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Drone Racing League, Netherlands: Seeking sponsors

FlyingMikes wants to offer a safe and exciting indoor drone racing environment. A drone racing league. A place where kids and adults can learn about drone technology and feel firsthand the excitement they bring.

We educate and entertain within a controlled environment.

To do this properly, to do this BIG, we are looking for partners that can help us to deliver an unforgettable event.

If this sounds interesting, please get in touch: Twitter @flyingmikes

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Drone Racing League, Netherlands: Seeking sponsors

  1. 1. Drone Racing League The Netherlands’ first racing league for drones Seeking sponsorship for an historic event proposal by
  2. 2. 2 To entertain and educate people about UAS (Unmanned Aerial System) technology so that this technology will be embraced and developed to better serve our communities Vision and Mission In a nutshell: to make drones fun! To Educate To  demonstrate  the  innova/ve   powers  of  drone  technology To Inspire To  provide  a  safe  environment   where  crea/ve  ideas  can  be   explored To Entertain To  provide  people  with  an   exci/ng  new  racing  experience
  3. 3. Mike “Vapor” Cer/fied  drone  pilot,  Dutch  togue 3 We are skilled pilots and marketers trying to erase the negative press of drones and focus on the positive upsides that they can bring to our communities About Flying Mikes Sidenote:  you  don’t  have   to  be  a  Mike  to  be  part  of   Flying  Mikes Mike “Marshmallow” Project  finder Vicky “Foodie” Marke/ng Mike “honey badger” Cer/fied  drone  pilot,  video  editor
  4. 4. 4 To organize the first official indoor drone racing event in The Netherlands. (September timeline) Formula 1 exists for cars. Redbull hosts flying circuits. Drone pilots need their own league, their own environment to fly. A safe and regulated place to fly competitively does not exist. We are building it First Race Objective 20 pilots racing To  provide  pilots  from  all  over  the  Netherlands  with   a  safe,  fun  place  to  fly 100 excited spectators To  provide  a  unique  show  that  they   have  never  experienced Assess  league  feasibilityTo  test  the  market  and  see  if  there  is  a  desire  to   create  a  professional  drone  league Netherlands  visibilityTo  become  an  authority  on  drones  and  work  with   local  communi/es  to  understand  impacts
  5. 5. 5 It will be filled with advanced technology, bright colors, kids and loud sounds What it Could Look Like
  6. 6. 6 IDEAWe are seeking partnerships that can enjoy mutual benefits. We want to build a great race track and a memorable experience. For this to occur, we need partners that can help us financially and with prizes to help us deliver a full package of an event. Examples: banners, decorations, prizes, food, track materials. In exchange, we would allow company logos and marketing materials to have proper exposure throughout the event. (Financial  and  Prize  Giveaways) Seeking Sponsorship
  7. 7. Want to help and be part of history? Let’s connect Phone: 06 4 55 66 595 Email: