JFCS Winter Newsletter 2011


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JFCS Winter Newsletter 2011

  1. 1. Connections Providing care, help and healing to those in need Jewish Family & Children’s Service Winter 2012 • Volume 3 • Issue 2Planning for the FutureAt JFCS, Technology and Behavioral Health and Social Services Go Hand in Hand Knowledge is power. And few things empower the clinicians andstaff of Jewish Family & Children’s Service (JFCS) like technology. The Value of EHRsConsider this: Twelve years ago -- long before the healthcare laws When an upset client called after hours, the on-call clinician that are mandating eventual electronic medical usage --reviewed his chart. The client shared that he was upset JFCS already had seen the benefits. In fact, at theand had eaten a quart of ice cream. After reviewing the time, behavioral health wasn’t even incorporated intoclient’s electronic health record (EHR), the clinician EHR systems.noticed something the client didn’t share -- that he’s a “We saw what was coming,” says Linda Scott,fragile diabetic. MSW, Vice President of Child & Family Solutions at As a result of the EHR and the ability to quickly JFCS. “Our leadership said we were going toreference information electronically, the on-call clinician need an electronic health system.”knew he wasn’t just dealing with an upset The organization ultimately found aclient who needed counseling. Rather, he had system it could customize to include behaviorala life-threatening situation on his hands. health and social services, and today, Electronic health records are just JFCS uses this system to track all of itsone way JFCS is innovating the way behavioral and social services clients.technology can be used to better “The entire record of a person isserve the community. in this system,” Scott says. “It can “Our agency is a leader on the be sent to other providers. It hascutting edge of technology -- the the advantage of being legible bycutting edge of how to use everyone who touches it, unliketechnology,” says Michael R. handwritten medical records. AndZent, Ph.D., President and we’re about to embark onCEO of JFCS. “For us to stay electronic prescription and labin this business, we have to orders, so those exchanges will happenstay up on trends. Drivers behind electronically as well.”technology include the need for JFCS also sees a benefit in using EHRsgreater efficiencies and to bring together a person’s medical historyenhanced coordination of with his or her behavioral health history.care as well as a desire to get Planning for the Future continued on page 4services closer to the individual Yesmina Puckett,rather than in a traditional JFCS Youth in Transition Facilitatoroffice setting.” Over the years, JFCS IN THIS ISSUEhas invested in informationtechnology and sought Letter from the President & CEO ...... 2innovative ways to Spotlight .......................................... 3incorporate technology into Cover Story Continued..................... 4behavioral health and social Donors............................................. 6services -- putting JFCS at the News Briefs ...................................... 7forefront of its field. Events .............................................. 8 Jewish Family & Children’s Service • 4747 N. 7th Street • Suite 100 • Phoenix, Arizona 85014 • (602) 279-7655 • www.jfcsaz.org 1
  2. 2. Technology Puts JFCS on Leading EdgeJFCS Leadership and Governance BoardRick Naimark, ChairmanRobert Carr, Vice ChairmanLeesa Berens Weisz, Secretary When you think about behavioral health and social services, youSteven Friedman probably do not envision technology being important. But at JFCS,Jerome GutkinMichael E. Johnson we have found that using technology in this high-touch sector isAndrew Pacheco essential to our success.Armando Roman You may also be surprised to learn that JFCS is on the leading edge of technology. TwelveCarol Seidberg years ago -- long before the healthcare bill mandated electronic health records (EHRs) -- thePaul Stander, M.D. leadership of JFCS saw the tremendous benefit that an EHR system could have on our agency.Immediate Past Chairman At the time we invested in our system, we could not find a suitable software company that hadRichard Gottlieb a product for behavioral health. We thought outside the box and purchased a system that