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Small Planet Studio Vision for 2020


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Our vision, words, and an invitation to you for the upcoming year.

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Small Planet Studio Vision for 2020

  1. 1. 2020 Vision SmallPlanetStudio
  2. 2. I'm sharing this because I'd love for YOU to be part our vision and growth! 2020Vision-SmallPlanetStudio
  3. 3. We help returnees transform the dreaded return "home" into a positive “Forward Launch." AboutSPS 2020Vision-SmallPlanetStudio
  4. 4. We attract reflective global go-getters who have a hunger for travel and adventure, and a thirst for meaning and connection. 2020Vision-SmallPlanetStudio
  5. 5. 2020Vision-SmallPlanetStudio We're known for our "Forward Launch" approach to re-entry, as well as our process for turning the core challenges of re-entry into positive growth and significant personal transformation.
  6. 6. WhereWeAreNow 2020Vision-SmallPlanetStudio
  7. 7. Nearly 1000 copies sold to returnees around the world Re-entryRoadmapWorkbook 2020Vision-SmallPlanetStudio
  8. 8. Re-entryRoadmapMastermind We've led 5 groups 2020Vision-SmallPlanetStudio
  9. 9. Over 3700 downloads "ArrivingWell"KindleBookAnthology 2020Vision-SmallPlanetStudio
  10. 10. StudyAbroadRe-entryToolkit Used by 25+ universities and organizations in the US, Canada, Central America, New Zealand & Europe 2020Vision-SmallPlanetStudio
  11. 11. CustomRe-entryWorkshops&Programs More & more requests coming in! 2020Vision-SmallPlanetStudio
  12. 12. Podcasts,Articles&Conferences I've written numerous guest blog & academic articles, been a guest on several podcasts, and presented at conferences. SPS is being mentioned more frequently as the go-to re-entry resource! 2020Vision-SmallPlanetStudio
  13. 13. Events&Webinars We've attracted thousands of participants to 3 major online summits and several webinars. 2020Vision-SmallPlanetStudio
  14. 14. for 2020 2020Vision-SmallPlanetStudio Vision,Words&Invitation
  15. 15. Vision: Be the "Go To" Resource & Community for returnees and those who work with returnees 2020Vision-SmallPlanetStudio
  16. 16. Wordsfor2020: 2020Vision-SmallPlanetStudio Community Connection Leadership 1. 2. 3.
  17. 17. Community1. Returnees tell us they crave community & connection with other returnees. Goal: Create a feeling of community, conneciton & belonging in our Facebook group, so returnees feel "fueled up" and ready to continue with their Forward Launch. 2020Vision-SmallPlanetStudio
  18. 18. 2.Connection We seek to share our Forward Launch approach with more returnees (and those who work with returnees). 2020Vision-SmallPlanetStudio Goal: Be a guest on more podcasts and increase book reviews and referrals.
  19. 19. 3.Leadership Our goal is to be known as the go-to resource for re-entry and be seen as a leader in the field. 2020Vision-SmallPlanetStudio
  20. 20. Invitation We invite YOU to be part of our 2020 vision and growth! More on that soon! For now, be sure to join our Facebook group & monthly newsletter list. 2020Vision-SmallPlanetStudio