Target audience


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Target audience

  1. 1. Catherine Heuston
  2. 2. Catherine HeustonTarget AudienceThe target audience for RNB magazine are those who prefer the musical genreof RNB including fans of the cover artist shown Marsha Ambrosius. There is nogender specific for the magazine RNB and attracts both young girls and boyswho are interested in this particular genre, age ranging from 12-20.In contrast to RNB magazine the target audience of NME are those who enjoyalternative Indie style music and are largely addressed at male aggressiveaudience in terms of what the music style is. The fact NMEs cover shows bothfemale and male images shows their target audience is also addressed at bothfemale and males. However it could be interpreted as indie music is amasculine genre that they’ve addressed this by having a male on the cover aswell as a female so not to lose interest from male custom. The age rangeaddressed is also younger generations but it would also attract a matureaudience as well.(12-30) This can be inferred from the fact NME shows olderbands as well as current bands. In contrast RNB magazine only advertisescurrent music as Indie is an alternative genre its music stays current for longer.Whereas RNB is a lot more technologically influenced and therefore isproduced on a quicker more frequent basis and the popularity of an artistchanges on a frequent basis in comparison to a band in NME magazine whichmay appear on the cover a few times a year as Florence and the Machine has.NME attract a wider age range because they reprint articles based on previousartists that may no longer be as popular they named these specific magazinesas originals which began in 2002 widening their fan base.House StyleIn NME the title of the magazine always appears in the primary optical area,the colour varies rarely but in the majority matches the headline. The coverimage is in the majority the only image on NME magazine covers, content isalways listed around the image and beneath the image. On a lot of the coversthey use a similar + sign to advertise what else is inside the magazine. Offers offree posters are also normally available advertised on the cover. The price andbarcode of NME appear in either the left hand side dead corner or the terminalarea In Contrast RNB magazine has the price and barcode always in theterminal area. More over NME keeps the information titles the same colour as
  3. 3. Catherine Heustonthe headline despite the actual colour of the title changing from red to pink towhite. In RNB magazine the covers featuring male artists in the majoritycontain read titles, in contrast for female artists they stick to mild colours e.g.yellow white, baby blue. In RNB magazine they always have an advertisementbefore the contents page. RNB magazine also always hasMUSIC.LIFESTYLE.FASHION. Written underneath the title and usually advertiseshow many pages are within the magazine in a bold way. In both magazinesthey always have the main headline as the artist’s name written across theimage.The Gutenberg design principleNME complies with this theory in terms of featuring the title in the primaryoptical area as RNB magazine does also. NME features the price in the deadcorner to draw attention away from the price and focus on the content of themagazine instead.NME doesn’t actually have anything specific in the terminalarea in my chosen cover but normally they feature the price and the barcodein this area as stated in the principle gravity naturally pulls our eyes from thetop left to the bottom right were the price is shown normally in bothmagazines. In the NME cover they feature another photo in the strong fallowarea (right top) on this cover this will attract consumers as its not situated inthe weak fallow area and therefore may encourage a purchase by theconsumer. The image is featured across the axis of orientation and attracts theconsumer. The main title is also featured in this area which attracts theconsumer to the magazine. In RNB magazine they feature the main titlebeginning in the weaker fallow area unusually although this makes the focuson the image which may attract those interested in artists of RNB genre.Image/imagesIn the RNB magazine the style of the costume choice on the cover connotesthe genre of RNB style clothing. It’s very dark nightclub style clothing. This willappeal to the audience as it complies with the musical genre in terms of RNBmusic being played in the majority in nightclubs as it’s more of a mainstreamdancing genre as opposed to NME style music which has more of a messagebehind the music then the mainstream style. The dark lighting used in the
  4. 4. Catherine Heustonbackground also connotes the setting of a nightclub and therefore complyingwith the genre of RNB nightclub style music.In contrast NME’s image uses quite old fashioned style costume for Florence.This along with the bright red colouring complies with the indie alternativestyle as she’s dressed in alternative clothing as opposed to mainstream RNBstyle night club clothes, Florence wearing old fashioned casual wear.Furthermore differentially RNB magazines cover image isn’t looking directlyinto the shot whereas Florence is. However Florence appears more natural inher expression connoting she’s the same as her fans as in natural. In contrastthe RNB image is posing although not directly looking into the camera theposing nature of RNB artists connotes money, power etc whereas NME artistsare portrayed as more working class. Furthermore the fact NME uses 2 imageson its cover one male and one female implies the audience is both gendersequally. In contrast RNB magazines covers always portray images of onegender or another not together. Therefore the gender of the audience of RNBmagazine varies. The NME image of the man smoking also being in black andwhite connotes old fashioned style and the fact he’s smoking connotesrebellion complying with the genre of indie and alternative music.MastheadBoth mastheads similarly are acronyms NME (New Musical Express)(expressbeing an adjective adding description to the title making it more interesting)connotes speed as if the magazine is the fastest to pick up news of musicalgenre indie and alternative. RnB magazine is an acronym and written in sansserif font therefore attracting consumers. The Masthead of RnB includesMUSIC.LIFESTYLE.FASHION underneath the title therefore appealing to abroader audience. Both mastheads are white making the titles clear and eye-catching.Lead Article/Model Credit/Cover linesIn contrast to NME Rnb’s lead article , model credit matches the colour of themasthead which in turn makes it stand out as much as the title. NME on theother hand has Florence’s name in bright orange lettering in a bold fonttherefore making the model credit stand out and making it obvious the maininterview story is about Florence. In Contrast to NME RnB has the model credit
  5. 5. Catherine Heuston“RnB with a touch of class” a slogan to pair with the lead article of the artist’sname. It is written in red connoting the focus on sexual appearance focus ofthe artist. NME chooses to show model credits of the article in a minimal wayand keeps this particular information in the same colour as the title thereforemaintaining that the lead article stands out. Moreover the cover lines shownin RNB magazine are organised in a formal style below each other. In contrastNME shows cover lines very scattered around the cover but pairs the maleimage with the content of the cover lines advertising content of the magazine.Similarly both magazines advertise new aspects of the magazine e.g. in RNB(New voices) in NME (New Musical Express) .Moreover both advertise newartists on the cover designed to attract the consumer who may not beintrigued by the cover artists but in seeing another artist their a fan ofadvertised in the cover lines may attract them to purchase. In contrast to RnBNME highlights names of the bands and adjectives such as greatest in a blackfont to highlight the artists and emphasis the magazines content in a positiveway. Similarly both font headlines are in a formal font. Differentially FLORENCEis all in capitals whereas Marsha Ambrosius only has capitals for the firstletters.In conclusion both magazines advertise their musical genre in similar anddifferent ways compared previously. They differ in terms of genre andtherefore style and representation of artists will be different to connote thegenre. However the layouts are very similar and the formal use of font andacronyms is also the same as compared above. The magazine genres are aimedat different social genres NME being category C-E and RnB similarly beingcategory C- E in terms of affordability . Magazines need to be different inorder to stand out to the consumer audience which is why they have somesimilarities and some differences.