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Imagine your way to better empathy


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We all agree empathy is essential for professional success. But how do we get better at it? I reckon if you develop your imagination by reading novels and empathy will follow!

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Imagine your way to better empathy

  1. 1. Imagine your way to better empathy Elle Geraghty @ellengeraghty
  2. 2. Empathy @ellengeraghty
  3. 3. Sympathy @ellengeraghty
  4. 4. Pity @ellengeraghty
  5. 5. Compassion @ellengeraghty
  6. 6. Agreement @ellengeraghty
  7. 7. “Not about the kind of empathy where you feel the same emotions as another person. It’s about understanding how another person thinks—what’s going on inside her head and heart. And most importantly, it’s about acknowledging her reasoning and emotions as valid, even if they differ from your own understanding” Indi Young
  8. 8. Imagination Pity Sympathy Agreement Compassion athy Coming to grips with empathy @ellengeraghty
  9. 9. Imagination @ellengeraghty
  10. 10. Pity Empathy Imagination @ellengeraghty
  11. 11. Pity Imagination Empathy @ellengeraghty
  12. 12. A reading list for imagination @ellengeraghty
  13. 13. Read more Imagine more Increase your empathy A road map for empathy @ellengeraghty
  14. 14. Imagine your way to better empathy Elle Geraghty @ellengeraghty
  15. 15. Questions