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Elle Geraghty UX Australia 2019 - 7 big content problems


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Over 15 years as a content strategist Elle Geraghty has identified seven core problems that prevent organisations from nailing their content experience. This presentation outlines those problems plus concrete examples of how you can start to tackle them.

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Elle Geraghty UX Australia 2019 - 7 big content problems

  1. 1. 7BIGthe with elle geraghty digital content problems BUST
  2. 2. @ellengeraghty What is content ?
  3. 3. Elle Geraghty Content Strategy@ellengeraghty Content people are … PhotographersVideographersIllustrators Artists Content designers Content writers Longform writers Journalists Analysts Technical writers Sound 
 designers Information architects Directors Producers Copywriters Editors Game designers Strategists 3
  4. 4. @ellengeraghty Why is content important?
  5. 5. @ellengeraghty “Content provides information about the world around us. It defines, describes, discusses, and debates things and ideas. Concepts. People. Places. Objects. It furnishes us with facts.” MIKE ATHERTON + CARRIE HANE
  6. 6. @ellengeraghty It costs 10 x as much to provide service via call centre as it does via digital. GOV.UK
  7. 7. @ellengeraghty Bust 7 big content problems
  8. 8. @ellengeraghty Audience Not knowing who your audience is or what they are trying to do.
  9. 9. @ellengeraghty Audience Gerry McGovern - Top Tasks Ida Aalen - Core Model 1 2
  10. 10. @ellengeraghty “Top tasks are what matter most to your customers. By identifying and continuously improving top tasks you will deliver a better customer experience and increased organizational value.” GERRY MCGOVERN TOP TASKS
  11. 11. @ellengeraghty Business strategy Not knowing what your key strategic pillars are or how to support them digitally.
  12. 12. @ellengeraghty Business strategy Elle Geraghty - Business strategy for content strategy 1
  13. 13. @ellengeraghty “Your content strategy should ladder up into your business strategy. The degree to which this is necessary depends on your circumstances. You will want to experiment with the level of granularity you can directly support in that strategy.” ELLE GERAGHTY CONTENT STRATEGY
  14. 14. @ellengeraghty Team Not having the right people on the team with the right skills. 
  15. 15. @ellengeraghty Team Padma Gillen Lead with Content 1
  16. 16. @ellengeraghty “In short, ‘governance’ means who can say no to whom, and when they get to say it. Getting your governance right can make or break your website or digital service. It’s very important.” PADMA GILLEN LEAD WITH CONTENT
  17. 17. @ellengeraghty Budget Not giving yourself enough money or time to craft and manage meaningful content.
  18. 18. @ellengeraghty Budget Content cost calculator - Liam King 1
  19. 19. @ellengeraghty If our community fails to recognize, divide, and conquer the multiple roles associated with planning for, creating, publishing, and governing content, we’ll keep underestimating the time, budget, and expertise it takes to do content right. KRISTINA HALVORSON BRAIN TRAFFIC
  20. 20. @ellengeraghty Content Not knowing what content you have, who owns it, or whether it’s any good.
  21. 21. @ellengeraghty Content Screaming frog Audit template - Meghan Casey 1 2
  22. 22. @ellengeraghty “I almost always find links to or website address for websites, references, apps or social media accounts that I did not know existed” MEGHAN CASEY
  23. 23. @ellengeraghty Measurement Not knowing what you want your content to do and if it is doing it
  24. 24. @ellengeraghty Measurement DTA - content strategy guide Google Analytics academy 1 2
  25. 25. @ellengeraghty “There are a lot of analytics you can use. It is better to measure less metrics but measure them consistently and analyse them. You will gain valuable insights by monitoring change over time.” DTA - CONTENT STRATEGY GUIDE
  26. 26. @ellengeraghty Technology Not understanding how technology is relevant - or not - to your project.
  27. 27. @ellengeraghty Technology DTA - content strategy guide Content Strategy for Mobile Designing connected content 1 2 3
  28. 28. @ellengeraghty “There is no point debating the merits of the container (platform) if you don't know what you want to put into it. Or if you don’t have a funnel” KAREN McGRANE BOND ART + SCIENCE
  29. 29. @ellengeraghty “The CMS you use should also be in alignment with your content strategy. Get clear on your requirements before you choose a CMS.” DTA - CONTENT STRATEGY GUIDE
  30. 30. @ellengeraghty TechnologyTeam Content MeasurementBudgetStrategyAudience 7 BIG CONTENT PROBLEMS HUMAN SKILLS
  31. 31. @ellengeraghty What is content strategy?
  32. 32. @ellengeraghty Content strategy is a practice with the objective of planning, managing, organising, and measuring digital content that meets both the needs of users and business. 32 This practice can be applied to websites, content ecosystems, social media and more. It combines approaches from strategic design, project management and design thinking.
  33. 33. @ellengeraghty Books and links Links • Top tasks - • Core model - • Strategy mapping - strategy • DTA content strategy guide - • Content cost calculator - • Lead with content ebook - • Google analytics academy - • Screaming frog - Books • The content strategy toolkit - Meghan Casey • Content strategy for the web - Kristina Halvorson and Melissa Rach • Designing connected content- Make Atherton and Carrie Hane • Content strategy for mobile - Karen McGrane
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