couldEmeritus Board Member be easily customized to work for behavioral health, health and social services.Lenore Schupak Today, this electronic system is central to our efficiency -- helping clinicians communicate with one another, reducing administrative time, improving the coordination of care andExecutive Leadership TeamMichael R. Zent, Ph.D., President and CEO ultimately, leading to a better experience for our clients. As behavioral health and medicalMark Callesen, MD, Chief Medical Officer services are increasingly integrated, JFCS is well-positioned to continue to be a leader.Javier Favela, Chief Financial Officer The way we customized this system was so innovative that over the years, we have becomeCarol Felton, Executive Director of Human a resource for other nonprofit behavioral health and social services agencies -- both in a Resources consulting role to answer questions about the system and as an authorized seller of theFrank Jacobson, Vice President of Marketing product. Not only are we working to make this kind of software affordable for nonprofit & DevelopmentMartha Miller, Director of Compliance agencies that do important community work, but we also are creating a revenue stream toKevin Rhode, Director of Information help JFCS continue to serve its mission. Technology While our EHR system is central to the work we do, we also use technology in other ways --Ellie Schwartzberg, MC, Vice President enabling clinicians to work remotely, providing opportunities for video-conferencing to minimize of Older Adult Services & Jewish our clients’ drive time, and using text messaging as a valuable communication tool. Community ServicesLinda Scott, MSW, Vice President of Child & Our agency’s use of technology puts us on the leading edge, but more than that, we see a Family Solutions return on our technology investment. From reduced administrative time to literally saving lives,Mary Jo Whitfield, MSW, Vice President of technology enables our staff to do what they do best -- serve our community. I invite you to Behavioral Health read on to learn more about the ways JFCS is utilizing technology and the benefits we are reaping as a result, and as always, I thank you for your continued support of JFCS.JFCS Connections is published three times a yearby the Jewish Family & Children’s Service, 4747 N.7th St., Suite 100, Phoenix, AZ 85014.Contact Information Michael R. Zent, Ph.D., President & CEOJessica GreenMarketing & Development Coordinator(602) 567-8305 Rick Naimark (left),jessica.green@jfcsaz.org newly elected Governance Board Chair and Dick Gottlieb, immediate past Governance Board Chair, share a Accredited by the National Council on Accreditation moment at the of Services for Family and recent JFCS Family Children Friends of Distinction Holiday Reception. Primary partner of the Valley of the Sun United Way2 JFCS Connections • Winter 2012 • Volume 3 • Issue 2
  3. 3. text message Saves a LifeYouth in Transition Staff Members Save Teen from Suicide Just over a year ago, Mary Schraven, director of the Youth in Transition program at JFCS,received a text message she will never forget. It was a Friday night around 8:30 p.m. and shewas on a date. The text that came in was from Brian*, an 18-year-old young man who hadrecently aged out of the foster care system and had been referred to Youth in Transition, aprogram that helps teens and young adults transition to independence from group homeenvironments. Brian appeared to be doing very well, and he had just moved into a new place of his own.He had some ongoing issues with substance abuse, but none of his actions indicated a red flagfor suicide. “The text he sent was very specific,” Schraven said. “It said, ‘I can’t go on any more. I have enough medication to take and soon I’ll be sleeping withthe angels.’ At that point, I went into panic mode.” Schraven may think she panicked, but her quick thinkingsaved a young man’s life. She quickly mobilized her teamand was able to find out the team member that was closest toBrian’s home at the time. That person was immediately sentto his house because he had not responded to any of theirphone calls or texts. She also pulled up his Electronic MedicalRecord on her computer and was able to see the type ofmedication and quantity he had. When the JFCS staff member arrived, Brian was unconscious.Emergency responders transported him to the hospital, where hespent several days in Intensive Care. Schraven was there when hefirst woke up. He immediately started crying and felt guilty aboutwhat he had done. “I stayed there because I wanted him to know that there wassomeone who loved him,” Schraven said. Today, while he still battles substance abuse issues, Brian is thankfulto be alive. He has participated in a peer mentoring program andhas worked within the foster care system to serve others.