Review of the New Assessments: PARCC and SBAC


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In this webinar, we will discuss the ever-changing landscape of the Common Core’s new assessments, focusing on the two test consortia—SBAC and PARCC, as they complete their pilot-testing year and prepare for full-scale assessment in 2014-2015.

In this webinar you will learn:

Feature Comparison: How are the SBAC and PARCC the same and different?
Political Context: What is happening with either embracing or withdrawing the SBAC and PARCC testing?
Application: What does it mean for my curriculum and assessment decision-making?

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Review of the New Assessments: PARCC and SBAC

  1. 1. Review of the New Assessments: PARCC and SBAC Webinar May 14, 2014 Presented by: Sean McGrew, Ph.D.
  2. 2. Poll 1 What’s happening in your neck of the woods?
  3. 3. Source: EdWeek, October 2013
  4. 4. Common Core: Questioning the Assessments
  5. 5. Source: EdWeek, October 2013 Florida, Georgia, and SC have anti-CC legislation in the works Indiana pulled out of CC as of March 2014 Kansas is now developing own assessment New York delayed PARCC until 2022 OK is dropping out this month
  6. 6. Agenda
  7. 7. Poll 3 Will private/parochial schools in your state participate in PARCC/SBAC?
  8. 8. Common Core: Reality Check in 2014
  9. 9. Common Core: Reality Check in 2014
  10. 10. Common Core: Reality Check in 2014
  11. 11. SURVEY: ATTITUDES TOWARDS ASSESSMENT SOURCE: PDK/GALLUP POLL “Just your impression or what you may have heard or read, has increased testing helped, hurt or made no difference in the performance of the local public schools?”
  12. 12. SURVEY: ATTITUDES TOWARDS ASSESSMENT SOURCE: AP/NORC CENTER FOR PUBLIC AFFAIRS POLL “How important is it to you that your child’s school regularly assess whether or not your child is meeting the statewide expectations for the grade level?”
  13. 13. SURVEY: ATTITUDES TOWARDS ASSESSMENT SOURCE: AP/NORC CENTER FOR PUBLIC AFFAIRS POLL “Overall, do you think students in your child’s school take too many standardized tests, too few standardized tests, or is it just about right?”
  14. 14. TEST DESIGN SBAC • Summative assessment has adaptive portion for short items, and non-adaptive portion for performance tasks • Paper-pencil option is transitional (for 3 years), different from computer- based form • Offered in last 12 weeks of school PARCC • Summative assessments are not adaptive • PBA (Performance-Based) after 75% of school year— writing, applying skills. • EOY (after 90%) • Paper-pencil versions available • Will include speaking and listening in 2015-2016
  15. 15. Poll 2 How do you feel about the released sample items?
  16. 16. Poll 4 Is your school logistically equipped to test all students online?
  17. 17. PRICE AND LOGISTICS SBAC • SBAC coordinates writing of items (by teachers in partner states) and reporting; states choose vendor (or self) for technical deployment • Summative-only: $6.20 for SBAC + approx $16.30 for administration. • Interim/Formative included: $9.55 + approx $17.75. PARCC • PARCC contracted with Pearson (and subcontractors) to build content and deploy tests • $24-$29.50 (current and original price estimate) includes performance- assessment and end of year
  18. 18. PARCC Interface
  19. 19. PARCC Interface
  20. 20. SBAC Interface
  21. 21. SBAC Interface
  22. 22. INTERIM ASSESSMENTS SBAC Optional interims at locally- determined intervals. Item bank is open to participating districts PARCC “Diagnostic” and “Mid-Year” available optionally
  23. 23. FIELD TESTING SBAC • Over 2 million students tested so far (continuing through June 6) PARCC • About half a million tested in first window, expecting about the same in second window.
  24. 24. ACCOMMODATIONS SBAC • Complete Spanish version of Math tests • Glossaries for 10 languages built into online system • Text-to-Speech functionality • Braille • ASL video translation for listening portions PARCC • Glossary for Math terms if paid for by state • Paper-based glossaries allowed • Text-to-Speech functionality • No Braille (yet) • No ASL video (yet)
  25. 25. SBAC and PARCC influence… on other tests • SAT moving toward Common Core (David Coleman) • ACT Aspire is a K-12, Classroom/Interim/Summative • NWEA, Renaissance STAR • Catapult Learning’s eValuate and custom interim assessments
  26. 26. TEQ: Open-Ended 26
  27. 27. TEQ: Drag and Drop 27
  28. 28. TEQ: Multiple Selectors 28
  29. 29. TEQs: Graphing Points, Lines, Segments, Rays 29
  30. 30. TEQs: Graphing Points, Lines, Segments, Rays 30