepping on the cracks on the pavement Number of plyers 1+
  4. 4. • To catch the coaster mid air before it hits any other object
  5. 5. • Place the coaster over the edge of the table • Hit it with the back of your hand, launching it into the air • Catch the coaster • Number of players 1+
  6. 6. To get the coin to be hanging over the edge of the table without it falling off.
  7. 7. • Number of players 1+ • Equipment required a straight edged table and a large coin. • Hang the coin over the edge to win.
  8. 8. • To get the most funny looks off people due to your walking
  9. 9. • Numbers of players 2+ • Walk in as strange a manner as you can. • The person who gets the most funny looks wins