*Name changed to protect privacy. Holiday Program a Success Approximately 100 JFCS families in need were sponsored this year for Christmas and Chanukah, as well as nearly 200 foster care teens! The generosity and thoughtfulness of our sponsors were overwhelming, as they brought loads of gifts for the families in need. Thank you to all of our holiday sponsors! Pictured here: Guests at It’s A Wrap! holiday luncheon at Ancala Country Club, in support of the annual JFCS Holiday Program. Jewish Family & Children’s Service • 4747 N. 7th Street • Suite 100 • Phoenix, Arizona 85014 • (602) 279-7655 • www.jfcsaz.org 3
  4. 4. Cover Story • Planning for the Future “JFCS’s leadership was visionary at the time -- recognizing that there was a need for a connection between medical and behavioral. That is a relatively new standard in healthcare,” Scott says. “One advantage is that if a client is receiving both behavioral health services and medical services, the primary care physician knows what behavioral health medications have been prescribed, for example. It enhances safety for the client, and that will get better and better as more pharmacies and doctors’ offices go electronic.” Technology on the Front Lines For a behavioral health and social services agency like JFCS, technology can improve efficiency of clinicians in the field. Using laptop computers, Scott explains, JFCS social workers and counselors can visit clients in their homes and take notes as needed. Then, they can log in to the JFCS system from anywhere and securely update a client’s electronic medical record. One interesting side benefit that Scott and her team are noticing is honesty from their clients. Return on “There’s a perception among some people that it’s Investment safer to tell the truth about their behaviors if they’re communicating over a computer screenAs a nonprofit, JFCS relies heavily on from the Mesa office to someone in the Glendaledonations -- and it’s essential that we office,” she says.maximize every dollar our donors gener- She also notes there’s an opportunity toously give us. That’s why we make sure include key family members or even a probationour technology investment brings us a officer in a family group session even if theyreturn. We see three key areas of return: can’t physically be in the office. “The possibilities are endless,” she says.1 Staff efficiency. By managing refer- And while some providers haven’t rals and prescriptions electronically, embraced text messaging, JFCS has seen administrative resources are used its value. more effectively. And for clinicians, “There are some clients who wouldn’t nothing takes longer in the EHR communicate with us any other way,” she system than it would on paper -- says. “And communication is at the heart and some things are even faster. of the service we provide.”2 Smarter decision-making. Using technology allows objective reporting Learn More! and data collection to drive decisions around budgets and program For more news and happenings planning. go to www.jfcsaz.org3 Improved client service. The EHR allows staff to look up charts quickly Youth in Transition staff working in the office and efficiently without wasting time hunting for paper documents. And when clinicians don’t have to read each other’s handwriting, time is saved -- and better service to our clients is provided.4 JFCS Connections • Winter 2012 • Volume 3 • Issue 2
