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Catalyst learning circle 5.8.12


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Catalyst learning circle 5.8.12

  1. 1. Catalyst – Learning Circle Increase Income & Impact Build Strategic PartnershipsS.F.T.G Associates, Int’l.May 8, 2012
  2. 2. AgendaI. Goals for Today’s Learning CircleII. IntroductionsIII.Why Explore PartnershipsIV.The AssessmentV. Find a PartnerVI.Critical Planning S.F.T.G Associates, Int’l. 5/8/12
  3. 3. Goals for Today’s Learning Circle Understand if a Partnership Makes Sense How to Assess your Organization After Assessment – What are the Next Steps Take Your Work Back to Your Office S.F.T.G Associates, Int’l. 5/8/12
  4. 4. Build Strategic Partnerships Introductions S.F.T.G Associates, Int’l. 5/8/12
  5. 5. Why Explore Partnerships Create a broader continuum of programs and services Serve greater numbers of people in need Create operational economies of scale and efficiency Generate a broader array of funding sources Garner greater public visibility and awareness Create a greater political voice and influence Build larger market share and better market positioning Create more career opportunities for staff Partnerships Take Time, Effort and Energy S.F.T.G Associates, Int’l. 5/8/12
  6. 6. When is a Partnership or Merger Not a Good Strategy??? Primary purpose is immediate cost savings  The costs are initially slightly higher due to one-time costs of execution  attorney  consultant fees  printing  moving Solely because an agency wants to meet the demands of a single funder or funding stream An Executive Director wants to arrange it (along with his/her future role in the merged organization) without Board involvement Two Board Chairs, as good friends, discussed it and thought it should happen without discussing the idea with Staff S.F.T.G Associates, Int’l. 5/8/12
  7. 7. When is a Partnership or Merger Appropriate?? When the level of integration and synergy sought by the potential partners cannot be achieved otherwise Clients and the community already think of the potential partners as the same organization A larger consolidated organization is needed to compete with other large nonprofits or businesses The organization cannot sustain and renew itself. Ultimately, a partnership or merger is appropriate when an agency cannot properly address its organizational issues or client needs by itself S.F.T.G Associates, Int’l. 5/8/12
  8. 8. Now it is time to Analyze Mission Statement Programs Complement Mission Statement SWOT Analysis Gap Analysis Internal Assessment S.F.T.G Associates, Int’l. 5/8/12
  9. 9. Now it is time to AnalyzeLet’s do the work . . . S.F.T.G Associates, Int’l. 5/8/12
  10. 10. Identify Potential PartnersDo you have positive past experiences collaborating with the organization?Do you have a good degree of trust with this organization?Do you have complementary strengths and weaknesses?Seek the organization(s) that are the best fitculturally and have similar values with yours S.F.T.G Associates, Int’l. 5/8/12
  11. 11. Foundation for Success Both organizations need to commit to exploring the partnership in good faith to develop a joint Intent to Partner A joint partnership task force consisting of the same number of members from each organization Executive Director 3-5 board members with differing expertise and/or knowledge:  organization in programs  finance/funding  marketing  human resources. Collectively agree on the partnership’s purpose and desired outcomes. Collectively develop consensus on the purpose S.F.T.G Associates, Int’l. 5/8/12
  12. 12. Foundation for Success Consider possible partnership structures to consider how you would achieve this purpose Identify the critical issues that must be addressed through the negotiation process All must agree to keep conversations and information shared during the process confidential except for jointly agreed-upon communications Take the time to complete all steps in developing this Partnership Letter of Intent. S.F.T.G Associates, Int’l. 5/8/12
  13. 13. Next Steps . . . Implementation and Integration These stages can be challenging, so it is recommended that a neutral, third-partyprofessional assist in facilitating these steps S.F.T.G Associates, Int’l. 5/8/12
  14. 14. Build Strategic Partnerships Questions? S.F.T.G Associates, Int’l. 5/8/12