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Alliance Day 07: Culture As Catalyst


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Culture as Catalyst: Arts as a Tool for Community Development
A forward-looking report on work in the suburbs including recent work in Media, Chester, Kennett Square, and seven other towns and neighborhoods.

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Alliance Day 07: Culture As Catalyst

  1. 1. Culture as Catalyst DAY Culture As Catalyst
  2. 2. Culture as Catalyst DAY • Creative Sector as Catalyst is a better title for this session • The Creative Sector more inclusive but difficult to describe…thanks to the quirky nature of the creators and the products
  3. 3. Culture as Catalyst DAY “A comparative definitional approach to clarify taxonomic issues”
  4. 4. Culture as Catalyst DAY In words… The “creative sector” is comprised of a cluster of industries: • non profit organizations and for profit businesses • all arts and culture disciplines • high technology industries such as software development and web design • a broad range of related and interconnected industries that have their origin in individual creativity
  5. 5. Culture as Catalyst DAY Why is the Creative Sector Important? • Intrinsic Value • Economic Impact • Community Development • Regional Image
  6. 6. Culture as Catalyst DAY Why is the creative sector becoming an important policy tool? A confluence of events • Loss of Manufacturing and Retail • Anti Sprawl Efforts • Sprawl Embraced • We are moving to a post information economy, creative economy, knowledge economy
  7. 7. Culture as Catalyst DAY What is happening around the country? • State Legislated Arts & Cultural Districts – Rhode Island, Maryland, Iowa, Texas, Virginia • Cool Cities Initiatives - Michigan • Artist & Arts Business Relocation Programs – Paducah KY, Millville, NJ • Cultural Anchors – North Adams, St. Paul
  8. 8. Culture as Catalyst DAY What’s happening in our region? West Chester Ambler Doylestown
  9. 9. Culture as Catalyst DAY New Kensington Community Development Corporation
  10. 10. Culture as Catalyst DAY
  11. 11. Culture as Catalyst DAY Architects rendering of proposed Frankford Avenue Arts Center – to include a Black Box Theater
  12. 12. Culture as Catalyst DAY New Hope – Bucks County A partnership between a local developer, Tom Scannapieco and a community arts group, New Hope Arts
  13. 13. Culture as Catalyst DAY The result…a new community cultural center
  14. 14. Culture as Catalyst DAY Before After - New Hope Arts Annual Juried Indoor Sculpture Exhibition
  15. 15. Culture as Catalyst DAY Lansdale – Montgomery County The borough bought the local Masonic Hall to convert to a regional cultural center as part of their revitalization strategy
  16. 16. Culture as Catalyst DAY Rendering of the Lansdale Performing Arts Center Construction to begin Summer 2007
  17. 17. Culture as Catalyst DAY Pottstown – Montgomery County • Village Productions, a regional theater, purchased a former furniture store with help from the Pottstown Industrial Development Corporation
  18. 18. Culture as Catalyst DAY Architect’s rendering of the future Tri-County Performing Arts Center
  19. 19. Culture as Catalyst DAY The Cultural Alliance’s planning and policy work has expanded over the past five years. Common characteristics of… Local government recognizes the potential of arts- based revitalization • Artists/ arts organization actively engaged, • Private sector is interested in incorporating the arts into development
  20. 20. Culture as Catalyst DAY Phoenixville Chester Pottstown New Hope Lansdale Norristown, Lansdowne Local Arts Councils forming GBCA – MAC – ACCBC – NPRAC Festivals – Monthly events - First, second, thirds
  21. 21. Culture as Catalyst DAY Using the Creative Sector to in economic and community development: • Identify public policy goals – • Improve business district • Improve community image • Increase population • Increase tax base • Provide entertainment for the community • Use existing cultural resources to attract more businesses, tourists, patrons, customers • Use incentives to draw elements of the creative sector to the community to provide creative sector jobs and bring ancillary businesses along. • Identify policy tools available and create a plan • Working together, regional thinking will provide strength
  22. 22. Culture as Catalyst DAY “Cultural development and economic development…share one salient characteristic…they are both in the business of making reality rather than accepting reality.” --- Joseph Thompson -Founding Director of MASS MoCA
  23. 23. Culture as Catalyst DAY
  24. 24. Culture as Catalyst DAY