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Drupal inside out


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Drupal usability and why Drupal is turning "Outside In"

Published in: Technology
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Drupal inside out

  1. 1. Inside out understand everything before you can build anything
  2. 2. To publish something, the user has to create a content type, add fields, create some content, configure a view mode, build a view, and possibly make the view the front page. To add a block to a page, the user has to click Structure > Blocks > Add block; access the block management page; set the initial settings, the regional settings and the visibility settings... Inside out
  3. 3. What the user needs to know: Inside out
  4. 4. UMN Usability Testing 2015 issues • The inability to see the work in a realtime preview was frustrating. • Operations are in the reverse order from the way users conceptualize it. (structuring taxonomy/content/etc.) • Default frontpage settings and promoted content leads to users to feel like “whoops! I broke the homepage”
  5. 5. Now that both CCK and Views are in Drupal 8 core… we can finally start to integrate them for a better UX
  6. 6. You can click anything on the page, edit its configuration in-place, and watch it take effect immediately Outside in
  7. 7. [meta] Fix issues found during UMN Usability Testing 2015 Turning Drupal Outside In Outside in