  5. 5. On the Horizon Currently, clients can come into the Mesa office to videoconference with a clinician, nurse orpsychiatrist in the Glendale office. But that still means coming into an office. Some clients are along drive from even their closest JFCS location. “That’s why we are asking: How can we use technology to deliver care and services to aperson in their home or elsewhere?” Zent says. A good example, Scott says, is a wellness check. This is a simple check-in -- and doesn’talways have to require an in-person office visit. “We’re asking, ‘Do you feel better than yesterday?’” she explains. She adds that for people who are elderly or have disabilities, or those who have no car andaren’t near public transportation, the ability to provide services remotely will be useful. “We are changing the way people are thinking about our services,” Zent adds. “JFCS is ahuman service agency that is using technology smartly to increase the quality of service andcare we provide in our community.” Getting Creative About Revenue When JFCS was ready to purchase its licenses for an electronic health records (EHR) system, its leaders found that most systems did not include behavioral health. But it did find that one -- NextGen -- could be extensively customized. “One of the biggest deciding factors was that it gave us the tools to let us customize and tailor the EHR system to include behav- ioral health and social services,” says Javier Favela, BS, Chief Financial Officer at JFCS. “We were NextGen’s first behavioral health client.” Over the past 12 years, JFCS has cre- ated more than 500 different screen forms in the electronic system. As the managing partner of TOPAZ, a joint venture with ABC, another community nonprofit, it became an authorized reseller of NextGen, specializing in behavioral health. “One of the key mission elements was to see how we could make software afford- able to community-based nonprofit agen- cies,” says JFCS CEO Michael R. Zent, Ph.D. “That is still our vision. And to the extent that we are able to generate revenue, any funds we receive go back into serving our community.” Jewish Family & Children’s Service • 4747 N. 7th Street • Suite 100 • Phoenix, Arizona 85014 • (602) 279-7655 • www.jfcsaz.org 5
  6. 6. A Society of Special Friends ofSpecial Thanks Jewish Family & Children’s ServiceWe thank and recognize our most generous group of donors, our Family Friends of Distinction, who have made significant commitments toJFCS. Lifetime Membership is extended to individuals, corporations and foundations whose generosity over time reaches or exceeds $25,000while Annual Membership is extended to those who make a commitment of $1,000 or more annually.Family Friends of Distinction Family Patron Family Patron Susan and Paul Stander Gifts of $25,000+ Leesa and George WeiszLifetime Members Cumulative Gifts of $25,000 - $49,999 Barbara and Barry ZemelGifts through December 9, 2011 Child Abuse Prevention License Plate Acordia of Arizona ProgramFamily Pacesetter Arizona Foundation for Behavioral Health Cypress HomeCare Solutions/ Family Guardian Basic Needs Collaborative Gifts of $2,500+Cumulative Gifts of $500,000+ Sheldon R. Roth and Family Judy and Peter Brandeis Sue and David AdattoJ.E. & Z.B. Butler Foundation Janine and Mervyn Levin Cardinals Charities AG/FP VCC, LLCJewish Federation of Greater Phoenix Carol and Ken Seidberg Dorothy Silverman Rev. Trust AnonymousValley of the Sun United Way Trends Charitable Fund Corinne F. Ehrlich* Banner Good Samaritan Hospital Women’s Independence Scholarship Harriet and Richard Gottlieb The Birthday Club, ScottsdaleFamily Visionary Iva and Larry Hirsch Program, Inc. Blood SystemsCumulative Gifts of $250,000+ The Jonathan Dreier Foundation Cardinals CharitiesArizona Community Foundation Family Ambassador Chris Ridge Senior Living Community Lynn and Larry KahnArizona Republic/12 News Season for Sharing Gifts of $10,000+ Clark Hill PLC Harriet A. Lakin*DBL Distributing Leisure World Foundation of Arizona Inc. Anonymous Francine ColesJewish Community Foundation of Janine and Mervyn Levin Arizona Republic/12 News Season Coyotes Charities Greater Phoenix Buddie and Hank Levkoff* For Sharing Bernadette and Philip EvansLenore and Eugene* Schupak Betty and Newton* Rosenzweig Bank of America Charitable Foundation Meri and Steve Friedman Sheila Schwartz Cheryl and Robert Carr Anita and Jerome GutkinFamily Philanthropist Mary and Joel Shapiro Flex Print, Inc. Deana & Sheldon Katz Fund/Cumulative Gifts of $100,000+ Maria and Matthew Gerson Deana Katz Paula and Aaron ShermanAnonymous Edna and Arthur Sitelman Harriet and Richard Gottlieb Carol and Allan KernChild Abuse Prevention License Plate Program St. Joseph’s Hospital & Medical Center Meghan and Jerry Hirsch Helen and Edgar KorrickCindy Lubin and David Lorsch Sylvia