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A Bond Salesman


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Principles for bond salesmen from the 1920's...

Published in: Economy & Finance, Technology
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A Bond Salesman

  1. 1. A Bond Salesman’s Code To work hard every waking hour – principally from the chin up. To consider no deal a good deal unless both parties benefit. To be honest with myself, my house and the public-not as a matter of policy but as a matter of principle. To be prepared to make some mistakes, but always errors of the head, never of the heart- and never the same mistake twice. To acknowledge no aristocracy savethat of intelligence. To realize after all, the best definition of the word ‘gentleman’ is – a gentle man. To be earnest but not insistent, enthusiastic but not inaccurate, interested in others but not inquisitive, self-confident but not self-conscious, dignified but not oppressive-in short to cultivate the knowledge of the true values in human relationship as in all other things. To believe loyally and implicitly in my house, its securities, its ideas, and its ideals and to strive at all times to be truly its representative. Source: Townsend, ‘Bond Salesmanship’, 1924