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Simple Podcasting for Educators (Version 2.0 Handout - 2012)


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Handout for updated presentation on podcasting in the classroom for educators, Spring 2012

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Simple Podcasting for Educators (Version 2.0 Handout - 2012)

  1. 1. Simple Podcasting for Educators, v2.0 Catherine Horton Flippen v1.0 and v2.0 presentations available at @CatFlippen About.Me/CatFlippen Have you noticed… how students obsessively listen to their Smart Phones/iPods/MP3 players? So, what if… we utilized that obsession to lure students into studying without the feel of studying?How is this relevant to YOU?Here are some of many uses DEFINING PODCASTINGfor podcasting in education: a term originating and popularized from the iTunes programVOCABULARY REINFORCEMENT a means of recording yourself or a group of people with the intent to share▪ Vocabulary repetition▪ Vocabulary definitions the opinions recorded in a public venue like a “Talk Show” for your Smart Phone/iPod/MP3 playersREADING SUPPORT▪ Record yourself reading text and A “podcast” involves some complexity, but for educators it can be as simple as students using your recording creating audio files and distributing to students in a computer lab during class! while they read the text at homePROJECTS WHAT YOU WILL NEED▪ “Newscast” of historical events▪ Informational podcast a topic HEADSET WITH MICROPHONE COMPUTER WITH MICROPHONE JACK o As cheap as $8 at Fry’s Electronics o Most desktops/laptops have oneLECTURE RECORDING o Buy a set of 35 for your department OR▪ For absent students to use as a SMART PHONE WITH RECORDING APP review resource AUDIO RECORDING PROGRAM o iPad is ideal for rec and editing o Online applicationsIN-CLASS RECORDING Often free, cloud-based▪ Recording of dramatic readings of WELL-WRITTEN SCRIPT various text (i.e. Julius Caesar) o Free Software (Freeware) Use it for free, but don’t sell it, o Pre-write your material carefullyIEP COMPLIANCE claim as yours, or steal the design before you record!▪ For students who need tests read o Paid Software o Otherwise, you will have more aloud, record test, allow student edits and sound disorganized to sit at computer with headphones Dependable, more features and take the test while listeningINFO DISTRIBUTION I HAVE A RECORDING!! … NOW WHAT?▪ Make a class podcast about what the class is doing and have The Easiest Option: students produce the podcast POST FILE ON THE SHARED DRIVE!CLASS/DEPT. NEWS Students can put the audio file on their Smart▪ Monthly dept. podcast on Devices, iPods, MP3 players, or thumb drives accomplishments, wins, spotlight to take home, or even burn them onto CDs. students & interviews RECOMMENDATIONS Easy Podcast Making: Easy Podcast Hosting: Book: Podcasting for Teachers ▪ ▪ ▪ Wordpress ▪ Google Sites via Amazon: ▪ Kit: Samson Podcast Package ▪ Audacity Ex: FlippenCast – On Podbean ( via Amazon: ▪ Garageband On Google (