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Fun WTO intro for class of students studying international relations. Used videos for slides on "criticism".

Presentation time: 20minutes

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Miello WTO Presentation

  1. 1. WTO: decision-making and conflicts Mikey, WTO guru
  2. 2. What’s this WTO ?? world travelers org DUH!! world trade organization
  3. 3. Turn back the clock 1940s 50s 60s 70-80s 90s GATT 23 Kennedy countries Tokyo Doha US refuse ITO WTO charter Uruguay tariffs only diversifying
  4. 4. Turn back the clock Disco Inferno! 1940s 50s 60s 70-80s 90s GATT 23 Kennedy countries Tokyo Doha US refuse ITO WTO charter Uruguay tariffs only diversifying
  5. 5. WTO Headquarters 151 countries Forum Administering Training Monitoring Cooperation Handling Head: Pascal Lamy (Director-General)
  6. 6. Ministerial Conference zzz.... General Council meeting as General Council meeting as Dispute Settlement General Council Trade Policy Review Body Body Appellate Body Dispute Settlement panels Committees on Council for Council for Council for Trade and Environment Trade and Development Trade in Goods Trade-Related Aspects Trade in Services Subcommittee on Least- of Intellectual Developed Countries Property Rights Regional Trade Agreements Balance of Payments Committees on Committees on Restrictions Market Access Trade in Financial Services Budget, Finance and Agriculture Specific Commitments Administration Sanitary and Phytosanitary Measures Working parties on Working parties on Technical Barriers to Trade Domestic Regulation Accession Subsidies and Countervailing GATS Rules Working groups on Measures Trade, debt and finance Anti-Dumping Practices Plurilaterals Trade and technology Customs Valuation Trade in Civil Aircraft Committee transfer Rules of Origin Government Procurement Committee (Inactive: Import Licensing (Relationship between Trade-Related Investment Trade and Investment Measures (Interaction between Safeguards Doha Development Agenda: Trade and Competition TNC and its bodies Policy Working party on State-Trading Enterprises (Transparency in Trade Negotiations Government Procurement) Committee Special Sessions of Services Council / TRIPS Council / Dispute Settlement Body / Agriculture Committee and Cotton Sub- Committee / Trade and Development Committee / Trade and Environment Committee Plurilateral Information Technology Agreement Negotiating groups on Committee Market Access / Rules / Trade Facilitation
  7. 7. Liberalize trade
  8. 8. Success stories Expanded trade: 14 times Exports 1950s: 8% world production today: 26% liberalized trade providing more annual growth
  9. 9. Criticisms Riots in major cities 100s of 1000s protesting Chaos
  10. 10. Criticisms Riots in major cities 100s of 1000s protesting Chaos
  11. 11. Criticisms
  12. 12. Criticisms
  13. 13. Doha Dev Agenda globalization Discrimination Squeezing restricting policy space for DCs domestic interventions Anti-dumping / Protection Transparency / Putting up the curtain
  14. 14. Case Studies • Agriculture - Ghana Tomato • Indian Patents - medicines • Guatemala baby formula
  15. 15. Pacts Equal? Big blocks EU, NAFTA Interests groups: C-4, Cairns Group Outsourcing Pact - India Bilateral agreements - Saudi w/7 nations
  16. 16. Recap Fears Developed World Underdeveloped World Outsourcing Unfair playground National security Exploitation Inability to develop
  17. 17. conclusion quot;As we say in trade negotiations, whenever an agreement manages to draw criticism from all countries, it means that it is a good agreement.quot; -Pascal Lamy