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  1. 1. Innovation meets inspiration
  2. 2. What are we doing? NextNexus, is just second billion dollar concept to connect Startup & developers with the product to Giant companies or a startup itself. Awesomness starts from the Next Page....
  3. 3. Problem? Lot's of startup operating in different countries, thousand of developers coming with a innovative application everyday. many of them “out of reach to other giant companies/startup” & developer doesnt know's where to pitch for acquisition of their product.
  4. 4. Mr.Zuckerberg made a synapse mp3 player & sold it to “Microsoft” for free. But, what If today my friend living in Ghana comes up with something more attractive & which is probably better than synapse mp3 player, he doesn't have any such place where he can grab companies attension to acquire his product. Zuck, theory!
  5. 5. How we understood this? Webportal of students pursuing Computer Science from Stanford university. Feross Aboukhadijeh Projects/Researches made till date A.I mp3 player Innovative Mail system Playdeal (AJAX GAME) IOS mobile app Their are thousands of students like Feross who has (n) number of projects made but these projects are actually out of reach of some giant companies/startup. Overview of all students from Stanford -:
  6. 6. Startup Factor Startup/Well established company looks to acquire other startup to make their product better but they dont have any such place to look for.
  7. 7. Millions of startups operating in different countries with huge number of users but these are actually out of the reach of 'other companies' who are seeking to acquire . Millions of user using “awesome product” as service in their day to day life. Neitherland Wollongong Bangladesh Munich Cologne Helsinki Samsun Kesan Wellington etc........ Startup based on Places Startup Factor
  8. 8. Solution .NextNexus, will be a platform where giant companies or a startup can acquire other company or a product directly from developer from anywhere around the world. . Startups will put themselves online on NextNexus to get acquired by any other giant company or a startup itself. . Developers will put their developed products online on NextNexus to get acquired of their product by a well established company or a startup. . Acquiring Companies will also be able to review the number of punches & hits the startup gets on NextNexus by other developers & startups registerd on NextNexus. Its we at backend
  9. 9. User & Customer Acquisition stratgey We are going to provide a free trail solution for the first (3) months after we launch to any giant company or a startup connecting them directly with us to acquire any other startup or developers product. & in that crusial (3) months we will be organising tech talks, tech shows in different universities to get known by others because most of the projects comes from students & its also the hub of the future tech entreprenures. Initially ,we will be conecting some huge potential startups directly with us to get acquired by a different company on our network with our concept(we already have a list prepared for this). Founders directly talking to Companies who will be our valuable Customers.
  10. 10. Business model Company connecting with us to acquire other startup or developer product with our network/concept will pay us $100 on monthly subscription basis. We will be charging 3% from the acquired startup or from developer upon their product or startup acquisition. . . . (based upon monthly subscription) . We will be first targeting the USA/Canada market for first 6 to 7 months & then dart the rest . At 25000 customers & 1.1m userbase our projected revenue is ~2.5 million . Any company or developer seeking for acquisition will join NextNexus for free. .
  11. 11. Wizard 2007 1 2009 1 2010 7 2011 10 2012 9 2013 3 Facebook acquisition. Google acquisition. 2001 2 2002 ----- 2003 6 2004 5 2005 10 2006 10 2007 15 2008 1 2009 6 2010 25 2011 26 2012 10 2013 7 There were some startups too acquiring other startup in past year. ie-> Readyforce, Onesheet etc... Companies keep on acquiring products, startup to make their product better integrating them. Thousands, of acquisition are done on yearly basis in every sector.
  12. 12. James Salvet, Greylock ventures We are building a marketplace which can be turned as the next billion dollar company thats what is said by James Salvet from Greylock Ventures in his article. "The Surest Way To Build A Billion-Dollar Internet Company" where he says 'a company that connects buyers and sellers so they can more efficiently transact' can be the next billion dollar company. And thats what we are doing we are connecting buyers as the (giant companies & startups) & sellers as the (developers & startups) with a new easy concept. James Salvet Greylock Ventures
  13. 13. Companies Prespective Any 'startup/company' can shoot a proposal to get acquired by any other giant company or a startup on our network & the craziest thing is its not necessary to be from the tech sector. Companies will have a platform where they can acquire other startup & integrate with their product. Companies can acquire developer's product on our network & can launch them with their copyright trademark in market. We are making every startup & developers connected with each other with a new exciting concept.
  14. 14. Our Team Pranav Mishra Everywhere AAron Freak Yash Coder Anant Backend Saras Business Nawaz Insane OurteamConsistOf2Founders&4coreteammemberincludingFounders.
  15. 15. Expansion According to our plan we will be setting up our first office in Los Angeles because it would cost us less than SFO . We would also hire some Gem people after we grow about 7 to 8 months in two departments. Product Manger Marketing We our working more on this to create a good impact after we launch . Initially we would also be partnering with 'Anymeeting Inc.' operating in Orange County in Southern California so that companies can have video interaction with the team of intrested startup or developer at the same time Founded by Costin Tuculescu .
  16. 16. Thankyou “We have got that perfect combination of “potential + confidence” to make 'thenextbigthing' , we just need a hammer to hit & make that big change.” CEO → pranavmishra (x) rocketmail (y) ;whereas x = @ & y = .com This could be start of something awesome! Status-: “We have our prototype built & designs for our betapage is almost done.” to have a look mail us-: