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2015 01 godan_wageningen_gacs


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Presentation of the Global Agriculture Concept Scheme (GACS) project during the GODAN meeting in Wageningen (NL), January 20, 2015.

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2015 01 godan_wageningen_gacs

  1. 1. The GACS Project Semantics for Open Data Caterina Caracciolo FAO
  2. 2. GACS?? = Global Agriculture Concept Scheme • To make a common repository of terminological and conceptual information in agriculture • To achieve efficiency of scale by maintaining core concepts in cooperation
  3. 3. How global?
  4. 4. Why should all this be interesting? #1 Vocabularies are used in concrete applications to describe datasets, pieces of data
  5. 5. Why should all this be interesting? #2 Both vocabularies and data can be linked -> more data getting closer to grasp – E.g. AGROVOC linked to 16, EUROVOC, GEMET, GeoNames, Wikipedia, LCSH, ...
  6. 6. Estimated overlap between AGROVOC, NALT, CABT
  7. 7. Where are we now? • First prototype, Alpha 1, internal • Formed by mapping a core of 10,000 concepts from each vocabulary – Info from matched concepts is aggregated – only Only exact match considered • Result: ~ 15,000 concepts, ~ 400,000 terms
  8. 8. GACS Demo Alpha
  9. 9. Highlights • Temporary URIs now • All RDF-SKOS • SKOSMOS for visualization • VocBench for data maintenance
  10. 10. Something to consider...
  11. 11. Different in concept granularity AGROVOC: [animal oil], [animal fats] NALT: [animal fats and oils]
  12. 12. Modelling • Common names and scientific names are different things? Or different names for the same things? • E.g. Salmo salar, salmo carpio, salmo ferox - salmon
  13. 13. References • Reports from GACS: /phase-one-gacs-approved-read-reports • To follow progress, check out and subscribe to the user communit