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Travel apps


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Travel apps

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Travel apps

  1. 1. Travel Apps
  2. 2. Expedia Travelocity Kayak Hipmunk
  3. 3. Airbnb SbkHp0U1KigVNBpN7FqaR2f Vacation Rentals by Owner Homeaway
  4. 4. Uber list=PLk3xjyeTggSZ2dx4LsA1IUPAKt4Hr97EC Lyft Most public transportation companies have mobile apps for their schedules etc.
  5. 5. Yelp Tripadvisor Road Trippers Tripit Google Trips Foursquare
  6. 6. AAA AARP Travel Lonely Planet Fodors Woodalls Travel Channel
  7. 7. Weather Underground National Weather Service Also follow/read their twitter feeds for each city.
  8. 8. Google Maps Waze Arizona Department of Transportation’s Twitter feed Gasbuddy
  9. 9. Red Cross Mobile Apps Most health care companies have apps or mobile sites to look up urgent care facilities etc. that are in your plan.
  10. 10. International Travel Federal Government’s travel warnings Center for Disease Control’s travel advice U.S. Embassy Page Google Translate Microsoft Translator XE Currency Converter
  11. 11. Photo Apps Google Photos iCloud Photos Flickr Pixlr Photoshop Express Travel Journals
  12. 12. Most hotels, airlines, buses, trains, etc. have apps that you can get from the app store of your device. How to track your flights online 0V Look online for tourist department for the city or state you are going to. TSA’s website Watch out for indoor spy cameras when renting a house or apartment or-apartment-pt/all Handouts