F. Greenfield Trust Lynn and Larry Kahn Jack LindeCypress HomeCare Solutions/Sheldon Thunderbirds Charities Cindy Lubin and David Lorsch Lovitt & Touche, Inc. R. Roth & Family Trends Charitable Fund State of Arizona - Arizona Criminal Mercy Care PlanNina Mason Pulliam Charitable Trust Women’s Independence Scholarship Justice Commission Ester and Abraham OrlickAileen* and Meyer Osofsky Barbara and Barry Zemel Phoenix CoyotesRuth Pearson Family Benefactor Rich Goldman Asset ManagementCarol and Ken Seidberg/Seidberg Law Offices Gifts of $5,000+ Barbara and Irving RoussoBarbara and Robert Sweet Annual Membership Sally L. Appelbaum Salt River Project - SRPThe Virginia G. Piper Charitable Trust Gifts given December 15, 2010 through APS Rosebell Schurz December 15, 2011 Susan and Ronald Starkman City of GlendaleFamily Champion Cox Charities Verizon WirelessCumulative Gifts of $50,000+ Family Visionary William L. and Ruth T. Pendleton Flo and Paul Eckstein Gifts of $250,000+ Memorial FundBank of America Charitable Foundation Freeport-McMoRan Copper & Gold Valley of the Sun United WayDaron and Ron Barness FoundationCheryl and Robert Carr Harold & Jean Grossman Family Family Circle Family PhilanthropistCatholic Healthcare West Foundation Gifts of $1,000+ Gifts of $100,000+City of Glendale Iva and Larry Hirsch ABLE Financial Group Jewish Community Foundation ofEstate of E. Louise Gaudet In-n-Out Burger Foundation Judy Ackerman and Richard Epstein Greater PhoenixMarcia and Norman Goodman John C. Lincoln Health Foundation American Express Company Jewish Federation of Greater PhoenixHarold & Jean Grossman Family Foundation The Joseph & May Winston Foundation EmployeesThe Harry and Jeanette Weinberg Foundation Family Champion Alisa and Charles Jost American Express FoundationMeghan and Jerry Hirsch Esther and Robert Karatz Joe R. Ballard Gifts of $50,000+The Philip and Judith Hirsch Charitable Sheri and Thomas Levin Robert G. Begam Arizona Community Foundation Remainder Trust Lincoln Gives, John C. Lincoln Health Judith and Michael Bernstein The Philip and Judith Hirsch CharitableFran and Al Sachs Quality Care Network Carmela and Michael Blank Remainder TrustEstate of Dora Sovich David Resnick Estate of Rhoda Krasno Tannenbaum *Of blessed memoryState of Arizona - Arizona Criminal Justice Sheila Schwartz Commission Enid and Michael SeidenEstate of Rhoda Krasno Tannenbaum Paula and Aaron ShermanIf we have incorrectly listed your name or if we overlooked your gift, we apologize. Please contact Jessica Green at (602) 567-8305 to request a correction. For more information on howyou can become a Family Friends of Distinction member, please contact Frank Jacobson at (602) 567-8329. Contributions may be made via our website at www.jfcsaz.org.Names in green are new to category since last listing, September 2011.6 JFCS Connections • Winter 2012 • Volume 3 • Issue 2
  7. 7. Substance Abuse & Recovery ProgramFamily CircleGifts of $1,000+ continued Receives SAMHSA AwardThe Brandeis Family Charitable Fund/ The Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Judy and Peter Brandeis Administration (SAMHSA) recently recognized JFCSFredi Brown and Howard Treshansky with a national award for an innovative treatmentBuseck Family Donor Advised Fund/Peter BuseckDavid Chasson program that serves teens and their families whoSusan and Michael Chesin struggle with substance use or abuse. The evidence-Priscilla and Louis Cohen Left to Right: Behavioral Health Clinicians based program utilized the Adolescent CommunityCrusaders Charity Group Inc. Paul Krauss, Jonathan Loveday and Catalina Reinforcement Approach and was implemented with Clinic Director John HohlJudy and David EfronEllen and Lee Eisinberg the help of Magellan and other partners.Explorer Middle School National Junior Honor Society Our staff is making a tremendous impact on the lives of teens struggling with addiction andFine Family Foundation this prestigious award was well deserved. SAMHSA is a federal organization that aims to reduceBeverly and Steve Flaks the impact of substance abuse and mental illness on America’s communities.Renee and Jonathan FoxFriedel Family Foundation/Randi J. ShermanMorris F. FriedellGan BamidbarVivian and Charles GealerAnne GelbRhona and Neville GinsbergRichard H. GoldbergLeslie and Richard GoldmanDiana and Ken GometzHeather and Michael