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Alliance Day 2007: Public Marketing Programs


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Mentorship/Research Breakfast Club/Public Workshops
An overview of upcoming public marketing programs including the popular Breakfast Club series and the Mentorship program, whose participants will be funded to attend the November 2007 National Arts Marketing Project Conference in Miami.

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Alliance Day 2007: Public Marketing Programs

  1. 1. Training and DAY Research Public Marketing Programs: Breakfast Club Roundtables Marketing Workshops Philadelphia Marketing Leaders
  2. 2. Training and Research: DAY Breakfast Club The Breakfast Club Roundtables bring cultural marketers together to read, critique and learn from secondary marketing research. • Quarterly meetings • Book club format, small groups • Exposure to new research & marketing trends • In-depth discussions • Problem solving and consulting • Opportunity to network with marketing peers • $15 - Continental breakfast included!
  3. 3. Training and Research: DAY Breakfast Club How Do The Breakfast Club Roundtables Work? 1. Research is selected. 2. Research sent to participants at least 2 weeks prior to session to read on own. 3. Participants are divided into small groups to discuss key findings. 4. Small groups come together to share thoughts with larger group to exchange ideas, examples, and best practices.
  4. 4. Training and Research: DAY Breakfast Club Past Topics Include: Arts Press Coverage Advertising Effectiveness Half Price Ticketing Cultural Consumers Cultural Participation 2006 Portfolio Report Cultural Tourism Time Use – Leisure Arts & Culture in Metropolis Report
  5. 5. Training and Research: DAY Breakfast Club 2007 / 2008 Breakfast Club Roundtable Schedule: Know Your Five P’s October 10, 2007 Successful Strategies for the Marketing Mix Initiators & Cohorts: December 5, 2007 Who are they, how to reach them? Gender & Technology: February 13, 2008 How Men & Women Use Internet Open Topic: April 9, 2008 We want to hear from you, submit an idea !
  6. 6. Training and Research: DAY Breakfast Club Other Exciting Information & Updates: •New Time - Breakfast Clubs will begin at 9:00am and last until 10:30am. •Online Registration - see who’s attending, pay online with secure credit card, add to your outlook calendar, and more! •Online Resources - access to archived research & links to useful resources. •Blog - keep talking, share contact information, post other resources.
  7. 7. Training and Research: DAY Workshops Marketing workshops are designed to provide member organizations the opportunity to learn about marketing strategies and cutting edge trends from marketing professionals and national experts. • Quarterly sessions • Trends, techniques, and best practices • Wide range of topics for all skill levels • Expert presenters & panelists • Opportunity to network with peers and national experts and professionals
  8. 8. Training and Research: DAY Breakfast Club Past Topics Include: Mavericks at Work In partnership with Center City Proprietors Association and Joseph Fox Bookshop Spreading the Word: Media Relations for Small Arts Organizations Public Media and the Arts In partnership with WHYY E-Marketing 2007: Trends & Practical Strategies
  9. 9. Training and Research: DAY Workshops Upcoming Workshop… Pricing Strategies for Visual & Performing Arts Organization July 18th, 2:30-5:00pm PECO, Energy Hall B, 2301 Market Street, Philadelphia Cost: $35 members, $70 non-members Pricing is a powerful marketing tool. Are you being strategic with your admission and ticket prices? We have brought experts from the field to talk about pricing strategies and best practices for both the visual and performing arts. From discounts and sliding scales to premiums and demand based fees, learn what your ticket or admission price says about your organization. Jon Landers, Principal, Economics Research Associates Jill Robinson, President, Target Resource Group
  10. 10. Training and Research: DAY Workshops 2007 / 2008 Marketing Workshop Schedule: Pricing Strategies July 18, 2007 Paradox of Choice Fall, 2007 TBD Winter, 2008 TBD Spring, 2008
  11. 11. Training and Research: Philadelphia Marketing DAY Leaders Philadelphia Marketing Leaders National Arts Marketing Project Conference November 2-5, Miami, FL
  12. 12. Training and Research: Philadelphia Marketing DAY Leaders What is the Philadelphia Marketing Leaders group? Peer cultural marketers come together to consult with, and get help from each other through group discussions, networking receptions, and shared experience at National Arts Marketing Conference. An initiative of the Cultural Alliance and the Philadelphia Cultural Management Initiative (PCMI), this program is designed to develop marketing capacity at nonprofit arts and culture organizations.
  13. 13. Training and Research: Philadelphia Marketing DAY Leaders Learn More: Contact: Becky Lang Staffieri Marketing & Sales Manager 215-557-7811 ext 23
  14. 14. DAY Public Marketing Programs The Greater Philadelphia Cultural Alliance’s Campaign for Culture, an umbrella marketing initiative, is funded by The Pew Charitable Trusts.
  15. 15. DAY Public Marketing Programs Thank you! Questions?