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Shopper marketing workshops


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workshop training programme

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Shopper marketing workshops

  1. 1. Learn the latest thinking in shopper marketing and how to apply this new approach Shopper marketing in six steps WORKSHOPS What’s changed? 1 2 3 4 70% of all purchase decisions are made at point of purchase? Social media has empowered Marketing and communications agencies are in turmoil as they’ve seen the consumer shopper marketing spend move from ‘above the line’ to in-store (shopper Shopper marketing has taken centre stage Advertising + distribution = powerful brands, less relevant marketing). New skills and knowledge is required, previously the domain of retail marketers. The shopper is now the center of attention, along with PoP (point of purchase) and the elusive ‘moment of truth’. Shopper marketing is a new area for most brand marketers and as such, there is relatively little knowledge and experience, as this new discipline The shopper has gone online evolves. There’s also misrepresentations and sweeping statements and mobile purveying the trade, such as ‘70% of all purchase decisions are made at point of purchase’. Our experience is this is not entirely true. From our own research, we know this can vary greatly by category and the effect of ATL is still very much alive and kicking, albeit in a different form and effect.
  2. 2. 2 1 Designed as easy to follow workshop modules, with discussion points and practical exercises THE WORKSHOPS ŒWhat is shopper marketing all about? The first module covers the great behaviours are synonymous with natural human factors. This demonstrates how and why these two factors are the basis of good shopper marketing. changes and drivers behind the Learn the latest thinking in shopper marketing and how to apply this new approach trade and how and why this has evolved into shopper marketing. The retailer Understanding the needs and approach of the retailer is critical for any brand’s success. ŽShopper versus consumer Great shopper marketing How to achieve effective shopper Explores how and why shoppers differ from consumers and how to market to them. Who is the new marketing. Looks at strategies and tactics and explores how to apply them to your category. ‘prosumer’? Contact: Michael Fodor Radius EMEA 238 St John Street | London EC1V 4PH | United Kingdom Tel +44 (0) 203 130 0713 Shopper ergonomics and behaviour ‘Shopper research: the first step What are the best tools to employ This is a set of two interrelated modules where ergonomics and and how to go about it? This gives advice and what not to do.