GreenbaumJanice and Robert HartmanBeth and Sandy HoffmanStephanie and Frank Jacobson JFCS Aleinu and Jewish Family Home Care of Arizona haveFlorence and Sidney KlitsnerSue and Neal Kurn teamed up to present a conference about understanding theMarlene and Lanny Lahr complex emotions of aging. Titled “Will You Still Love Me?,” the conference features threeJulee Landau presentations and a bonus session featuring Marc Agronin, M.D., a Harvard and Yale-trainedEvan C. Leibner and Tami D. Dairiki geriatric psychiatrist and author of How We Age: A Doctor’s Journey into the Heart of GrowingMelissa and Frank LeonesioJudy and Sam Linhart Old. The conference will be held on Wednesday, February 15, 2012, at the Scottsdale Hilton.Susan Resnik and Stanley J. Marks Cost is $60-$80 and includes a kosher lunch. Register at www.jfcsaz.org.The Media Foundation/Roberta Aidem “Many conferences discuss the physical and medical needs of older adults, but many avoidNorman Merlis discussing emotional needs. As we know, emotional health is a critical part of wellness. As aDorie MillerPhyllis and Harold D. Morgan loved one ages, the relationship changes and heightens feelings of vulnerability, loss and dis-Dana and Rick Naimark comfort. This conference will help the community understand these complex emotions and assistAndrew C. Pacheco families in smoothing the transitions into older adulthood,” said Dvora Entin, Aleinu Coordinator.Lori and Roger PeckRobert & Rochelle Plous Family FoundationMichelle and Gil QuintanillaChristian RainerJennifer and Armando Roman Spirit of Giving: Roth Family IncreasesNorbert SamuelsonLinda and Sherman SapersteinBrooks T. Hozier and Alan M. Schiffman Financial Commitment to JFCSClaire and Seymour Schonwetter The Sheldon R. Roth Family and Cypress HomeCare SolutionsTracy and Marc Schwimmer (a company owned by the Roth Family) recently announced they areSinai Mortuary of Arizona, Inc.Edna and Arthur Sitelman increasing their financial commitment to JFCS over the next four yearsValerie D. Smilovic and Yehuda Waxman Sheldon and Bob Roth to $200,000.Ken Smith Sheldon R. Roth said, “We must continue to fund and increase our gifts to great agenciesCarol and Scott Snyder like JFCS who take care of so many people in need. My family and I are very fortunate, andSusan and Paul StanderLaura and Richard Traulsen we’ve had a very special and close relationship with JFCS over the last several years. We see theUnity Church of Practical Christianity challenges they face and other agencies like them, particularly in the Phoenix Jewish community.Joan and Ron Yagoda We challenge others to step up and give more to JFCS this year.”Young Jewish Phoenix In recognition of the Roth family’s generosity, the JFCS community hospital chaplain, RabbiMichael R. Zent Robert Kravitz, will now serve on behalf of JFCS as The Sheldon R. Roth Family Hospital Chaplain. Jewish Family & Children’s Service • 4747 N. 7th Street • Suite 100 • Phoenix, Arizona 85014 • (602) 279-7655 • www.jfcsaz.org 7
  8. 8. NON PROFIT ORG U.S. POSTAGE PAID • 4747 N. 7th Street, Suite 100 • Phoenix, Arizona 85014 PHOENIX, AZ PERMIT NO. 0545Sign up to receive this newsletter online at www.jfcsaz.org Be A Friend and Follow Us! Join us on facebook at www.facebook.com/jfcsazSave the Date! Join us for Dine Out for a Cause the Brighter Tomorrow at Tommy V’s Luncheon Feb. 22, 2012 and Sauce For more info During the month of February, you and your friends can www.jfcsaz.org enjoy a delicious Italian meal at either Tommy V’s Urban Kitchen and Bar or Sauce’s Scottsdale Waterfront location and make a positive difference in our community. Tommy V’s will donate 10% of every dining bill to JFCS each Wednesday in February (excluding Happy Hour menu and drinks). Sauce will donate 20% of food and beverage sales (excluding alcohol) to JFCS on Tuesday, February 7.Jewish Career Services Tommy V’s Urban Kitchen and Bar 5-10 p.m. every Wednesday in February 7303 E. Indian School Road, Scottsdale Know someone needing a job? www.tommyvscottsdale.com • (480) 427-2264 Jewish Career Services Sauce (Scottsdale Waterfront location) • Screening 5-9 p.m. Tuesday, February 7, 2012 • Counseling 7135 E. Camelback Road, Suite 260, Scottsdale • Career Coaching www.foxrc.com • (480) 321-8844 For more info, call 602-452-46278 JFCS Connections • Winter 2012 • Volume 3 • Issue 2