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Journal and Notes


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Journal and Notes

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Journal and Notes

  1. 1. ® ®Microsoft Outlook 2010 TrainingJournal and Notes NaveenKumar Namachivayam Founder - testTalk Academy
  2. 2. Course contents• Create a Note• Editing a Note• What is the Journal• Create a Journal Entry• Summary
  3. 3. Create a Note• Notes are the electronic equivalent of paper sticky notes. Use notes to jot down questions, ideas, reminders, and anything you would write on paper. You can leave notes open on the screen while you work.• This is convenient when you are using notes for saving information that you might need later, such as directions or text you want to reuse in other items or documents.• In Notes, on the Home tab, in the New group, click New Note.• Keyboard shortcut To create a note, press CTRL+SHIFT+N.• Type the text of the note. The note saves automatically.• To close the note, click the note icon in the upper-left corner of the note window, and then click Close.• Double click on the note to edit.
  4. 4. What is the Journal• Journal automatically records actions that you choose which relate to specific and puts the actions in a Timeline view• You can use Journal to track Microsoft Outlook items such as e-mail messages or meetings. It can also track other Microsoft Office files, such as Word documents or Excel workbooks.• Journal keeps a record of any interaction that you want to remember - even something that is not located on your computer, such as a phone conversation or a paper letter that you mailed or received.
  5. 5. Record items and files in Journal• Click the File tab.• Click Options.• Click Notes and Journal.• Click Journal Options.• In the Automatically record these items list, select the check boxes for the items that you want recorded automatically in Journal.• In the For these contacts list, select the check boxes for the contacts whose items you want recorded automatically.• In the Also record files from box, select the check boxes next to the programs from which you want to automatically record files in Journal
  6. 6. Record an Outlook item• manually From any module in Outlook, on the Home tab, in the New group, click New Items, point to Other, and then click Journal Entry.• In the Subject box, type a description.• In the Entry type box, click the type of journal entry that you are recording.• Select other options that you want.Record a file from outside of Outlook manually• Locate the file that you want to record. You can use Outlook, Windows Explorer or the desktop.• Drag the items to Journal.• Select the options that you want for the journal entry.
  7. 7. Summary•Create a Note•Editing a Note•What is the Journal•Create a Journal Entry