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Quartz Matrix - Corporate Presentation

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110207 qm presentation

  1. 1. Experience-innovations-solutions-value Business card Quartz Matrix is a Romanian company, with 16 years of experience on the Partners national B2B market. It brings value to its customers through integrated solutions, References consultancy regarding security investments, long-term efficient spending Portfolio and accredited technical support. Security and communication systems Service with regional coverage Skills and CertificationsOMV Presentation CONTACT 2010
  2. 2. Experience Based on its 17 years of experience in business-to-business market, Quartz Matrix Matrix is a national company that brings value to customers, through integrated business solutions, personalized service and accredited technical support. “Our mission is to develop high quality services and to provide complete and innovative solutions based on leading edge technologies, to all our customers, helping them to achieve their target.” Mihai Suchar – General ManagerCompany’s evolution, market demands and our customers trust have led us to develop a portfolio with 5 operationaldirections:•Quartz Matrix – Solutii IT&C – infrastructure, software and integrated services www.quartzmatrix.ro/IT/• NetDeTek – Security and communications solutions www.netdetek.ro• Senys – Solutii industriale – energy management and utilities control www.senys.ro• CounTek – Solutii fiscale – Retail, warehouse and HoReCa solutions www.countek.ro• NextClass– Solutii educationale – Interactive learning solutions www.nextclass.ro OMV 2010 HOME
  3. 3. Financial indicators Annual Turnover RON25,000,000 First place - TOP BUSINESS20,000,000 ROMANIA 201015,000,000 Iasi, domain 2610,000,000 5,000,000 3rd place - TOP PROFIT ROMANIA 2010 0 2005 2006 2007 2008 2009 2010* Iasi, domain 2620 CA 10,067,73 11,629,35 15,819,88 20,705,16 12,091,97 14,000,00 The safest 4000 companies Employees from Romania in 2010, according to Coface –the company that 90 80 evaluates the international credit risk 70 60 50 40 30 4th place– Private enterprises 20 Romania 2007, “Computers 10 manufacturing and other electronic 0 2005 2006 2007 2008 2009 2010* equipment” Employees 56 56 78 78 70 78 * 2010 figures are estimated on 26th of Nov. 2010 OMV 2010
  4. 4. Research & DevelopmentQuartz Matrix has a Research & Development Department that is always developing innovative solutions designedto facilitate our customers business.Through its experience, Quartz Matrix’ s Research & Development Department has developed its ownsolutions, known under the following brands :ProLang® - digital phonetic laboratorySTS – simultaneous translation systemE-Net® - energy and utilities management solutionDigiTrafic® -customers traffic counting solutionDigiCheck® - environmental parametres check solutionDigiWeight® - solution for platforms with electronic weightAirCheck® - temperature and humidity check solutionAirDataSMS® - data center security solution (server room)TCheck® - temperature measuring and recording solution for food industryModuCheck® - modular SCADA system for industrial processes checking and controllingOn June 11 2008, Quartz Matrix has been recommended for accreditation by the National Authority for ScientificResearch from the Education and Research Ministry regarding the capacity to perform research and developmentactivity. After a evaluation based on criteria such as: staff certification, articles in international publications anddeveloped projects, Quartz Matrix has obtain a 43.75 points scoring (the certification scale is 10 points). OMV 2010 HOME
  5. 5. PartnersOMV 2010 HOME
  6. 6. ReferencesOMV 2010 HOME
  7. 7. Security and communication solutions Security and communication solutions dedicated divisionNetDeTek is one of the Quartz Matrix’s divisions, dedicated to developing security solutions, communications and structured cabling.NetDeTeks specialists form a professional team, endorsed and authorized in designing, installation and maintenance of securitysystems, communication networks, voice and data structured cabling. We aim to bring value to our partners business by monitoringall risks and providing unified communications, all made in a flexible and expandable way. Solutions portofolio OMV 2010 HOME
