2011Annual Report
Annual Report Makaia 2011                                   www.makaia.orgPresentationIn 2011 we celebrated our Fifth anni...
Annual Report Makaia 2011                                                         www.makaia.orgAbout MakaiaMakaia is a no...
Annual Report Makaia 2011                                      www.makaia.org Makaia is a member of:Activity ReportManager...
Annual Report Makaia 2011                                                www.makaia.orgExternal Management¢ingAdvis       ...
Annual Report Makaia 2011                                           www.makaia.org¢ to the Social Development Secretary of...
Annual Report Makaia 2011                             www.makaia.orgDesign and implementation of development projects and ...
Annual Report Makaia 2011                              www.makaia.orgDigital¢          Literacy: 7,400 persons from target...
Annual Report Makaia 2011                                                www.makaia.org¢ development: In support of digita...
Annual Report Makaia 2011                                  www.makaia.org¢ Indigenous communities: 7Advising  indigenous c...
Bibliotecas para el Desarrollo      Annual Report Makaia 2011                           www.makaia.orgParticipation as mem...
Annual Report Makaia 2011                                         www.makaia.orgEvent ParticipationMakaia participated as ...
Annual Report Makaia 2011                                        www.makaia.orgPartnersCamacol                            ...
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20120528 annual report2011


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Makaia´s Annual Report 2011

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20120528 annual report2011

  1. 1. 2011Annual Report
  2. 2. Annual Report Makaia 2011 www.makaia.orgPresentationIn 2011 we celebrated our Fifth anniversary and are proud to share it with you. Through these years there havebeen major adjustments, but our commitment to social and economic development of Colombia and LatinAmerica remains stronger than ever.As you will be able to appreciate in this report, 2011 was a year of significant achievements for Makaia. Our digitalliteracy actions reached more than 7,000 people, many in underserved communities in the country. We alsoconsolidated partnerships, deepened our clients international relations, and continued to position ourselves as anational and international leader organization in the strengthening of other social organizations, Informationand Communication (ICT) adoption and international cooperation for development.Internally, we redefined our service portfolio and organizational structure based on our experiences andachievements and, above all, in consistence with our commitment to continuous improvement. For this reasonwe give a special recognition to our team, whose dedication, professionalism and hard work enabled this yearsachievements and will continue to push us forward in 2012.We thank all our partners, clients and all the communities we reached for their confidence, and we reiterate ourstrong commitment with their development and welfare. Catalina Escobar Executive Director 1
  3. 3. Annual Report Makaia 2011 www.makaia.orgAbout MakaiaMakaia is a non-profit organization that promotes the services, to be more effective mobilizing resources, to monitorinstitutional strengthening of civil society organizations, local and evaluate projects and to have up to date and relevantauthorities, other non-profit organizations and Corporate information according to the national and internationalSocial Responsibility Initiatives committed with the social and context. Makaia means "to build" or "make" in Miskitoeconomic development in Latin America and the Caribbean. (Indigenous language from Honduras). The name representsThe institutional strengthening of these organizations Makaia´s objective of building alliances and relationshipsrequires to build and improve their capacities to provide better oriented to the social and economic development.ServicesMakaias Service Portfolio was redefined in 2011 to better meet the internal, external and knowledge management needs of socialorganizations and projects. Design and Implementation Managerial Strengthening of Social Organizations and Knowledge Management of Development Projects Projects and Strategies Internal Management External Management ?Makaia as a Count on ? Access up-to-date and partner to implement ? optimize Improve and ? management of Improve the relevant content about projects in Colombia and your organizational your relations with donors, cooperation and development partners andbeneficiaries Latin America capacities and processes 1) Information and Communication Technologies for Development Technical ICT use and adoption strategies for the development of individuals, communities and territories Know-How 2) Libraries for Development Turn libraries into effective community development centers through the access of information and knowledge 2
