Sunteck Shipper Presentation March 2012


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Sunteck Shipper Presentation March 2012

  1. 1. Partnering With Sunteck Is Smart BusinessSunteck Transport Group – 6413 Congress Avenue, Suite 260 –Text Raton, FL 33487 – Address Boca Address Text
  2. 2. Mission, Vision, Future Our Mission Suntecks mission is to provide the highest quality of customer service and care delivered with unparalleled professionalism and company spirit. Sunteck strives to continuously leverage technology with industry best practices to create a better business model for agents, customers and employees. Our Vision Sunteck places special emphasis on the need for dynamic and responsible innovation that generates lasting growth and improvement in business partnerships. The key missions of management, at all levels, include developing and encouraging creativity and originality in all its aspects of our business Ideas that support or direct Sunteck’s strategy receive the business. Sunteck s resources for implementation. Our Future Sunteck’s future success depends on our ability to respond to the continuous evolution of p y p product movement patterns and models, advances in technology, and strong partnerships. Our customers’ transportation management teams are challenged each day to answer increased demands and manage unique variables. We work closely with our customers to develop supply-chain and transportation management processes that are faster, more efficient and highly cost-effective. Address Text
  3. 3. Strong Management Team • Harry Wachtel • Warren Cohen Chairman & CEO Vice President Distribution & Logistics g With Sunteck since 1997 Responsible for developing Sunteck’s • Mike Williams 3PL operations Joined Sunteck in 2008 (13 years President & COO transportation & logistics experience) With Sunteck since 2007 • Greg F chs Fuchs • Bill Wunderlich Director, Accounting & Financial Services CFO Responsible for back office, including With Sunteck since 2000 billing, carrier payables, credit, collections • Mark Weiss Joined Sunteck in 2012 (32 years ( y Executive Vice President financial and logistics experience) Responsible for agent service and • Russ Dixon network operations Director, Corporate Marketing & With Sunteck since 1997 Communications • David Less Responsible for all corporate marketing and communications and sales support Vice President & CIO Joined Sunteck in 2008 (34 years Joined Sunteck in 2008 (23 years IT logistics, transportation and marketing experience) experience) Address Text
  4. 4. Superior Service & Access To Capacity • Shippers can choose from a • Connectivity across the U.S. and ba a ced portfolio of balanced po t o o o Canada by a network of agents and transportation and logistics independent branch offices services: • Philosophy of customer service excellence shared by all business Full Truckload partners Dry van Refrigerated • Ability to continuously react to changing market conditions and Flatbed evolving customer needs through its Less than Truckload brokerage operations b k i Intermodal • Fully staffed carrier relations Expedited department, agreements with a full Oversize, Over-dimensional Oversize Over dimensional complement of diversified carriers Distribution & Logistics – Last Mile, Pool Distribution, • Technology to achieve optimization, integration and visibility through the Reverse Logistics and White supply chain; our offices focus on a Glove Service diverse range of market sectors di f k t t Address Text
  5. 5. Growth & Financial Stability • Organization where entrepreneurship is the cornerstone to conducting business Revenue (000) -- 2000 thru 2011 $350,000 • Financially secure business partner $300,000 Solid annual revenue $250,000 growth $200,000 • $320 million in 2011 $ $150,000 $150 000 • Up 15% over 2010, $100,000 and 73% over 2009 $50,000 Wholly owned subsidiary of AutoInfo Inc AutoInfo, Inc. $0 2000 2001 2002 2003 2004 2005 2006 2007 2008 2009 2010 2011 Publicly traded (OTC BB: AUTO.OB) Address Text
  6. 6. Third Party Endorsements • Service levels that meet or exceed all accepted industry standards • Member EPA SmartWay Partnership; certified with highest score possible • Performance-Certified by Transportation Intermediaries Association • Internet Truck Stop Diamond Broker • Top 10 brokerage firm (Transport Topics) • Top 100 3PL (Food Logistics) • Top 150 Florida Public Company (Florida Trend) • “Sunteck has a success plan for difficult times” – Inbound Logistics • “Sunteck “S t k masters the agent model” – t th t d l” Armstrong & Associates Address Text
  7. 7. Industry Diversification • Farming, Mining & Construction (SIC 01-19) = 3% • Manufacturing (SIC 20-39) = 57% • Transportation & Communications (SIC 40-49) = 5% • Wholesale (SIC 50 & 51) = 18% • Retail (SIC 52-59) = 11% • Government & Other (SIC 60-99) = 6% Address Text
  8. 8. Customer Specialization • Manufacturing is Sunteck’s largest sector at 57% of total revenue • Within manufacturing, the largest customer groups that Sunteck provides services to include: Food & Grocery (SIC 20) = 30% Chemicals (SIC 28) = 14% Publishing Printing P bli hi & P i ti (SIC 27) = 14% Rubber & Plastics (SIC 30) = 5% Textiles (SIC 22) = 5% Address Text
  9. 9. Access To All Major Surface Modes Last year, Sunteck moved more than 130,000 dry van, reefer, y y intermodal, flatbed, heavy haul and LTL transactions Address Text
  10. 10. Wide Geographic Coverage Address Text
  11. 11. Numbers Address Text
  12. 12. Broker Authority & Insurance Address Text
  13. 13. Primary Truck Brokers Liability Insurance • All shipments moved by Sunteck are covered by a $2 million Primary Truck Broker Liability Insurance (PTBLI) policy. It covers our use of non- uc o e ab ty su a ce ( ) po cy t co e s ou o o owned, hired motor vehicles to move brokered freight. • PTBLI is a significant addition to our risk management strategy. It covers losses (personal injury and property casualty) that occur involving a Sunteck-brokered motor carrier dispatched on a load by a Sunteck independent agent. • For shippers concerned about risk management, the addition of this policy provides another layer of protection between the plaintiff and the shipper when a brokered load gets involved in a major accident resulting in a lawsuit. • As a Top 10 freight broker, we believe it is essential to protect ourselves, our agents and, ultimately, our customers in this manner. We believe our customers will see our commitment to financial responsibility as a reason to do business with Sunteck. Address Text
  14. 14. Quality Recognition Program For Carriers • Now in its fourth year, Q-Star is Sunteck’s initiative for improved motor carrier quality performance performance. • For carriers to be considered for inclusion in the program, they must meet several criteria: Moving freight for Sunteck on a regular basis Have maintained a satisfactory DOT safety record Have active operating authority and insurance permits in place Have no unresolved or delinquent claims with Sunteck Have current broker agreements on file and have received no negative performance reports. • Carriers will remain as Q-Star preferred service providers as long as they maintain the standards set by the program. Additional carriers are added each quarter. • Key benefit to the carrier is they are the only transportation providers granted access to Sunteck’s live carrier load board. These carriers are given an ID and password to gain visibility to all loads that Sunteck is moving, not just those loads that may be posted on the commercial load boards. This access allows Q-Star carriers to bid on loads before they become more widely available for transport. Address Text
  15. 15. What Sets Sunteck Apart• Top 10 Brokerage Firm (Transport Topics) There are 10,000 brokers in the U.S. and Sunteck is one the 10 largest by 2011 revenue• Member EPA SmartWay Partnership with highest possible score Less than 15% of the EPA’s transport partners are brokers• Top 100 3PL (Food Logistics Magazine) One of the few brokers that have food/grocery expertise to be categorized a leader by Food Logistics• Risk Management Insurance that meets or exceeds industry requirements (Sunteck provides $500,000 in Contingent Cargo instead of $100,000) Primary Truck Broker Liability Insurance -- $2 Million policy – less than 10% of brokers have this coverage• Balanced portfolio of services (dry van, reefer, flatbed, LTL, intermodal, expedited, distribution & logistics), market sectors and customer types Some brokers focus on certain modes or traffic lanes; Sunteck covers them all• Connectivity across the U.S. and Canada through a broad network of independent branch offices Sunteck h S t k has nearly 50 offices, so our agents have th resources to partner with other offices for large volume or spike l ffi t h the t t ith th ffi f l l ik movements• Surety Bond of $100,000 Performance-certified by Transportation Intermediaries Association at $100,000 (most brokers carry a $10,000 surety bond)• Proprietary technology to achieve optimization, integration and visibility through the supply chain We don’t use an off-the-shelf system; our software was developed in-house and enhancements are based on what our shippers and agents tell us are needed to continue providing top-shelf service Address Text