Powerpoint tutorial 1


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Powerpoint tutorial 1

  1. 1. Welcome to PowerPoint A brief tutorial on using the program
  2. 2. Add a new slide• Click on “Insert” and “New Slide” and write in a couple of lines (your name, what and where you teach)• You can find your way around the presentation by clicking on the numbered slides on the left of the screen
  3. 3. Special layouts• now add another slide by clicking on “Insert” “New Slide” and then clicking on one of the text or content layouts to the right of this• If you wish, practise adding a picture by finding one on the web (Google Images), right clicking and copying, than right clicking and pasting into your slide
  4. 4. Presentation• Highlight this heading and change the font, colour and size by clicking on “Format” and then “Font”• Click on “Format” and then “Background” and then the arrow beneath the main box• Change the background colour and fill effect (go to “more colours”). In “Fill Effects” use the tabs to get a textured background
  5. 5. Templates• Click on “Format” and “Slide design”• Preview a few of the prepared slide designs by clicking on them• You can apply a design template to all your slides, or format each one individually (as in previous slide)
  6. 6. Setting up your slide show• Click on “Slide Show” and “Animation Schemes”• Use the scroll arrow to view options and choose an effect• Click on “Apply to all slides”• Now click on “Slide Show” and “View Show” to see the effect
  7. 7. Custom animation• Click on “Slide show” and “Custom animation”• Select and element of the slide, then click “Add Effect” to add animation. Try “Motion Paths” for some real excitement!
  8. 8. Slide Transition• Click on “Slide Show” and “Slide Transition” and choose an effect• Click on “Slide Show” and “View Show” to look at it
  9. 9. Rehearse timings• Imagining you want your show to run automatically, click on “Slide Show” and “Rehearse Timings”• Then just click every time you want it to advance. The program will record your timings and ask you to confirm that is what you want at the end• Then click on “Slide Show” and “Set up show” and select “Loop continuously until escape”• View your show
  10. 10. Different slide views• Now click on the “thumbnail” slide view on the bottom left of the screen to see an overview• You can hold down “Control” and click on some of the slides or select all and make changes to their format or animation
  11. 11. Changing slide order• In the usual view, try clicking and dragging the overview slides to the left of this in order to change slide order
  12. 12. Congratulations!• You have mastered the main features of PowerPoint and are ready to impress friends, colleagues, and most of all, your students!