  4. 4. Annual Report Makaia 2011 www.makaia.org Makaia is a member of:Activity ReportManagerial Strengthening of Social Organizations and ProjectsInternal Management¢ to Londoño Gomez (local constructor company) inAdvising Advising to the Telecentre Network of Medellin in the ¢ the development of a Corporate Social Responsibility development of a business plan, through the strengthening Strategy for 2011 (www.londonogomez.com) of the economic, social, political and organizational sustainability.Advising¢ on the design process, creation and implementation of Telecentro La Frontera located at Comuna 2 in the city of Medellin. With this project Makaia reached and advised a total of 35 telecentres in the city of Medellin since 2007. 3
  5. 5. Annual Report Makaia 2011 www.makaia.orgExternal Management¢ingAdvis to Juntos Construyendo Futuro ¢mappings of opportunities for international and Eight (www.juntosconstruyendofuturo.org) and Mahavir K-mina national cooperation for: Comfenalco Antioquia (2), ( h t t p : / / w w w. m a h a v i r- k m i n a . o r g ) i n t h e i r Teccnova, Foundation for Intercultural Foundation, internationalization and partnership building process. With Interactuar, Hospital San Vicente de Paul, Medellin Reading both organizations Makaia permanently monitored the Observatory and Metropólitan Area, and SOMA international environment, contacted possible partners, Foundation. With these, Makaia has reached a total of 39 participated in calls for proposals and implemented an mappings for projects and organizations. online fundraising campaign through GlobalGiving raising more than US$14.000 from 348 individual donors. ¢ to Interactuar (http://www.interactuar.org.co) in Advising the design of a visit agenda abroad (Europe) with the¢ to Creame, Technology Based Business IncubatorAdvising purpose of finding partners on issues related to the (www.creame.com.co), in the strengthening of its organization. international relations and external partnerships management. As part of this support the following actions ¢s i n g Advi t h e Tr u s t f o r t h e A m e r i c a s were performed: (www.trustfortheamericas.org) in the formulation of a fundraising strategy and a mapping of international - Permanent monitoring of the international environment opportunities. in entrepreneurship related subjects. - Participation in collaborative work networks. ¢ to Medellín Digital in the postulation to AHCIET Advising - Creation of an Angel Investor Directory. Digital Cities Award in the categories of Large City and - Organization of the 1st Latin American Angel Investor Health and ICT. Medellín was awarded the first place of the Network Meeting Iberoamerican Award of Digital Cities in the Large City - Trainings to entrepreneurs on international negotiation Category and the Third Place in the ICT and Health Category. and protocol 4
  6. 6. Annual Report Makaia 2011 www.makaia.org¢ to the Social Development Secretary of the Mayorship of Medellin in the readjustment of the registration process of theAdvising technical education programs “Jóvenes con Futuro” (Youth with Future) and “Formación de Adultos” (Adult Education), which was changed to online registration, leveraging the installed capacity of the citys ICT access centers.Knowledge ManagementThree courses were offered on International Cooperation for NGOs as part of the "Integral Management of NGOs Diploma”¢ offered by the Antioquia NGO Federation, reaching a total of 64 leaders of different social organizations.¢ on the use of ICT to 12 micro-enterprises from the manufacturing and food sectors of Antioquia affiliated to InteractuarTraining (www.interactuar.org.co).¢to assess the current status of the city of Medellin in the technical preparation and adoption of Information andStudy Communication Technologies (ICT). This included the development of Digital Cities Strategies for the year 2020 in the areas of education, health, entrepreneurship, disaster prevention and relief, communities, participation, contents, security, mobility, innovation, tourism, culture and government. This study was conducted in partnership with CTIC Foundation from Spain (www.fundacionctic.org). Study results are available at: ciudaddelconocimiento.medellindigital.gov.co¢ of the International Cooperation Guide for the Private SectorLaunch http://www.gestrategica.org/guias/cooperacion/index.html 5
  7. 7. Annual Report Makaia 2011 www.makaia.orgDesign and implementation of development projects and strategiesImplementation of the National ICT Adoption¢ Project in the Departments of Antioquia, Chocó, Risaralda, Caldas and Quindío. Makaia is the local partner for this national wide impact project led by the Ministry of ICT of Colombia, Colnodo and the Saldarriaga Concha Foundation. In the following map the impact areas were Makaia participated in the project can be observed.The main activities performed as part of theProject were:Adoption of the ICT Access Centers: eleven (11) ICT¢ Access Centers in the departments of Antioquia (Cocorná, Concordia, El Retiro, Medellín, Bello, Salgar), Chocó (Nuquí, Quibdó and Condoto) and Quindío (Montenegro) were advised. The strengthening process took place in five (5) Schools, two (2) Houses of Culture, one (1) Library and one (1) CACI (Communitarian Internet Access Centers). Among these access centers six (6) are located in Map of Colombia – Makaias Impact Zones rural areas and five (5) in urban areas. Including this in the Framework of the National ICT Adoption Project 11 ICT Access Centers Makaia has advised 26 ICT Access Centers since 2007. 6
