Less is more community relay presentation


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Less is more community relay presentation

  1. 1. Dr Noel Cass – Lancaster University n.cass1@lancaster.ac.uk Liz Horn – LESS liz@lessuk.org
  2. 2. THE CHALLENGE Developed economies, with just 20% of the world population, are responsible for almost 80% of the life-cycle impacts of consumption. The challenge for developed economies is therefore, to do more with less. [Tucker et al, 2008] [Annie Leonard, The Story of Stuff] Pathological consumption has become so normalised that we scarcely notice it. George Monbiot
  3. 3. Children growing up in the UK are the most pressured, unhappy and commercially vulnerable in the western world. Unicef 2011
  4. 4. GAMING FOR GOOD When we are playing games, we are tapping into our best qualities, our ability to be motivated, to be optimistic, to collaborate with others, to be resilient in the face of failure. Dr Jane McGonigal , Institute for the Future Urgent Optimism Social Fabric Blissful Productivity Epic Meaning = Super-Empowered Hopeful Individuals
  5. 5. LESS IS MORE – GAME IDEAS • Create a cross-platform game that crosses the digital - real world barrier to create communal sustainable action. • Players will co-design, curate and moderate the game by setting sustainable challenges and providing rewards. • Mixture of individual and group activities & rewards to test what motivates different people to act. • Rewards in-line with sustainable ethos of the game – leaderboards, PBs, real-life community rewards e.g. Freeshop or Swap Shop items, BARTER points. =
  6. 6. CITIZEN LED RESEARCH How to successfully motivate proenvironmental behaviour? Fun Theory…. Behaviour Change….. Cultural Theory… Gamification… How do end-users shape the meaning and development of innovative technologies? Social Practice Theory…. Jeongwon Ji’s electronic designs made of Chinese mitten crab bioplastic
  7. 7. PROOF OF CONCEPT • FOCUS GROUPS With LMC students & Senior Learners Group at Lancaster University. • CREATIVE GATHERINGS Picking brains of local artists, designers, doers, illustrators, hackers, gamers, innovators & dreamers. Join us! • PARTICIPATORY DESIGN WORKSHOP To creatively explore design ideas for the game. What is possible? • Q-SORT ACTIVITY To identify clusters of attitudes towards pro-environmental behaviours. • ONLINE SURVEY To collect public views on our ideas about the game and how people might be engaged through it to take action.
  8. 8. PROOF OF CONCEPT cont. • TRIAL OF THE GAME - Spring 2014 To run a test of different types of challenges….Get Playing! • INTERVIEWS To get feedback following the trial. Get Involved & Play the Game: • Catalyst Website – www.catalystproject.org.uk/conte nt/less-more • Facebook Group/Less is More Game! • Twitter/LessMoreGame • Less is More Blog coming Jan 2013 Email Us: • n.cass1@lancaster.ac.uk • liz@lessuk.org