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Developing Birmingham's Digital District


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Presentation about Citilab-Cornellà given at Developing Birmingham's Digital District event on14/10/2009
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Developing Birmingham's Digital District

  1. 1. Developing Birmingham's Digital District 14/10/2009 Chris Pinchen
  2. 2. ¿Qué? Manuel - so much to answer for...
  3. 3. Barcelona tweetsourced
  4. 4.
  5. 5. memoria English version begins page 85
  6. 6. Citilab is an initiative of the Fundaci. Privada pel Foment de la Societat del Coneixement (Private Foundation for the Promotion of the Knowledge Society) the aim of which is to promote the new digital culture of the knowledge society, bring the latest technological innovations within the reach of citizens, maintain social cohesion in the context of the new digital era and promote collective learning activities. It was created officially on 13th December 2003, driven by the Town Council of Cornellà
  7. 7. Citilab is an experimental centre set up to actively spread technological culture, a pioneering venture for Europe which aims to demonstrate just how far the innovative and creative juices of citizens will take them if they have an adequate set-up at their disposal. A city laboratory where researchers, entrepreneurs, university students and companies may interact in a real and stimulating environment, experiment and work together on joint projects, sharing what they know with others.
  8. 8. Cornellà. Itʼs not Manhattan
  9. 9. citilab is not a building
  10. 10. You are citilab
  11. 11. citilab is a common noun Jordi Colobrans
  12. 12. geeks are citizens too
  13. 13. citilab - a post digital fun palace? “In 1963, the British architect Cedric Price created the idea of a Fun Palace. "Every town should have a space... where the latest discoverings (sic) of engineering and science can provide an environment for pleasure and discovery," he said. We need Fun Palaces for the post-digital era.” Carlo Ratti - architect and director of the SENSEable City Lab at MIT