  8. 8. Annual Report Makaia 2011 www.makaia.orgDigital¢ Literacy: 7,400 persons from target populations such as afro-descendants, indigenous populations, people affected by the rainy season, LGBT (lesbian, gay,bisexual and transgender), seniors, homeless people, people with disabilities, farmers, fishermen, children, women and youth, participated in digital literacy training trough 83 ICT Access Centers. With these beneficiaries Makaia has reached a total of 12.697 since 2007. Seniors Certificate Presentation, Escolme, Medellín Juradó Chocó Coffee Growers at Salgar, Antioquia 7
  9. 9. Annual Report Makaia 2011 www.makaia.org¢ development: In support of digital literacy process a multimediaContent training aimed to deaf people was developed. This multimedia teaches deaf people the computer parts, how to use the mouse and the keyboard. The multimedia can be seen in the following link: http://www.telecentros.org.co/recursos_materiales.shtml?apc=qcxx-1- &x=35638. Other practical contents for the work with deaf people were developed: http://www.makaia.org/recursos.shtml?apc=h1d1---&x=1682. and a video Keyboard Mouse showcasing the work done: http://vimeo.com/41114561 Certificate Presentation to Deaf People, Fundación ProDébiles Auditivos 8
  10. 10. Annual Report Makaia 2011 www.makaia.org¢ Indigenous communities: 7Advising indigenous communities belonging to 4 ethnic groups (Embera Chamí, Embera Katío, Embera Dóbida y Senú) located in Antioquia and Chocó received advice on communication for development subjects. Embera Chamí Community Pueblorrico, Antioquia Katios Community - Frontino, AntioquiaRegional Meeting and Forums: A¢ Forum was performed in Medellin under the subject “From digital to knowledge cities”, a Meeting took place in Quibdó on the topics of ICT and Entrepreneurship, and in Pereira a last meeting was held on ICT and Social Inclusion. Meeting in Quibdó, Chocó Meeting in Pereira, Risaralda 9
  11. 11. Bibliotecas para el Desarrollo Annual Report Makaia 2011 www.makaia.orgParticipation as member of the coalition that leads the¢ Project “Beyond Access: Libraries Power Development” that seeks to promote globally the role of the public libraries as development agents in their communities. The project is led by IREX, EIFL, IFLA, Makaia, Civic Regeneration, Tascha, Riecken Foundation, and READ Global, with support from the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. Within the framework of this project the Workshop Information and Knowledge Access in Colombia took place in Bogota, and was attended by 22 people from different sectors.¢ to the Metropolitan Area Libraries Network ofAdvising Medellin (http://www.reddebiblioteca.org) in Rural Library Laboratorio del Espíritu, El Retiro, Antioquia international management and the strategic execution of the resources received as part of the ATLA 2009 Award.¢ on the design of the National ICT Use andAdvising Adoption Project led by the National Library of Colombia, Ministry of Culture.Creation and implementation of the 1st Phase of¢ Medellin and the Metropolitan Area Reading Observatory, as part of an agreement with the Fundación EPM and the Mayorship of Medellín. Copacabana Library, Antioquia 10
  12. 12. Annual Report Makaia 2011 www.makaia.orgEvent ParticipationMakaia participated as speaker in the following international events: - Participation in the Contest Ventures 2011, where Makaia reached the final round in the Social Category. - 3rd Telecenter Global Forum – Santiago de Chile – April 2011 - Infoplazas Regional Meeting – Chitré, Panamá – October 2011 - Salzburg Global Seminar – Salzburgo, Austria – October 2011 - Beyond Access Organizer Committee – Washington, USA – November 2011 - Discussion workshop on ICT Access in Colombia – National Library – Bogotá, Colombia – December 2011 3rd Telecenter Global Forum, Santiago, Chile Infoplazas Regional Meeting, Panamá 11
  13. 13. Annual Report Makaia 2011 www.makaia.orgPartnersCamacol Fundación Iberoamericana del ConocimientoColnodo Fundación Las GolondrinasCoocafisa Fundación Mano AmigaCorporación Juntos Construyendo Futuro Fundación Mi SangreCréame – Technology Based Business Incubator Mahavir KminaEscolme Medellín DigitalGerontoSalud Ministry of Information and Communication TechnologyFundación Caritas Diocesana Pereira Parquesoft PereiraFundación CTIC RedSid ManizalesFundación EPM UNEWork TeamCatalina Escobar Executive DirectorEstefania Velez Administrative and Project CoordinatorAndrea Rojas ICT Project LeaderMaria del Mar Garza Cooperation and Partnership CoordinatorEdna Vásquez Administrative Assistant 12