Turnaround Management


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Turnaround Management

  1. 1. Title of the whole presentation Restructuring and recovery Turnaround management
  2. 2. About Title of the whole presentation Starting with 2008 Advanced Development initiated a new department, Restructuring and Recovery, as a response to the changes of the Romanian economy. This new department benefits from our huge experience in consultancy and business development. One of the most important services of this department is Turnaround Management.
  3. 3. About Title of the whole presentation Our Restructuring & Recovery services have a dedicated team of experienced professions dealing with solvent liquidations. Our approach is heavily focused on meeting our clients’ requirements and concluding processes as quickly and as efficiently as possible. Our expertise, experience and diplomacy, are all key to helping organizations negotiate sensitive and difficult situations, advising on action that will prevent further problems.
  4. 4. What is Turnaround Management? Title of the whole presentation The process of evaluating an underperforming business to determine the cause of its problems. Further on, developing potential solutions to address the problems, selecting and implementing the appropriate strategies and course of action, and making corrections to the plan as circumstances warrant
  5. 5. When Turnaround management is needed? presentation Title of the whole • a response to a crisis • a major change in the business • lack of operating controls • insufficient demand, technology, suppliers • not understanding costumers and marketplace • poor lender/sponsor relationship • ineffective management style
  6. 6. Stages of Turnaround Management Title of the whole presentation • re-think firm’s strategy • triage activities due the market changes • improve liquidity against profit • restructuring of corporate debts
  7. 7. Measures of Turnaround Management of the whole presentation Title • stakeholder communication • evaluate and redesign the financial models in the current market • indicating the anticipated return to stakeholders • management and collection of debts • sale of non core assets including stock to generate cash
  8. 8. Benefits of Turnaround Management of the whole presentation Title •balancing different viewpoints • creditors (potentially new owners) • shareholders (potentially former owners) • costumers (source of revenues) • employees (caught in the middle) •fresh eye, knowledge and skills with complete objectivity •no political agenda or other obligations
  9. 9. Conclusions Title of the whole presentation Turnaround Management is better than going into insolvency and for those who find the strength to recognize the need for change, the rewards can be enduring and lasting success.
  10. 10. Contact Title of the whole presentation Headquarter: 32, Aleea Alexandru, Apartment 3, RO-014453 Bucharest, Romania Phone: +40-21-409.28.28 Fax: +40-21-230.37.38 www.advanced-development.com