  8. 8. SkillsAnalysis:- Systems existence at the location- Systems interconnection or extension- Ante-measurements: the target area, the number of entries, the number of windows- Location description- Architectural plansDesign:- Creating the sketch project and implementing it in the objective- Completing the solution according to standards, norms and present legislationImplementation:- Project execution according to the established plan, based on aesthetics and ergonomics principles, at a highlevel of professionalism- The project manager works closely with the applicant to totally satisfy the customer expectations anddemandsService:- System reconfiguration, corrective and preventive interventions - in cases of emergency, for optimal andcontinuous systems functioning.- Flexible contract that may include a number of interventions per month, according to customer needs andthe type of solution. OMV 2010 HOME
  9. 9. Certifications• License in designing, installing and maintaining alarm systems against intrusion and manufacturing the necessary components of these systems. License no. 0165/T/03.03.2005 (renewed 03.03.2008) issued by the Ministry of Administration and Interior/General Inspectorate of Romanian Police (GIRP)• Certificate no. 1433/19.06.2009 - issued by the General Inspectorate for Emergency Situations - for verification, maintenance and service of signaling devices, alarm and alert systems in case of fire.• Certificate no. 0772, based on the Government Decision no. 445/2003 for the approval of the "Norms for establishing and functioning of endowments articles codifying activity, in the Defense field" for the allocation of the " NATO code for economic agents“• Romanian Association for Security Technique (ARTS) certified membership - no. 0809508/01.01.2009 OMV 2010 HOME
  10. 10. CertificationsInternationally certified specialists for integrated solutions designing and installation: Polycom - Qualified Advanced Technical Representative Polycom - Qualified Sales Representative 3M Volition Certified Installer Schneider Electric - VDI Building Systems Honeywell – Esser Systems Honeywell - Ackermann 99 Systems GE Security NX & ATS Master programs range - installation and programming Mobotix Certfied Installer & Planner Molex Premise Network Certified Installer OMV 2010 HOME
  11. 11. ReferencesWho recommends us? Carrefour ERA Iasi  Selgros Iasi & Suceava Carrefour Felicia Iasi  Iasicon Iasi Proxima Mall Vaslui  M&R Iasi Business Center Vaslui  Ramada Hotel Apartment Building Construct Design  XL WORLD Iasi Baumax Iasi  Hotel Majestic Selgros Iasi  E.ON Romania - Tg. Mures E.ON IS Romania Arcadia Hospital Iasi Spitalul de recuperare Iasi Mobexpert Iasi “Al. I. Cuza” UniversityOMV 2010 HOME
  12. 12. Service What recommends us? Short time intervention: 4 – 24 hours in Iasi 8 – 24 hours in BT, SV, NT, BC, VS Logistics capacity: computing systems, shipment, highly professional equipments, specialized software Technical capacity: 6 service tehnicians Call Center: M-S/8-18; 30 lines Client and cases management Technical support by telephone: 24/24hOMV 2010 HOME
  13. 13. Service What recommend us? Laboratory testing for security solutions Intensive staff training programs Technical skills certifications : GE Security, Honeywell, Detectomat, Mobotix, Polycom, IMPRO, 3M, Molex Approval IGSU and IGPR International certifications: ISO 9001:2001; ISO 14001:2005; OHSAS 18001:2008; ISO 27001:2005OMV 2010 HOME
  14. 14. ServiceWho recommends us? BRD GSG Romania (Zona NE) E.ON Romania – Iasi Carrefour ERA Iasi Delphi Diesel Systems Universitatea “Al. I. Cuza” Iasi Carrefour Felicia Iasi Selgros Iasi & Suceava Cenit Romania M&R Iasi Ramada Hotel XL WORLD Iasi Hotel Majestic E.ON Romania - Tg. MuresOMV 2010 HOME
  15. 15. Contact5th Carol I Blvd, Iaşi, zip code 700506Tel: (+40)232-217.248Fax: (+40)232-217.262office@quartzmatrix.rowww.quartzmatrix.ro OMV 2010 HOME