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A slide show on Social Networking/SEM

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Social Networking

  1. 1. By: Christy Taylor-Virtual Business Connections
  2. 2.  SEO (Organic) Search Engine Optimization is naturally building back links pointing back to your site by using keywords.  PPC (Sponsored Listings) Paying per click to have someone click on an advertisement.
  3. 3. Key phrases-Terms that Google indexes your pages to fall under in the SERPS (Search Engine Results Pages). Competitive! LSI-Latent Semantics Indexing-Synonyms that Google finds are relevant the the website page’s main key phrases. Start by Using Google Adwords Keyword Tool
  4. 4. Michael Jackson-Global Searches in May: 24,900,000
  5. 5. Michael Jakson-Global Searches in May: 165,000
  6. 6. Michael Jackson-Sites Indexed with Google: 82,200,000
  7. 7. Michael Jakson-Sites Indexed with Google: 154,000
  8. 8. A category of sites that is based on user participation and user-generated content. They include social networking sites like LinkedIn or Facebook, social bookmarking sites like, social news sites like Digg or Reddit, and other sites that are centered on user interaction. -Search Engine Watch SEM Glossary
  9. 9.  Stimulates Viral Traffic Build Brand awareness, loyalty, advocacy, etc. through viral marketing.  A Driver of SEO Build qualified and relevant back links to your site.
  10. 10. Syndicate SEO content Build credibility (Trust Factor)
  11. 11.  Social Media-Tools like blogs, social bookmarking, and social networking used to heighten the awareness of content on your site/ blog. Ex. A blog post shared in Twitter might rank higher in the SERPS then the actual blog itself.  SEO-The content of the blog needs to be keyword optimized for the Search Engines. If it isn’t, it won’t rank high at all, nor drive traffic. Inseparable!
  12. 12. “In the last hundred years…the way to advertise was to get into the mass media and push out your content….In the next 100 years information won’t be just pushed out to the people, it will be shared among the millions of connections people have. Advertising will change. You will need to get into these connections.” Mark Zuckerberg Facebook CEO
  13. 13. Old marketing - “push marketing” - TV, radio, and newspaper ads are not the only way to market. New marketing - “pull marketing” through tools such as Social Networking sites. Push Pull marketing is giving the potential customers the choice to act on your message or not.
  14. 14. Maintain equilibrium between marketing and a personal approach. Spread the word about you, your site, your brand, and your company like wild fire! Word of Mouth Replaces Word of Mouse
  15. 15. Online Community of Internet Users that Share Common Interests Builds Tightens Interests Connections
  16. 16. LinkedIn: 7.7 Million Users in February Increased by 22% 6.3 Mill in January Facebook: 200 Million Users Increased by 228% within a one year span Twitter: Over 10 Million Increased by 1038% Past Year Nielsen Online
  17. 17.  Get connected with your Ideal Target Market  Build Brand Awareness  Build up business reputation  SEO-Build back links to your site  SN sites rank high up in the SERPS  Increase clientele  Form joint ventures Can all be done on a bootstrapping
  18. 18.  Fill out your profile (Make sure to feed blog)  Find all your existing connections and add them to LinkedIn  Join Groups and Participate  Make Connections from Groups  Answer Questions  Make Recommendations  Ask for Recommendations
  19. 19. Setup your profile (Keep it personable but professional) Find all your existing connections and invite them to be your friend Join Groups and Participate Make Connections from Groups Create a Facebook fan page
  20. 20. Setup your Twitter profile Find all your existing Twitter friends and clients (Twellow) Start talking-limit to 140 characters Follow your friends and competitors followers Look for Twibes (Groups) Use @Replies/Direct Message Tabs Feed Content (TwitterFeed) Build Relationships!
  21. 21. RT@Username Comment-Retweeting what someone else is saying and giving them credit (Essence of Viral Marketing) @Reply-Replying to a message #-Hashtag-Divide posts into categories by keywords (SEO) #FollowFriday@Username- Recommends Who You Are Following To Others
  22. 22. Break Down the Barriers in the Online Business World
  23. 23. Expert and professional advice on your Internet marketing questions Internet marketing videos Tools for social networking Interaction with other business owners sharing their expert advice Access to our online business directory so you can promote your website Learn Internet Marketing on a Bootstrapping Budget!